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Will they have to pay back their debt to the Motherland or are they taking them into the army with varicocele?
Will they have to pay back their debt to the Motherland or are they taking them into the army with varicocele?

There are a number of diseases for which it is impossible to serve in the army. The decision of the commission on such issues is taken in accordance with the regulatory documents, which clearly indicate such cases. Reaching military age, many young men are interested in whether they are being taken into the army with varicocele.

Due to the peculiarities of the adolescent and youthful organism, children of this age often encounter this phenomenon, which gives rise to this question.

Ailment of the veins

Varicocele is a disease in which the blood vessels in the groin area dilate. The disease is also known as varicose veins of the inguinal veins, or as the people call it, briefly and clearly - varicose veins.

The cause of varicocele may be increased pressure in the organs of the genitourinary system. Sometimes diabetes is a provocateur of varicose veins of the genital organs. As for adolescents, young men, this problem develops in them due to a combination of factors such as rapid growth, sexual development and hormonal changes in the body.

Varicocele goes through the following degrees:

  • Zero. With her, the disease is just beginning to develop, so the symptoms are so weak that without special equipment even a doctor will not be able to determine the early stage of varicose veins;
  • First. At this stage of development of varicocele, the first signs of it are already beginning to appear, but they are found mainly only when examined by a doctor. The dilated sections of the veins can be felt during manual examination, provided there is a strong tension in the abdomen in its lower section;
  • Second. It is characterized by significant varicose veins, which can be felt during manual examination. At the same time, efforts to tension the abdomen from the patient are no longer required;
  • Third. This stage of varicocele is the last and most serious. The nodes formed by the affected areas of the venous network are already visible on the scrotum with the naked eye. Elimination of the disease at this stage is possible only with surgery.

Varicocele is a dangerous disease with its complications. It has a direct effect on blood flow in the genitals, therefore, over time, it begins to be characterized by its violation.

The consequence of this may be the following problems:

  • Testicular torsion is a phenomenon in which the patient can lose it without urgent medical attention;
  • Potency problems;
  • Infertility. Due to the increase in temperature in the scrotum, which is caused by varicose veins, the sperm become flaccid, their number decreases, and the quality deteriorates.

Military service and the degree of varicose veins

If a guy has this disease, firstly, it is not enough just to come to the commission's appointment and say about it (supporting documents are needed), and secondly, it is necessary to determine to what extent a particular young man has a disease. This is due to the fact that not any degree is an indication for denial of military service.

Zero and first degree

At these stages of the disease, the young man will definitely be accepted into the ranks of the army. Varicocele at these stages does not cause significant harm to health, practically does not have a significant negative effect on blood flow.

In young guys at this stage, the disease often recedes on its own, when the processes associated with growth, sexual development, hormonal changes subside. But varicocele can “behave” in another way - to continue to develop, and rapidly. However, this is not an indication for refusal to serve in the army.

Second degree

This stage of the disease is also not an indication not to join the army. But due to the fact that the signs of the disease are already manifesting themselves quite clearly, and the pathological process itself affects the state of the guy's health, and is capable of rapidly deteriorating, the recruit is invited to undergo an operation to eliminate varicose veins of the genital organs. If he agrees to it, the young person is given a deferral, the period of which is determined on an individual basis.

Third degree

If it is confirmed by an examination, the guy is not taken into the army, and such a diagnosis is a legal basis for obtaining a "white" ticket.

You need to know some of the nuances regarding what is needed for varicocele of different stages, not only from the point of view of medicine, but also from a legal point of view.

Getting a grace period

It is given if the conscript plans to undergo surgery. Do I need to do this or is it worth waiting - suddenly the disease will quickly move from degree 2 to 3, and then he need not be afraid of the army?

You can, of course, do so, if health, potency are not dear to you, you do not plan to have children, and never. The legislation provides for the possibility of writing a refusal from the operation, to which medical documents are attached, which describe the patient's diagnosis. Otherwise, it is worth doing the operation, because the 2nd degree of varicose veins of the genital organs is quite serious.

To take a reprieve for a while, while the operation and rehabilitation after it will be carried out (and this is about six months, but the timing may vary depending on the course of the disease), you need to visit a doctor.

He prescribes tests for the patient that will make it possible to establish an accurate diagnosis and study the state of his health.

Such studies are usually assigned:

  • Manipulation to determine if there are nodules on the venous walls;
  • Examination to help establish the degree of patency of the groin vessels;
  • A study that detects tissue trophism disorders.

If nodes are found, the doctor makes a diagnosis and prescribes an operation, which the conscript can refuse.

In any case, with the conclusion of the doctor, a copy of the diagnosis, he needs to visit the military commission, and in the military first-aid post to voice his decision about whether he is going to the operation. He must support it with an appropriate written statement, which is written here - in the military medical center.

If a conscript decides to have an operation to remove a varicocele, a doctor should give him a deferment from the army. It is a written document, and the grace period is determined by the doctor after the operation and assessment of the patient's condition.

At the same time, there is a possibility that, according to the medical opinion, the young man will not be taken into the army. The reason not to take him into the ranks of employees may be grade 2 genital varicose veins with an increased threat of his rapid transition to 3.

The third degree of the disease

With her, service in the army is impossible. The procedure for issuing a "white" ticket is quite simple.

The conscript must consult a doctor, undergo an examination, in particular, an ultrasound scan, having received documents confirming the 3rd degree of varicocele in his hands. With them you need to come to the military registration and enlistment office, where the military doctor issues a referral to a medical institution, where the diagnosis must be confirmed.

In the directory "Schedule of diseases" varicocele grade 3 is indicated by the category "B". This means that the state of health of a man is of limited fitness, which indicates the presence of a disease that moderately or insignificantly affects his ability to function.

This diagnosis is a reason for the military registration and enlistment office not to take its owner into the army, but only under the condition of peacetime. If a situation of general mobilization arises, such a patient will be called.

Regardless of whether you are taken into the army or not, varicocele is a disease that must be treated immediately upon detection. You should not make such a serious ailment that can lead to problems in intimate life, infertility, atrophy of the gonads, a tool in order not to go to serve.

If the disease progresses, quickly passes to the next degree, sooner or later it is likely to end with an operation anyway, but if you are treated in a timely manner, you can protect yourself from many of its serious consequences.

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