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Scabies ointment for humans: a review of effective treatments
Scabies ointment for humans: a review of effective treatments

The skin is the body's natural protective cover that protects internal organs from a variety of possible damage and environmental hazards.

It is because of this that the skin is often exposed to various kinds of fungi, mites and other macro- and microorganisms, which can cause rashes and discomfort.


If a person is infected with a scabies mite, the doctor will diagnose scabies. Strictly speaking, this disease is not dangerous for the body and does not belong to the group of complex diseases, however, it is quite difficult to recover from scabies in many cases.

Sometimes treatment can take more than a month, especially when the disease develops over a long period of time.

Difficulties of treatment

Despite the simplicity of the disease, it can be quite difficult to cure scabies in humans. The main difficulty lies in the late termination of treatment. The fact is that any ointment from an itch mite affects only an adult and does not cause any harm to tick-borne embryos. At the same time, the embryo growth time is about 4 days - that is, this is the minimum treatment period in order to get rid of the first batch of ticks.

The situation is complicated by the fact that every day, adults grow from embryos, which again lay embryos, that is, as a result, the minimum treatment period should be at least 8 days, subject to all the recommendations and prescriptions of the doctor.

Treatment rules

To cure scabies in a person at home, you need to remember several important rules:

  1. All used linen must be washed and heat treated;
  2. Before using local preparations, you need to take a shower, after which the washcloth must also be changed;
  3. Any scabies ointment should be applied to the entire body, with the exception of the hairy scalp;
  4. After the treatment, the bed linen is changed and processed again (after each procedure);
  5. After the procedure, take a shower in the morning;
  6. All things that cannot be washed or washed must be kept outdoors for at least 5 days - blankets, pillows, toys, shoes;
  7. All furniture in the house, especially soft ones, must be treated with a special insect repellent;
  8. You can use ointments only according to the time indicated on the package, otherwise itching can become a side reaction of an overdose, and not an indication of a prolonged course of the disease.

Scabies ointments

All medicines that help get rid of scabies can be divided into several groups:

  • Sulfur preparations;
  • Topical products with insecticidal effect;
  • Preparations based on artificially created balsamic derivatives;
  • Traditional medicines.

The choice of ointment depends on several factors - the degree of spread of the tick, the age of the sick person, the presence of individual intolerance or contraindications.

Sulfuric ointment

It is the most popular remedy for scabies mites. Its effectiveness has been tested for many years. It can be treated by both adults and children. This ointment has only one significant drawback - it is a sharp, specific smell that many people do not like, so the treatment has to be carried out at home without the possibility of going to work or visiting any public institutions.

There are two main ways to administer therapy:

  1. Daily renewal of the ointment for five days, followed by repetition of treatment after a short period of time;
  2. One-time application of the product to the problem area for 5 days. In this case, a new layer should only be applied when the ointment has washed off.

To date, this remedy is the most effective for removing the scabies mite.

Benzyl benzoate

This is a synthetic agent that perfectly removes any parasites that damage the skin. Benzyl benzoate is produced in two types.

In the cream of the first type, the concentration of the active ingredient is 20% - it is used to treat adults.

In the cream of the second type, the concentration of the active ingredient is 10% - it is used in the removal of scabies mites in children.

The cream has a pleasant smell, but when applied to the damaged area, it causes a burning sensation.

The treatment is carried out in two stages:

  • At the first stage, you need to take a shower and apply the cream in an even layer on the damaged areas overnight, then change sheets and linen and take a break for three days;
  • At the second stage, you need to repeat the procedure.

A three-fold treatment with "Benzyl benzoate" is carried out only after consulting a doctor.

Zinc ointment

It is a zinc-based adjuvant that helps to speed up the healing of the skin after the removal of the scabies mite. It is important to note that zinc ointment is not used to treat scabies because it has no effect on the causative agent of the disease.

It has no contraindications, with the exception of individual intolerance to the components of the drug. Can be used to treat adults and children.


This is a modern remedy that helps to quickly get rid of the scabies mite. "Medifox" is produced in two forms - in the form of an ointment and a solution. The percentage of the active substance in both cases is 5. "Medifox" can be used to treat the whole body, including the head area covered with hair.

The tool is applied twice with an interval of 4 days. Before carrying out the procedure, you must thoroughly wash and wipe dry. The product is applied to the entire body, paying special attention to the affected skin. In the morning "Medifox" should be washed off.

This drug has a number of contraindications:

  • It is strictly forbidden for children under 1 year old;
  • It is strictly prohibited during pregnancy and lactation;
  • Individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

Traditional medicine recipes

Often, traditional medicine recipes are no less effective than pharmaceutical ointments.

Recipe 1. Berries

Lingonberries and cranberries are taken in equal amounts and ground. The resulting gruel is applied to the affected area of the skin several times during the day. The procedures continue until the symptoms disappear completely.

The undoubted plus of such gruel is that it can be used to treat children under one year old.

Recipe 2. Garlic

Garlic ointment helps to quickly cope with the disease.

To prepare it, you need to grate 50 g of prepared garlic cloves or pass through a press and mix with mustard oil in an amount of 200 ml. The resulting mixture is brought to a boil and cooked for 15 minutes. After that, the medicine is cooled down a little and filtered. The cooled mixture resembles thick sour cream in consistency. Garlic ointment is stored in a dark glass container. Treatment is carried out during the day - you need to lubricate the skin every 2 hours.

Regardless of what kind of treatment is chosen, it is imperative to visit a dermatologist 7 days after the first procedure, and then go to repeated appointments every 10 days until all traces of the disease disappear, otherwise you may not notice a small damaged area and a relapse will happen.

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