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Psychological impotence: developmental features and treatment
Psychological impotence: developmental features and treatment

Male impotence is a real tragedy for many of the stronger sex. Moreover, this phenomenon is not always caused by physiological defects and often occurs in quite healthy young people. The level of stress and responsibility in many men reaches such levels that there are no resources left for sexual activity, as a result of which psychological impotence arises.

This dysfunction has existed for a long time and is described in the works of ancient doctors, and the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, paid attention to it in his research. Modern men do not like to discuss such phenomena and are in no hurry to consult a specialist. The question of sexual impotence is not accepted outside the family. Medical practice, however, speaks of the need for qualified assistance, since it is not always possible to correct the situation on its own, while treatment by a psychotherapist or sexologist is crowned with success in 100% of cases.

How is psychological impotence expressed?

The division of impotence into somatic and psychological is often conditional and one form flows into another. Diseases of the organs of the genitourinary system cause complexes, and problems at work or at home, due to which libido decreases, lead to malfunctions in the functioning of the genitals.

However, there are symptoms that indicate that the dysfunction is emotional in nature.

With this kind of erectile dysfunction, a man loses sexual attraction to his wife, girlfriend or mistress, while night and morning erections remain. This indicates that there are no pathologies from the point of view of the health of the reproductive organs.

At the same time, the problem also has a physiological reflection, since emotional problems do not allow the spongy bodies of the penis to fill with blood. Because of this, there is no tension in this organ even during intercourse. Such symptoms appear with varying degrees of intensity, but they need to be paid attention to, since the earlier treatment begins, the faster the condition will improve.

Psychological impotence: causes

Stressful situations happen in all people and their consequences depend on the individual characteristics of each. It is the reaction to various uncomfortable situations in sexual relations that leads to impaired erectile function.

The following situations can cause such a negative reaction of the body:

  • Strong emotional stress that has arisen suddenly or lasts for a long time. For men, this phenomenon is often associated with work, since representatives of the stronger sex feel responsibility for maintaining their families, success in building a career and developing a business;
  • A man's fears will not satisfy his sexual partner. This situation can arise during the first sexual intercourse in a man's life, as well as at the beginning of sexual relations with a new partner. The desire to make a good impression on the lady in this case can go sideways;
  • Rejection of a particular partner. It so happens that a man has excellent relationships with many women, but only failures come out with one lady. This phenomenon can be triggered by objective factors: smell, type, hair color, or reasons hidden deep in the subconscious;
  • Attachment to only one woman. There is also the opposite situation, when a man may be attracted to only one woman or women of the same type. Such addictions are formed in childhood and cannot be viewed in the plane of the mind. Only specialists who are able to pull out memories and long-standing emotions from the subconscious are able to explain and change such addictions;
  • Childhood psychological trauma. This is a very common problem that both men and women are susceptible to, but men, due to their physiology, have more external manifestations of such situations. Fear of intimacy, impotence, can arise from bad experiences, sexual abuse, the formation of a negative image of a woman, and for other reasons.

Identifying the cause of psychological impotence plays an important role in eliminating pathology. However, it is not often possible to solve this problem on your own, so it is advisable to choose a qualified specialist who will help regain self-confidence.


With erectile dysfunction of an emotional nature, the complexity and duration of treatment depend on the depth of the problem and the stage at which the patient asked for help. Sometimes it is possible to do only with medication, but it is more correct and more effective not to be limited to this. A doctor's help is needed to overcome the problem and avoid its recurrence.


The easiest way to deal with an illness is to take medications. This technique saves a man from talking about his impotence and does not require large financial and emotional costs.

For the treatment of impotence, PDE-5 inhibitors are used, which show their effectiveness in such disorders of a different nature. Studies have shown good results with a drug called Cialis. It can be taken in courses of 12 weeks or as needed. During a course reception, improvements occur within 2-3 days.

Impaza is also an effective drug in this situation. This medicine has a healing effect and restores normal sexual activity. You also need to take it in a course of 3 months, 1 tablet per day.

In addition, sedatives are recommended for men suffering from psychological impotence. Medicines on a natural basis are suitable: Novopassit, Persen and the like. However, they cause drowsiness and can interfere with concentration, so Afobazol tablets are the best choice for those driving. They help to cope even with severe stress.

In severe cases, antidepressants are prescribed, however, an ambiguous attitude has formed in our country towards these drugs. Before deciding to take this group of drugs, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

Healing procedures

Despite the proven effectiveness of drugs, for a lasting disposal of psychological problems that lead to male impotence, you need to contact a psychologist, psychotherapist or sexologist. For the cure to occur more successfully and faster, a man needs the support of his “half”, so it is especially great if a partner comes to a specialist for a consultation.

To help a man overcome the fear of intercourse, the doctor will need to find out its cause and make sure that the patient returns at a time when the problem was just beginning. An analysis of the circumstances and oneself contributes to the fact that the root of the problem will be revealed. Consideration of the situation in retrospect will help to see it from the other side and to abandon internal self-restraints.

Treatment of emotional erectile dysfunction is not an easy task that requires the work of not only the attending physician, but also the sick man and his loved ones. A woman's desire to help her beloved cope with a problem plays a very important role.


In the modern world, it is impossible to do without stress, they haunt people everywhere. However, you shouldn't let them affect your health and quality of life. If the rhythm of life keeps in suspense, it is necessary to periodically take sedatives. In addition, there are natural products that have a mild sedative effect without causing drowsiness and addiction: herbal teas with chamomile, linden or lemongrass, bananas, dark chocolate.

Having worked intensively for many months, one should not forget about the vacation.

The break in work should be at least 2 weeks, which is best spent away from cities: on the seaside, in the mountains and or in a quiet village. This will help you relax and release any accumulated stress.

If there are problems that can cause impotence on a psychological basis, you cannot keep it to yourself, it is better to contact a psychotherapist or psychologist in advance in order to undergo a course of treatment and prevent serious consequences.

Do not hesitate to contact a specialist, since psychological assistance is just as necessary as treatment from other doctors.

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