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Troichetka, cloves, tansy and wormwood from parasites
Troichetka, cloves, tansy and wormwood from parasites

With an increase in the incidence of helminthic invasions, new challenges arise in parasitology - the development of new pharmaceuticals for deworming. Medicines used today for cleansing from parasites have many contraindications.

The most significant reason is considered to be a toxic effect on the liver cells. Therefore, such medicines are not suitable for everyone, especially for pregnant women and children. But in many cases, folk remedies work more effectively than drugs. Currently, there is a whole list of medicinal herbs that are good for fighting worms.

How to choose the right herbs for deworming?

Properties that anthelmintic herbs should have:

  • Bitterness - reduces the amount of water in the human body, this leads to paralysis of the muscular system of helminths, and thereby contributes to their excretion from the gastrointestinal tract with feces with the help of laxatives;
  • Sharpness. Thanks to this property, a large amount of heat is generated, which worms also do not like, since they are accustomed to stable, comfortable living conditions;
  • Acid. Have you ever wondered why parasites do not live in the stomach, but rather prefer the intestines from the entire digestive tract? The answer lies in the following: the stomach is very acidic due to the production of hydrochloric acid for the digestion of food, it has a detrimental effect on worms. And in the intestine there is an alkaline pH, so all the conditions for successful living and reproduction are created there.


Wormwood is an amazing remedy for various diseases. But this herb is better known as an anthelmintic drug, especially for ascariasis. Well improves appetite, stimulates the enzymatic function of the pancreas and bile secretion from the gallbladder. Has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect, therefore it is used as compresses for bruises. Wormwood perfectly improves metabolism in the body. Helps with insomnia. Decoctions, infusions, tinctures are prepared from it.

Wormwood powder

You will need dry wormwood herb, which you can get at any drugstore. Then grind it to a powdery consistency, you can do it by any means at hand. Pour all of the powder into a container. You need to consume it every two hours, at the reception - one teaspoon of powder, washed down with ordinary boiled water. The course of treatment is seven days. Such treatment can be preventive in the autumn-spring period in order to protect oneself from parasites.

Pumpkin seeds and wormwood

To prepare this mixture, you need to take about one hundred grams of dry pumpkin seeds and the same amount of wormwood. Thoroughly grind all this to a powder and pour into a glass container with a tight-fitting lid. Pour vodka in the ratio: one part of powder and three parts of vodka. We seal it tightly and put it in a place without the penetration of sunlight. It is better to use it in the morning and evening, on an empty stomach, fifty grams twice a day, for two to three weeks.

Enema with a decoction of wormwood against enterobiasis

Take 5 g of dry wormwood, pour a liter of cold boiled water and put on low heat, bring to a boil and leave for a couple of minutes. Then unplug and put away to cool. Once the broth is warm, filter it through cheesecloth so that there is no grass in it. It is better to put an enema closer to sleep, when the pinworms become active and come out closer to the anus. Use no more than 100 ml of solution for one enema.

Contraindications for the treatment of wormwood

Before starting treatment, consult your doctor and read the contraindications for taking wormwood:

  • Pregnancy period. Wormwood increases the tone of the uterus, miscarriage or premature birth may occur;
  • Wormwood should not be taken by nursing mothers;
  • Acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - gastritis, esophagitis, duodenitis;
  • Individual intolerance.

Tansy or "worm"

Since ancient times, this type of medicinal plant has been used to get rid of parasites. But even today it does not lose its position. Most often, tansy is taken in the presence of roundworms and tapeworms. In addition to these effects, it has antibacterial and antimycotic properties. Stimulates the work of the heart and blood vessels.

For the preparation of decoctions, tinctures, flowers and the upper part of the plant shoots are used. You can harvest tansy yourself during the flowering period. It should be collected away from roads, as the plant absorbs all the exhaust gases of cars.

Cut off the inflorescences, lay them out on a piece of paper and dry out of direct sunlight. Then put the medicinal plant in the box.

Infusion of tansy inflorescences

This method of treatment is effective for removing roundworms. Take fifteen grams of plant flowers and pour a glass of boiling water. Insist for 3-4 hours, then remove the herb from the infusion. Take one tablespoon liquid half an hour before meals three to four times a day.

Enema with tansy and garlic in milk

Pour about 300 ml of milk into a saucepan, put a head of garlic in it, turn on low heat, do not bring to a boil. Next, add a dessert spoon of tansy herb. Cool the broth slightly and strain. The broth is ready to use. The course of treatment is at least one week.


  • It is not recommended to use tansy for expectant mothers and women who are breastfeeding;
  • Children under 10 years old;
  • Hypertension or a tendency to it;
  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Carnation against parasites

We are used to hearing about cloves as a spicy plant used for canning and pickling. But it turns out that it has healing properties, including expels parasites from the body. It cleanses the body and blood well from toxins and toxins. Has a bactericidal effect.

The most famous anti-parasite recipe, which includes cloves, is triad.

Troichetka or Russian mix

This is the most effective recipe in the fight against worms, because it contains powerful anthelmintic herbs: wormwood, cloves, tansy.

Medicinal herbs are taken in the following ratio:

  • Wormwood - 1 part;
  • Cloves - 2 parts;
  • Tansy - 2, 5 parts.

All components of the triad are crushed to powder and taken according to the following scheme:

  • Day one - take eight grams of the mixture on an empty stomach;
  • Second day - the dosage should be increased to sixteen grams;
  • The third day - the amount of powder should be no more than twenty-five grams, since you can bring harm to the body rather than benefit.

This amount of the mixture is distributed in three doses per day.

Troychatka helps well with ascariasis, enterobiasis, tapeworms. But before treatment, consult your doctor.

Contraindications for taking cloves

  • You should not risk taking cloves during pregnancy at any time;
  • You can not plant a plant for children under 5 years of age;
  • People with hypertension;
  • For women during menstruation, as cloves will increase bleeding.

Folk remedies are good at fighting parasites, but do not self-medicate. Visit your doctor before starting treatment.

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