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Man quickened: how to deal with accelerated ejaculation
Man quickened: how to deal with accelerated ejaculation

Rapid ejaculation is an unpleasant phenomenon that worries many men, and in the matter of what to do if the husband has a quick shot, it is necessary not only to take measures to eliminate the problem, but also to find out its cause.

A woman should not focus on the word "rapid-fire", since in some cases the phenomenon is a symptom of a dangerous disease that requires complex and quick treatment. There are other reasons that the man is quick to fire. What can you do to save your relationship, avoid conflicts, and solve an unpleasant problem?

Signs of accelerated ejaculation

The restoration of the ejaculation process should take place only after agreement and discussion of the problem with a sex therapist or other specialist.

Most often, a quick-shot guy complains about the following:

  • Ejaculation too fast;
  • Discomfort in the lower abdomen during intercourse;
  • Increased fatigue.

You need to start dealing with the problem only after identifying its cause, the doctor must definitely know if the guy has a constant partner, how long sexual intercourse usually lasts in time.

This information is important because some men do not have much sexual experience and experience intense emotions during intercourse, which affects testosterone levels and, consequently, the rate of ejaculation.

In the presence of pain and discomfort, the problem may be more serious and dangerous, which is why accelerated treatment is required. Unpleasant symptoms should not be ignored, as they can signal a serious pathology.

Main reasons

In the question of what rapid-fire means, first of all, attention is paid to the duration of sexual intercourse (from 1 to 3 minutes). Although it is first and foremost necessary to determine the cause of the phenomenon under consideration.

The main ones are:

  • Hormonal disorders;
  • Little experience in sex;
  • Too high sensitivity (fast discharge and just as fast excitation);
  • New relationships and self-doubt (fear of embarrassment in front of a new partner can lead to accelerated ejaculation);
  • Inflammatory processes, pathologies of the genital organs;
  • Inability to control ejaculation;
  • Instability of a psychoemotional nature;
  • Lack of magnesium in the body (you can replenish an important element by regularly consuming fruits, fish, cereals and vegetables);
  • Heredity, genetic predisposition also affects the "rate of fire";
  • Long experience of smoking, frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages.

All of the above points may be the reason that the husband or boyfriend is quick to shoot. How to deal with this can be determined by a specialist depending on the identified cause of the disease. It is imperative to consult a psychotherapist if there are psychological barriers that interfere with a normal sex life.

With hormonal disorders, inflammatory processes in the reproductive system, lack of nutrients, drug treatment will help to cope. With increased sensitivity of the male member, the ideal remedy is lubrication or the use of several condoms at once.

Treatment methods

The problem can be solved in different ways if the man is quick-fired.

Treatment is carried out in three ways:

  1. Conservative;
  2. Medication;
  3. Operative intervention.

If the guy is fast-acting, how to treat this ailment, which recurs regularly for a long time? You should not immediately think about the operation. You need to try other methods, first contacting a professional for help. If the reason why the guy has become faster is an inflammatory process in the body, then antibiotics prescribed by a doctor will help.

The intervention of the surgeon through laser therapy is only necessary if the head of the organ has increased sensitivity. After undergoing this procedure of tissue excision, a man-quick-fired person will not only get rid of his problem for 2 weeks, but will also avoid many pathologies of the reproductive system in the future.

In the absence of visible signs of deviations in health, treatment is prescribed with folk and cosmetics. It is worth noting that any drug can cause an allergic reaction, therefore, before using it, it is necessary to test the product or consult a specialist.

Cosmetic and folk remedies

Guys rarely think about how to make a "quick-shot", but prolongation of sexual intercourse is a more pressing issue.

If accelerated ejaculation occurs due to the peculiarities in the structure of the penis, then the problem can be dealt with with the help of cosmetics, for example, lobricants, which are sold in stores and pharmacies.

  • Lubricant preparations contain in their composition substances (anesthetics) that slow down the transmission of nerve impulses and significantly reduce the sensitivity of the head of the penis.
  • The husband can also try various medicinal decoctions that are safe for intimate hygiene. Most of the herbal ingredients are not only able to prolong ejaculation, but also have a restorative effect on sexual function.
  • A proven remedy, if the husband is quick-fired, is ingestion of oak bark (one third of a glass per day). This herbal decoction will reduce the sensitivity of the head of the organ, as well as weaken the potency, which will affect the time of intercourse.

Effective exercise

If there are no health problems and the doctor has not found any physiological abnormalities, then what if the guy is quick-firing?

Simple but effective exercises will help:

  1. Constriction of the penis. If the husband felt the approach of the moment during sex, then it is necessary to sharply squeeze the penis at the base with the index and thumb for 15–20 seconds.
  2. Holding ejaculation through force (start-stop). The husband can carry out this manipulation with the help of his wife, who will stop during intercourse at the right time. The positive dynamics will be noticeable after a few weeks.

The problem under consideration should not become an obstacle between spouses or a couple in love, the "rate of fire" is easily eliminated in the absence of deviations in the health of a man.

Helpful advice and prevention

It is necessary to deal with accelerated ejaculation in a comprehensive manner, after undergoing a full examination by a specialist. The husband or partner should not dwell on the problem, but solve it as soon as possible.

Here are some helpful tips to help you stay out of trouble with sex:

  • Frequent intercourse will help "delay" ejaculation.
  • Special lubricants and condoms effectively reduce the sensitivity of the penis.
  • Before the start of frictions, you need to arouse your partner, which will have a positive effect not only on ejaculation, but also on the woman's satisfaction.
  • During sex, you should slow down, and when ejaculation approaches, think on an abstract topic.
  • An excellent prevention of long-term intercourse is regular physical activity, sports will help you feel and control your body.

You should not be complex and constantly think about your problem, rapid ejaculation is not a diagnosis, but only a minor problem that can be easily eliminated if desired.

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