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How to get rid of lice: choosing a shampoo against head lice
How to get rid of lice: choosing a shampoo against head lice

Lice or head lice are often considered a childhood illness. This disease is mainly found in children. The unpleasant symptoms of this phenomenon significantly affect everyday life, so you need to find a way to quickly get rid of the disease and discomfort that has arisen.

Today, pharmacies offer many products for head lice, but not all of them are safe and effective, especially for children. Most often, lice products are available in the form of shampoos. Special preparations for children are less toxic and allow you to get rid of this problem without harming the child's health.

Lice and their features

It is generally accepted that lice can be infected by being in the same room with the patient. However, such chances are minimal. Infection with parasites requires direct contact. Lice do not fly, so in order to get on another person's hair, they must either crawl or jump, but a short distance.

Most often, girls get head lice because of their long hair. But the possibility of infection in boys is not excluded.

Lice are parasites that have some developmental characteristics:

  • They do not live long, on the hair they can last about 21 days, and outside the hairy soil no more than a day;
  • They do not tolerate any diseases, but they can cause purulent irritations on the skin;
  • They multiply very quickly, clinging to their eggs in the form of nits on the hairs;
  • Nits turn into lice after 7 days;
  • They do not live on a smooth surface, but only in areas of thick hair;
  • Lice do not live on pets, animals can carry fleas, but these parasites are not dangerous to humans.

Basic rules for dealing with head lice

Lice cause severe itching, redness and scratching. Therefore, you need to get rid of them quickly. For this, it is necessary to use special medicinal products.

Treatment of head lice is a long process, there are times when it is required to apply medicinal shampoos several times for greater effectiveness. Some remedies work only on lice, but do not get rid of nits in any way. In this case, it is worth using two drugs.

To get rid of nits, you also need a thick comb, which can then be used to comb your hair.

The use of an electric comb is considered effective, but if used improperly, there may be a danger, therefore, it is better not to use this option to treat children.

Shampoos are considered the most effective remedy. They are designed for home use. They must be applied to clean, damp hair, lather and leave for the time specified in the instructions.

After using medicinal products against head lice, it is still worth combing out the nits from the hair for several days until they are completely eliminated.

You can find many special medicines in the pharmacy, some of them are for children.


Veda is considered one of the most popular remedies for head lice. This is one of the first special local medicines, but today a new and improved version, Veda-2, has appeared in pharmacies.

The active ingredient, the insecticide permethrin, is an analogue of natural pyrethrin. In addition to the main component, it contains an emollient for skin care.

This option is effective against head lice. They die within 30-40 minutes after its application. The main disadvantage is that it does not affect the nits in any way.

Veda is easy to use: apply a small amount of shampoo to damp hair and lather. Leave on for 30 minutes. To be more effective, it can be kept for up to 50 minutes, but this may cause an allergic skin reaction.

Since Veda has no effect on nits, the procedure should be repeated again after 7-10 days. During this time, lice will appear from the surviving nits, and repeated use will help get rid of them.


This is a head lice medicine in the form of a cream. A very effective cream, contains permethrin and additional substances that are responsible for protecting the scalp from toxins. Nyx has a pleasant smell and, in very rare cases, causes allergies.

The method of application of this cream does not differ from most of its counterparts, except that it does not foam. According to the instructions, it costs 15 minutes to soak the cream on the hair, but, as practice shows, it is better to soak it for 30 minutes to obtain the desired effect.

Doctors do not recommend using this cream during pregnancy or lactation.

It can cause a number of side effects:

  • Redness and swelling of the skin;
  • Severe itching;
  • Small eruptions on the head and neck.

With the help of "Nyx" you can remove lice from children and adults at a time. This is the best option for getting rid of lice and nits quickly and efficiently at an affordable price.

Tar shampoo

This option is more aimed at treating scalp diseases. It relieves the symptoms of head lice: swelling, redness, scratching.

In the fight against parasites, it is used as an additional agent. Thanks to the phenol contained in its composition, a small number of parasites die, but this does not guarantee getting rid of all individuals, and even more so from nits.

Tar shampoo cannot be called effective against head lice; it can be used in combination with other medicinal products. It gently cares for the scalp, softens and soothes it, relieves the main symptoms.


This is a double-acting remedy. Its active substance - permethrin, destroys adult parasites, and the acetic acid, which is in the composition, acts on nits and helps them peel off the hair.

Shampoo should be used for 30 minutes. After the procedure, it is necessary to comb out the nits with a special comb.

It is not recommended to use Khigiya for sensitive skin for more than 20 minutes, it can be dangerous. Acetic acid can cause itching, redness, burning, and sometimes burns. Therefore, when unpleasant sensations appear, the shampoo should be washed off and washed with the usual means.

Khigiya is one of the inexpensive options that effectively gets rid of parasites in one go.


The biggest advantage of this pharmaceutical product is its safety for human health. Can be used for both children and adults.

The active ingredient of the shampoo, the white mineral oil, Clearol, envelops the lice with a film and thus strangles them.

The application is no different from others. It is recommended to keep it on the scalp for 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the skin type.

Since the active ingredient is of natural origin, the shampoo is gentle on the skin and has practically no side effects.

"Paranit" acts on lice and nits, therefore, it allows you to get rid of the problem in one go.

A comb is included with the purchase of this product. It has fine teeth for combing out nits.


An inexpensive but effective option. Its active substance, permethrin, has a toxic effect on parasites; lice die 40 minutes after application.

For use, you need to prepare the shampoo yourself at home. The bottle contains a concentrate, it must be diluted with warm water and shaken.

It should be applied carefully to the hair so that the chemicals in the composition do not get into the eyes, this can cause severe burning. This is one of the disadvantages of the tool. In addition, if you use the drug several times, you may experience an allergic reaction on the skin. In especially difficult cases, an inflammatory process can develop on the skin.

This drug can be used by children from 6 years old, but very carefully.


It is considered one of the most popular remedies for lice and nits. Its active substance malathion penetrates the larva and kills the parasites from the inside. The effectiveness of this drug is over 90%.

The advantages of the shampoo, in addition to its effectiveness, include affordability and ease of use. However, there are a number of side effects, including itchy skin and redness. However, "Pedilin" can also cause nervous disorders. Therefore, it should not be used several times in a row by children or women during pregnancy.

Lice and nits prevention

It is important to know that head lice is a serious illness and is easier to prevent than cure.

Therefore, it is worth following a few rules to get around this problem:

  • Avoid close contact with people with head lice;
  • Avoid prolonged stay in unsanitary conditions;
  • Use only your own clothing, hats, combs, hairpins, elastic bands, hoops;
  • Observe the rules of personal hygiene;
  • Change bed linen regularly, wash clothes at a temperature of at least 95%;
  • Examining the head for parasites and watching for symptoms
  • The use of special means to scare off parasites;
  • Use anti-lice shampoos for prevention.

For prevention, the same means are used as for active treatment.

But the application method is different:

  • After the death of the parasites in ten days, it is worth doing a prophylactic washing of the head, then you can do such procedures monthly;
  • Shampoos with mild action are suitable for prophylaxis - "Nix", "Veda", "Veda-2", "Biosim", "NOK", these drugs are less toxic, so they can be used more often;
  • Withstanding the shampoo does not cost more than 15 minutes, this is enough for prevention, in addition, you need to take less shampoos than during treatment;
  • When using a new drug, it is worth conducting a sensitivity test; with increased irritation, you can use drugs of natural origin, which reduce the possibility of an allergic reaction.

Treatment of head lice is a long process, but thanks to the level of modern pharmacology, this problem can be eliminated in one go. You just need to choose and use the product correctly.

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