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Chanterelles from parasites: a review of traditional medicine recipes
Chanterelles from parasites: a review of traditional medicine recipes

Two hundred years ago, people learned the beneficial properties of mushrooms for humans and began to use them. Traditional medicine offers getting rid of all diseases with the help of the gifts of the forest.

If you use only proven methods under the supervision of a specialist - a doctor, and not a village healer, then this is a completely safe and effective way to fight diseases.

Why chanterelles?

The healing properties of mushrooms have long been used by traditional medicine. Chanterelles belong to the chanterelle family. They are eaten in several forms: fried, boiled, salted and raw. They do not crumble or change their shape during transportation, and they are also stored for a long time in a dry and clean place.

Valued due to the content of such substances:

  • ergosterol;
  • chitinomannosis;
  • trametonolinic acid.

They are rich:

  • vegetable fats;
  • amino acids;
  • polysaccharides;
  • microelements;
  • natural substances that do not cause allergic reactions.

The mushroom picker is well aware of how worms love mushrooms, but the chanterelle family, they prefer not to touch. This mushroom stays clean even in the neighborhood of its other brethren. It is not surprising that it is often used to fight parasites in the human body - helminths.

The main role in the destruction of parasites is played by the substance chitinomannosis. It is fatal to all worms and their offspring. This element acts on the mucous and nervous system of the worms, while not harming a person. Chitinomannosis is very sensitive to temperature extremes, its compounds are destroyed at temperatures from sixty degrees. Therefore, the treatment of worms is carried out using raw chanterelles.

Chanterelles are a common treatment for parasites. Helminths that live in the human body do not tolerate the presence of these products. Chanterelles have a truly magical and unique power that allows them to deprive even the eggs of worms of vitality. For treatment, make a tincture in water or vodka from dried materials.

How do worms get into the human body?

Helminths are not uncommon for humans. You can catch these parasites anywhere: if you shake dirty hands, do not wash vegetables and fruits, do not wash your hands after the street, drink raw water, touch unfamiliar animals.

Of course, worms are most often found in children due to the fact that their immune system is not yet working at full strength. But even if you follow all the rules of hygiene, you cannot be insured. These parasites live literally everywhere: on money, on surfaces in public places. Fortunately, there are proven recipes for getting rid of worms.

Chanterelle treatment

Chanterelle family therapy involves several agents that can be made from them and used against parasites:

  • powder;
  • tinctures;
  • the mushrooms themselves.

In order to prepare the powder, you will need dried chanterelles. It can be consumed in its pure form, or you can make a base for the tincture. The mushrooms are thoroughly cleaned of soil and debris, then they are placed in the sun to dry out, and then they are made into a powder. The product is stored in a dry and clean place. Besides getting rid of parasites, it helps with liver, eye and stomach diseases.

Nevertheless, tincture from this raw material is considered the most popular way to get rid of parasites. In addition to the fact that it harasses helminths, it is also drunk for preventive purposes.

This composition contains some useful substances and minerals:

  • zinc;
  • copper;
  • vitamin A;
  • B vitamins;
  • vitamin PP.

In addition, the tincture has a beneficial effect on the liver: it cleanses it, relieves spasms, helps with seasonal exacerbations and has a firming effect.

There are quite a few recipes for making tincture on chanterelles from parasites.

  • Freshly picked mushrooms are crushed into dust, then 2 tablespoons are placed in a jar, into which 200-250 ml of vodka or alcohol must be poured. The alcohol strength should be in the region of 40-50%. The container must be closed and left to infuse for 2 weeks. You need to take this remedy 1 teaspoon twenty minutes before going to bed. It will take about a month to get rid of worms;
  • Dried chanterelles are suitable for the "non-mushroom" season. A meat grinder or coffee grinder will help you grind the product to a powder state. 3 teaspoons of this product are placed in a glass jar, into which vodka or alcohol 0.15 l is then poured. The jar is tightly closed, and the composition is infused for 2 weeks. This tincture should be consumed 1 teaspoon at bedtime to kill parasites. Shake it before use;
  • Another recipe based on powder reads as follows: take 1 tablespoon of powder, pour into a glass jar, add 250 ml of vodka, close tightly and leave to infuse for 1.5 weeks. Once the product is ready, it must be filtered and drunk 1 teaspoon twice a day. It is recommended to take the tincture from 3 months to six months to get rid of parasites. It also has beneficial properties in cleansing the pancreas.

Other beneficial properties of chanterelles

Tincture of chanterelle mushrooms helps not only in the treatment of parasites and the elimination of worms, although this is undoubtedly one of their most important properties. Among other things, chanterelles contain a lot of protein and at the same time are not high in calories. There are only 19 kcal per 100 grams of the product. For everyone who leads a healthy lifestyle and carefully monitors their diet, these mushrooms are just a discovery. They should be boiled for 20 minutes, and you can simply pickle them with table salt: they are perfectly stored in this form.

Another extremely beneficial property of chanterelles is their effect on the immune system. Many people noted that if you just eat chanterelles for food, then the general condition of the body improves, fatigue passes, and stress resistance increases.

The beneficial substances in the composition of mushrooms help the better functioning of the thyroid gland, activate stem cells, reduce anti-inflammatory processes and relieve headaches.

Potential harm to funds

In folk medicine, tinctures on alcohol or vodka are often found. It is worth remembering that it is absolutely impossible to drink such formulations for diseases of the liver, kidneys, nervous system, diseases of the pancreas and intestines. Of course, people suffering from alcohol addiction should not have them either.

When collecting mushrooms, there is a chance to meet a false chanterelle. Even experienced mushroom pickers are not always able to distinguish a "useful" mushroom from a "useless" one.

Perhaps the main sign that will help not to bring a fake chanterelle into the house will be the presence of worms and the spongy structure of the cap. Of course, a tincture on a false mushroom will not be helpful.

When overeating these fungi, skin rashes are possible, and in some cases, the skin becomes yellowish.


About treatment with chanterelles should be forgotten for people suffering from:

  • pancreatitis;
  • gastritis;
  • bowel diseases.

In such patients, mushrooms will not only not serve to remove worms, they simply will not be absorbed in their body, which can lead to serious health consequences.

When treating children, it is best to use traditional medications: they also do an excellent job with parasites. But mushrooms can cause an allergic reaction in an organism that is not yet fully formed.

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