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Diet for chronic prostatitis: do not let the disease worsen
Diet for chronic prostatitis: do not let the disease worsen

Prostatitis is a common prostate disorder in men. Today, according to statistics, half of the male adult population suffers from it, although this was not observed literally half a century ago.

Scientists argue that the reason for this is bad ecology, stress, and, of course, the so-called sexual revolution. To maintain men's health, you need a diet for chronic prostatitis and an active lifestyle.

If prostatitis is left untreated, sooner or later it will result in infertility, sexual incompetence, chronic inflammation of the kidneys and cystitis. But first, a man will suffer from a chronic form of this disease for a long time. The problem can remind of itself at any time or remain in an asymptomatic passive state for a long time. Do not self-medicate - even if you are sure of the diagnosis, it is better to seek help from a urologist.

Symptoms and causes of prostatitis

Prostatitis is characterized by the following symptoms during exacerbation:

  • periodic pain in the lower abdomen and perineum;
  • burning sensation during urination or intercourse;
  • violation of sexual function;
  • ejaculation disorders;
  • poor sperm quality.

If you notice similar symptoms in yourself, make an appointment with a urologist before the disease progresses to the chronic stage.

What are the causes of this disease? Doctors divide the inflammatory process in the prostate into infectious and abacterial. In the first case, the cause of inflammation is sexually transmitted bacteria, as well as Escherichia coli or fungus.

As for the abacterial type, there may be several reasons:

  • vitamin deficiency and lack of necessary trace elements;
  • irregular sex life;
  • hypothermia;
  • stress and nervousness;
  • lack of exercise;
  • passive lifestyle;
  • failure of the hormonal system.

Of course, this does not mean at all that office workers, who spend most of their time at the computer, will be ill, but they are advised to come to the hospital for an examination twice a year.

Treatment and prevention of chronic prostatitis

Exacerbation of prostatitis causes a lot of discomfort and trouble. For this reason, it is very important not to allow the activity of the disease, but by any means to keep the inflammation of the prostate in a passive state.

Treatment of any disease of a chronic type does not end with closing the sick leave and taking active medications. We also need prevention. Many men consider preventive measures unnecessary, but they are deeply mistaken. Awareness comes with a new attack of exacerbation.

Prevention includes maintaining a consistent sex life, exercise, timely treatment of other diseases, and diet.

Diet for chronic prostate disease in men: not allowed

Before making a grocery list before going to the store or thinking about a menu, carefully read the following rules:

  • Say no to alcohol. Alcohol does nothing good for the body. Of course, we are not talking about the minimum dosage of wine or cognac "for health". Any booze has a negative effect on well-being and primarily affects chronic diseases. Prostatitis is no exception;
  • Coffee for breakfast? Caffeine is another substance to avoid for prostatitis. Here, as in the situation with alcoholic beverages, you need to be careful. Replace regular coffee with decaffeinated coffee and continue to enjoy the aroma and taste of your favorite drink;
  • Tea at noon. This also applies to strong black tea. But the green version of this drink is a great choice without restrictions. Its advantage is that it fights inflammation. Many medicinal herbs have the same effect. The most harmless option is chamomile, which diversifies the drink menu and heals;
  • If we talk about liquid in general, the more pure water a man drinks, the better. Once inside, it flushes out harmful compounds that cause inflammation. In addition to pure water, the use of compotes, natural juices, fruit drinks is allowed. The list of healthy drinks does not include soda and other drinks with artificial ingredients;
  • Harmful cholesterol. Fatty foods are a health disadvantage. Such food affects not only the blood vessels, but also the entire body, including the prostate. The fact is that during the digestion of fatty foods in the body, substances are produced that negatively affect the genitourinary tract. The result is a new attack of the disease;
  • Do without fried. Fried food should also disappear from the menu if possible, but again, this does not mean a complete rejection of such dishes. Give preference to boiled, stewed or baked foods;
  • Salt and spices. The less spices and salt, the better. Salty and peppery food can exacerbate chronic prostatitis. Do not get carried away with chips, crackers, all kinds of snacks, give up ketchup, mayonnaise and ready-made sauces.

Diet for chronic prostatitis in men: it is possible and necessary

What should you look for when buying groceries? Choose "light" natural ingredients for future meals.

If meat, then diet varieties: chicken, rabbit, veal. If milk, then in an acidified state in the form of fat-free kefir, sourdough, sour cream.

As for vegetables and fruits, there should be a lot of them. Particular attention should be paid to garlic and onions. They don't have to be eaten raw, cook them so they lose their specificity but retain their usefulness.

Doctors for chronic prostatitis recommend a diet of foods high in zinc.

The largest amount of this trace element was found in such foods:

  • chicken and beef liver;
  • Turkey;
  • mutton;
  • beef;
  • Pine nuts;
  • legumes, including peanuts;
  • buckwheat;
  • oatmeal;
  • processed cheese.

Design your menu so that every day you eat two or three items from the list. Such a diet will help maintain men's health for a long time.

Diet for three days for chronic prostatitis in men

Here's a simple example of a three-day diet for prostatitis:

Meals: day one

  • Breakfast. Oatmeal with dried fruit, cream cheese toast and green tea.
  • Dinner. The first on chicken broth, on the second - buckwheat porridge with beef liver, fresh vegetable salad, freshly squeezed fruit juice according to the season.
  • Dinner. Stew of potatoes, beans, onions and other vegetables of your choice, as well as a baked turkey slice. Compote.

Meals: day two

  • Breakfast. Cottage cheese casserole with fruit, green tea, a slice of hard cheese.
  • Dinner. Fish soup for the first place, barley groats with chicken meatballs, vegetable salad, compote.
  • Dinner. Casserole with vegetables and veal and salad with spinach and green peas, seasoned with olive oil. A glass of juice.

Meals: day three

  • Breakfast. Omelet with vegetables, green tea with oatmeal cookies.
  • Dinner. Tomato bean soup, mashed potatoes with a baked fish slice, fresh vegetable salad with a lot of parsley. Juice.
  • Dinner. Vermicelli with baked chicken chop, vegetable sauté. Cocoa with milk.

Of course, this diet should be supplemented to your liking. Before going to bed, you can drink kefir or eat a fruit salad seasoned with sour cream, eat cottage cheese or a boiled piece of meat at an afternoon snack. Be sure to have snacks. It is better to divide the daily ration into several meals than to gorge yourself "from the belly" once for the whole day. This is the best diet for prostatitis.

Remember to drink clean water, exercise, and walk in the fresh air. Such a lifestyle will contribute to a good mood, lightness in the body and male health.

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