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When impotence occurs in men: basic information
When impotence occurs in men: basic information

Sexual dysfunction in modern men has become a common problem. The number of patients with erectile dysfunction is regularly increasing. The reason for this was the lifestyle that the representatives of the stronger sex lead.

A problem like impotence is considered a disease of the elderly. But every year more and more cases of a decrease in potency in young guys are recorded.

Causes and treatment of impotence at a young age

According to statistics, approximately 20% of young people under the age of 30 suffer from impotence. The main reason for sexual dysfunction in this age group is psychological problems. The potency of young people is most often affected by the first sexual experience, which could be unsuccessful. After such sex, there is a fear of failure in the future, and a guy at a young age tries in every possible way to avoid intercourse.

Another cause of erectile dysfunction is a partner. If the first sixth was with an experienced woman, the young guy may have an inferiority complex. Also, a partner can taunt a guy, as a result of which a man's libido is significantly reduced and impotence sets in. Given that young people are very active and thirsty for thrills, erectile dysfunction at a young age can occur due to trauma, when activity leads to consequences. Therefore, if a man of 18-25 years old comes to the doctor with complaints of lack of sex life, you should carefully ask him about the injuries.

Psychological assistance at a young age is the mainstay of erectile dysfunction therapy. Guys are advised to consult a professional psychologist or psychotherapist. But before giving a referral to such specialists, the doctor should carefully study the problem and talk to the patient heart to heart.

Drug therapy can also be applied. If the cause of impotence in a 20-year-old man is psychological trauma, drug treatment should be prescribed based on the placebo effect. Viagra and other powerful drugs should not be used.

Causes and treatment of impotence in patients under 45 years of age

Statistics show that approximately 48% of patients under the age of 45 have a violation of potency.

Erectile dysfunction at this age can be due to a number of reasons:

  • Smoking, alcohol, drug addiction;
  • Hypodynamia;
  • Stress and overexertion at work;
  • The beginning of the male menopause.

Bad habits are one of the main causes of impotence. This is due to the detrimental effect of alcohol and components of tobacco smoke on blood vessels. As a result, the blood supply to the penis suffers and the penis cannot come to an erect state. At the same time, men may remain sexually attracted to women.

When can such a problem appear and how to deal with it? For the treatment of impotence in patients under 45, which is caused by bad habits, it is enough just to get rid of them. After a certain time, since the body is still young, the vessels will recover and the potency will return.

A sedentary lifestyle leads to stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs. As a result, the blood supply to the penis is disrupted, the vessels lose their elasticity, and the valve apparatus becomes unusable. Therefore, an erection does not come.

Therapy for impotence in this case consists in the appointment of several measures:

  • Regular sports activities (at least 3 times a week);
  • If the work is sedentary, it is necessary to take warm-up breaks every 1-2 hours;
  • Appointment of venotonics.

Stress and overexertion are provoking factors for the release of adrenaline. It constricts blood vessels, and with prolonged stress - disrupts their structure and leads to stretching. As a result, the patient becomes impotence due to the inability of the penis to fill with sufficient blood.

In order for male strength to return, stress should be eliminated. It is recommended to rest regularly and try to get as much positive emotions as possible. If necessary, visit a consultation with a psychologist.

Also, quite often the cause is the sexual partner. Over the long years of family life, sexual relations between husband and wife become boring. As a result, a man wants sex less and less and impotence sets in. To solve this problem, it is recommended to contact a sex therapist who will help diversify family life and return the old feelings.

Causes and treatment of impotence in men after 50 years

More than half of men over the age of 50 suffer from impotence, when it is associated with the fact that the male body wears out, and diseases of various systems appear. Since all organs are interconnected, any disease can lead to erectile dysfunction.

The main diseases of the reproductive system, leading to impaired potency:

  • Prostatitis;
  • Prostate adenoma;
  • Orchoepididymitis;
  • Urethritis.

Prostatitis, which is an inflammation of the prostate gland, occurs in most men over the age of 50. This is due to a decrease in the protective properties of the body, immunity falls. As a result, it is easier for pathogens to enter the prostate.

The prostate gland is an organ of the endocrine system.

The hormones secreted by her affect a man's erection. In the presence of inflammation in the organ, the synthesis of biologically active substances is disrupted, which leads to impotence.

Adenoma of the prostate is a benign tumor that affects many men over the age of 55. It is manifested by the proliferation of prostate tissue. The consequence of such a disease is a violation of the structure, and, accordingly, the function of the prostate gland. The balance of hormones is disturbed, a man may not feel sexual attraction to women at all. Also, this disease leads to male infertility.

Inflammatory diseases of the testicles, appendages and urethra are common pathologies in men of retirement years. Most often they are of an infectious nature. Since the testicles and epididymis are also hormone-producing organs, the effect of these pathologies on potency is palpable.

Treatment of these pathologies in old age requires an integrated approach.

There are several stages in the treatment of impotence in such patients:

  • Comprehensive diagnostics of the whole organism;
  • The appointment of hormonal drugs that will lead to the normalization of the balance of hormones in the body;
  • Prescribing antibiotics as needed;
  • Treatment of common diseases.

All elderly people should carefully monitor their health. If there are signs of a disease of the genital area or other organs and systems, you should immediately consult a doctor. To maintain male strength, you must carefully follow the doctor's recommendations.

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