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How to get rid of pregnant lice?
How to get rid of pregnant lice?

During pregnancy, women try to protect themselves from various stresses, eat right and take care of their health in every possible way. But sometimes trouble can sneak up from the most unexpected side. For example, if a pregnant woman has lice, what should I do?

To remove parasites, there are many means, but not all of them are suitable for pregnant women. In this anxious period, it is important to choose the most effective medicines, but at the same time safe for the woman and the fetus.

Where can a pregnant woman get parasites?

Many people believe that lice appear only in people living in unfavorable conditions and not observing basic rules of personal hygiene, but this is not the case.

Currently, you can "earn" head lice in any public place, for example, in a hospital. Often, children, as well as kindergarten and school workers, bring parasites into their homes. In general, the danger of getting infected is always and everywhere, unfortunately, pregnant women are not immune from parasites.

It should also be noted that due to the changing hormonal background, expectant mothers have weakened immunity. This leads to the fact that it is difficult for them to fight ailments and even minor contact with a person suffering from head lice can provoke infection.

If a pregnant woman finds lice in her, then she should start treatment, choosing safe methods and medicines for this.

Pediculosis and pregnancy, which medications are safe?

When the mother-to-be is faced with the fact that parasites have appeared on her head, she panics. The lady has a lot of questions, she does not know what to do and how to choose the right remedy for parasites that is safe for the fetus.

Choosing a medicine is not an easy task. The instructions for most of the funds indicate that their use during the period of bearing a child is prohibited. How can pharmaceutical drugs harm, and is it worth being afraid of them?

Of course, you should not ignore the warnings of the manufacturers:

  • The most popular and effective lice remedies include permethrin. This substance perfectly fights parasites, paralyzing their nervous system, leading to death. But pregnant women cannot use such drugs;
  • Permethrin easily penetrates into the individual's body, and everything would be fine, but with blood, the composition can penetrate into the placenta, and this will already lead to irreversible consequences. The development of the fetus will be at risk. It is unlikely that any woman wants to risk her little "miracle";
  • Therefore, during pregnancy, no remedy containing permethrin can be used.

The best option: before starting treatment for head lice, consult a dermatologist. Only a doctor can recommend an effective and safe therapy that will help remove parasites.

If we return to the conversation about pharmaceutical preparations, then the safest for expectant mothers are Nix cream and Pedilin shampoo. The optimal effect is achieved if the therapy is carried out in a complex. The first step is to treat the head with a cream and only then rinse the strands with shampoo.

On the shelves of pharmacies you can find a herbal remedy that is allowed to be used by pregnant and lactating women - "Delacent".

It is worth noting one important point - lice can be not only hair, but also bed. It is also very important to get rid of the latter in a timely manner, since they can cause a lot of trouble for future mothers. To fight parasites, you should choose safe, non-toxic drugs.

Lice in a pregnant woman, what to do?

Folk methods

Many women during pregnancy do not want to use drugs to get rid of lice, believing that even the safest are harmful. For such ladies, the way out of the situation can be folk methods of combating parasites.

You can treat head lice in the following ways:

  • By combing out. These mechanical actions are considered the basis of parasite control. True, without additional drugs, it is unlikely that it will be possible to defeat lice;
  • Use tea tree oil. The smell of this essential agent repels parasites. For efficiency, it is recommended to add a little oil to the usual shampoo, and then spread the oil on a clean head;
  • Use homemade rinses. To get rid of lice, you should rinse your hair after washing with a decoction of herbs. Decoctions of mint, honeysuckle, wild rosemary are great help. These fluids have a mild insecticidal effect;
  • Prepare an ivy bud - a very effective remedy for removing lice. Buy sounded weed at the pharmacy, take 2 tbsp of the total. l. and cover with 9% vinegar. He has to hide the weed. Let the composition brew for 2 days. Rub the resulting solution into the head 2 times a day. After the procedure, warm your head by putting a plastic bag on it and wrapping it in a towel. With such a design, you should walk for 2 hours. After you free your head, rinse your hair and slowly comb through it, strand by strand. The described manipulations should be carried out daily for 7 days;
  • Use cranberries. For those who are afraid to use vinegar, cranberry juice therapy can be recommended. It is rubbed into the head every day, then it needs to be insulated and walked like that for a couple of hours. Then rinse the hair, comb through. The duration of treatment is 10 days, during which time it will be possible to remove all parasites.

If, after using folk recipes, you notice changes for the worse, then you should stop self-medication and consult a doctor.

Useful Tips

Getting rid of parasites should be taken seriously. If a pregnant woman has lice, then in order to prevent the treatment, all family members should be exposed. Particular attention should be paid to children and bedridden patients, if any.

You need to disinfect not only the head, but also personal belongings: bedding, hats, etc. Clothes should be washed in hot water, dried thoroughly and ironed. If the lice are deprived of food, they die within 48 hours. For this, it would be nice to process the entire surface of the dwelling: floor, walls, etc.

If a pregnant child has head lice, then he should be treated, observing all safety measures. The best option is if the war with the parasites on the child's head will be carried out by one of the relatives. The expectant mother does not need to inhale harmful vapors of lice preparations once again.

Lice are not at all a sign of a dysfunctional life or poor hygiene. No one is immune from parasites, because we live in a society, we are in contact with different people.

Therefore, if the expectant mother noticed lice in her, then you should not panic, you should treat your head as soon as possible, as well as the apartment, so that the rest of the family does not get infected. With the right approach and security measures, the problem can be quickly resolved. Good luck!

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