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How do worms leave the body?
How do worms leave the body?

Worms are parasitic organisms that live off humans and animals. Therefore, it is important to remove them from your body in time. After all, they are harmful to health. But before talking about how to treat them and how worms leave the body, it is worth learning why it is worth getting rid of them and how the infection occurs.

Causes and symptoms of worm infection

The first cause of infection is dirty hands. Remember to wash your hands before eating, like eating food. After all, dirty vegetables and fruits have the most larvae. And unwashed hands transfer the larvae of parasites to household items from public places. Therefore, follow the rules of personal hygiene and you will be able to protect yourself from infection by at least 50%.

What are the symptoms of infection?

First of all, there is a slight malaise, headache or dizziness. Sleep disorders are common.

It is worth considering going to the doctor if you start waking up at two or three in the morning for no reason. At this time, the liver works hard. And she tries to actively deal with parasites.

Despite the fact that worms can exist in a person for a long time and do not show any signs, there are cases when, for some reason, the infection goes into an acute phase. At the symptomatic level, this is characterized by an increase in body temperature (the temperature reaches 39 degrees). Pains in muscles and joints appear. There is a symptom such as an allergic rash.

Attention! If you notice such symptoms in yourself, then you should immediately consult a doctor. Indeed, without full treatment, all this can end in complete intoxication. And there it is already close to death. So don't risk it!

Harm to humans from parasites

First of all, the digestion process is disturbed. The human body can no longer absorb a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals from food. In addition, with a large accumulation of worms in one place, intestinal obstruction may form. Parasites can also be in other organs, causing harm to the human body.

As for the presence of worms in children, it is still more dangerous. Once in a fragile body, they become the cause of delayed mental and physical development. Growth and puberty are often slowed down. Significant memory impairment is possible. Children infected with worms have persistent headaches and a bad mood. Another sign of infection is anemia.

And one more thing: the presence of worms is a direct threat to the immune system, as a result of which the resistance to colds and viral diseases decreases. When located in one organ, parasites become the cause of the development of both benign and malignant formations. Therefore, if you suddenly began to feel bad for no reason, then it is worth undergoing a special examination.

Worms: how to get them out

The main component is special anthelmintic drugs. Only a doctor should prescribe them. Usually, these drugs are taken on a strict schedule. At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the fact that by poisoning helminths, these drugs also poison us.

Therefore, before starting treatment, it is worth discussing the dietary habits with your doctor. It is important to constantly maintain immunity before and after treatment so that the human body can cope with parasites.

Note that if one family member is being treated, everyone else must take the same drugs prophylactically. Since, due to the fact that everyone has common household items in the family, it is likely that other family members are already carriers of larvae.

In combination with anthelmintic drugs, antiallergic tablets are prescribed. It is also good to take before and after treatment special agents to improve the intestinal microflora. If you are allergic to them, then you can replace them with ordinary homemade yoghurts.

To improve immunity, it is recommended to take tinctures of ginseng or Chinese magnolia vine. But remember that it is worth consulting with your healthcare professional before taking any adjuvant. After all, the appearance of an atypical reaction to additional drugs can interfere with treatment.

How do worms leave the human body?

We have already talked about the methods of destroying parasites, but how do they leave the body? Indeed, with a large accumulation of their remains, intoxication is also possible. As a rule, worms, after the end of antiparasitic therapy, leave the human body in a natural way.

That is, with feces. Please note that they can come out either immobilized in an unchanged state, or in a fragmented form. The difference is also in what drugs were used for treatment.

It is worth remembering that if the worms leave the body in a fragmented form, then it is impossible to notice them in the feces with the naked eye. Therefore, it may appear that there is no effect of the treatment. But this is not the case! Remember, after the end of therapy, you should take all the tests again in order to make sure that there is no more parasite infestation.

But unfortunately, there are times when it is impossible to naturally remove the worms from the body.

This happens if the parasites are located in such organs:

  • spine;
  • brain;
  • eyeballs.

In this case, the parasites are surgically removed by doctors. The same extraction method is required in cases where parasites or their debris accumulate in the bile ducts or in the pancreas. The indication for surgical intervention is inflammation of appendicitis due to the presence of a tapeworm in the intestine.

Please note that in this case, not only the parasite is removed, but also the appendicitis. In this case, it is advisable not to delay the visit to the hospital with the appearance of sharp pains in the right iliac region. After all, a ruptured appendicitis can be a threat to your life if you do not receive medical help on time.

Also on the forums, the question is often raised whether parasites can come out through the mouth. They can! But this happens exclusively with vomit. Therefore, do not be afraid and think that one night you will wake up because something creeps out through your mouth.

This will not happen. But nausea followed by vomiting is the norm during and immediately after anthelmintic treatment. By the way, you can also take the vomit to the laboratory for analysis to make sure that the parasites still leave the body.

The release of worms through the mouth through vomit or feces depends on which parasites were in the body, in which part of the gastrointestinal tract they were located. It is worth considering the peculiarities of the patient's digestive process.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that with a long stay in the body in an immobilized or fragmented form, the worms come out in the form of a homogeneous mass mixed with feces, or through the mouth with vomit. In this case, the presence of the remains is detected only after a special analysis.

It is possible to get rid of worms, but this issue needs to be addressed. And they come out of the body more often naturally from the mouth or with feces.

So don't be afraid! At the first sign of infection, go to the doctor and get the necessary tests. After all, the longer you do nothing, the longer the treatment process after that. Good luck and don't get sick!

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