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A visit to the bathhouse for prostatitis: the positive and negative sides of the issue
A visit to the bathhouse for prostatitis: the positive and negative sides of the issue

Health problems often make adjustments in different areas of life and sauna lovers are well aware that their hobby has many limitations. Men with prostate inflammation understand that their ailment does not go well with traditional bath procedures.

However, there is another opinion: prostatitis is not a reason to give up all the pleasures in life, especially if you know how to turn their negative properties into positive ones. Therefore, prostatitis and bath are compatible?

How is prostate inflammation expressed?

Prostatitis is a disease that all modern people have heard about, as it actively affects young men, depriving them of sexuality and the ability to have children. The disease is an inflammation of the prostate gland, which can lead not only to hormonal changes, but also the development of other diseases of the male reproductive system.

There are quite a few reasons for prostatitis:

  • low physical activity;
  • addiction to alcohol and smoking;
  • poor sex life;
  • constant stress;
  • chronic fatigue.

This list of provoking factors puts most modern men at risk, however, many of them do not attach much importance to the threat. Thus, they increase the chances of getting prostatitis.

Signs of inflammation of the prostate gland are pain in the lower abdomen, perineum and in the anus. These signs are present with an exacerbation of the disease, which is also accompanied by fever, general weakness and headaches, while the chronic form is characterized by cutting and pulling pains during urination, decreased sexual desire and lack of satisfaction from sexual intercourse.

When symptoms of this ailment appear, you should contact a urologist who will conduct the necessary examinations, identify the cause of the ailment and prescribe treatment. Therapy for prostatitis is versatile, and includes medications and folk remedies, as well as physiotherapy and massage. In this case, the best results are achieved if the entire range of therapeutic measures is applied.

Alternative medicine considers warming up in a bath in case of prostate disease as one of the most effective methods of healing. But this opinion is ambiguous, since, like other therapeutic methods, thermal procedures have both positive and negative sides.

Bath: benefits for prostatitis

The bathhouse in our country is considered a miraculous place where all diseases pass, including severe ones with a chronic course. In Russia, they said: "He who takes a steam bath does not age" - and there is some truth in this statement, since the properties of the bath rejuvenate the body and help get rid of various ailments. In addition to the fact that high temperatures kill many viruses and cleanse the body of toxic substances and toxins, they relieve edema, normalize metabolic processes in the body, and increase immunity.

The beneficial properties of the bath for patients with prostatitis are that during such sessions, blood circulation in all organs improves, and swelling and soreness in the problem area decreases. The faster metabolism helps the drugs take effect faster.

However, in the case of inflammation of the prostate gland, everything is not so simple: it is possible and even necessary to steam with this ailment, but so that such events do not harm, but, on the contrary, benefit, men with prostatitis should use some wise advice, warm the body competently:

  • Before bathing procedures, the patient is supposed to put a micro enema with a decoction of chamomile or sage. For its preparation, 2 tbsp is required. tablespoons of dried medicinal plants and 1 glass of boiling water. The herbs are brewed like regular tea and infused for 20 minutes, after which they are filtered and cooled to 40 degrees. For an enema, 80 ml of broth is required. It is necessary to retain water in the rectum for at least an hour;
  • It is necessary to gradually accustom an organism suffering from a male ailment to high temperatures. After the diagnosis is made, it is allowed to warm the diseased gland in the bath no more than 2 times a month. Then you can increase the frequency up to 1 time per week. At the same time, you should not get carried away with the steam room: in the first sessions, you can take a steam bath no more than 3 times for 5 minutes;
  • Traditional Russian fun in the form of rubbing off with snow and jumping into a pool or an ice hole in between warming up should be left for the period when the disease is over. With prostatitis, you should not be exposed to a sharp temperature drop; after a steam room, you should take a warm or slightly cool shower. A small contrast will have a positive effect by speeding up blood circulation and relieving tension;
  • In the process of thermal procedures, herbal teas with currant leaves, rose hips and rowan fruits should be consumed. They relieve inflammation and help the body to easily endure hyperthermia. In addition, you should consume honey, radish juice or horseradish. It takes only 2-4 tbsp. spoons of such products in one session in order to soon feel better and get closer to the desired recovery;
  • In case of prostate disease, it is useful to take a steam bath with herbal brooms. In specialized bath shops you can buy small brooms with sage, mint, lavender. Of the classic brooms, preference should be given to aspen. These plants have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Speaking about whether it is possible to go to the bathhouse for prostatitis, it is worth remembering that everything needs a measure. Warming up cannot be a worthy substitute for traditional methods of treatment, but if all the rules for visiting a bath are observed, they will help the patient to quickly cope with the symptoms of prostatitis.

In addition, during such sessions, a man can relax and relieve nervous tension, which is also important, since psychological problems and complexes are inherent in most patients with inflammation of the prostate.

Limitations and precautions

Bath procedures for prostate disease are not contraindicated in most cases, however, the patient should remember about the restrictions that doctors impose on such manipulations.

First of all, do not overdo it with a visit to the bathhouse.

Frequent exposure to high temperatures is harmful for the male body, therefore, having chosen such sessions as therapeutic ones, you need to strictly follow the scheme and not expose the reproductive system to additional stress.

You can go to the bathhouse and, moreover, to the steam room only without exacerbation of inflammation of the prostate. In this case, you should pay attention to your well-being, and if discomfort appears, interrupt the session. Otherwise, the disease will develop faster, adding new painful symptoms.

Before warming your body in the steam room and during its visit, it is forbidden to consume any alcoholic beverages and smoke. For men with prostate disease, it is generally highly desirable to get rid of bad habits, since they slow down the healing process and contribute to a more severe course of the disease.

There are many examples when traditional methods of treating inflammatory diseases gave better results than medicines. Nevertheless, there are many more cases when the inept use of unconventional measures led to a worsening of the patient's condition.

This suggests that before deciding for himself whether it is possible to take a steam bath for prostatitis, the patient should consult a doctor and take into account all his recommendations. Then the procedures will only bring pleasure and benefit.

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