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How can you get trichomoniasis?
How can you get trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis is considered a fairly common infection that affects the genitourinary system of people. The causative agents of the disease are Trichomonas. These protozoa are transmitted in several ways. Knowing the ways of infection with trichomoniasis, a person can protect himself from it.

Trichomoniasis - how is it spread to men?

How can a representative of the stronger sex "catch" an infection? Most often, men become infected during unprotected sex with a sick partner.

The fact is that Trichomonas live in the vaginal secretions of women and in the semen of guys. Therefore, sexual intercourse is considered the main method of transmission.

In guys, the disease at the initial stage is asymptomatic, without causing pain or any unpleasant feelings. Therefore, many men, being carriers of the infection, at first may not even suspect about it. It is because of the absence of symptoms, as well as timely treatment, that a man can "reward" his regular sexual partner and casual women with whom he had unprotected sex with trichomoniasis.

As you already understood, with unprotected intercourse, a man has a high risk of "catching" any infection. To protect themselves, guys are advised not to change partners too often, and also to use condoms, which will save not only from trichomoniasis, but also from more serious problems.

How is trichomoniasis transmitted to women?

How can a lady get an infection? In principle, as with men, unprotected sex is the first danger for women. Therefore, beauties who lead a promiscuous sex life with frequent changes of partners need to take care of their safety.

It is worth noting that not only vaginal sex, but oral and anal sex can lead to infection. Medicine knows cases when a person "caught" an infection after contact of fingers with a diseased organ. But don't panic. Doctors say that it is possible to contract trichomoniasis through oral and anal sex, but not as likely as with traditional intercourse.

In both men and women, unprotected intercourse can result in an unpleasant infection. It should be said that guys are less likely to become infected with Trichomonas (even when having sex without condoms with a sick partner) than ladies. This is due to the anatomical structure of the genitals.

Is trichomoniasis transmitted in the household?

As we have already found out, the disease in men and women is sexually transmitted. But this is far from the only way of infection. You can also get infected by contact with blood, semen or vaginal discharge from a sick person. Of course, the voiced routes of infection are possible, but in practice this is rarely the case. Medical staff working with patients always wear rubber gloves, and doctors know how to minimize the risk of illness. But that is not all.

Trichomonas can also be "picked up" by indirect contact with the patient. This way of getting sick is called everyday. True, you can protect yourself even in such a seemingly difficult situation, you just need to remember about personal hygiene.

For example, if a sick and healthy person uses the same towel, swimsuit and other things (especially wet), then the risk of getting sick in a citizen who does not yet have trichomoniasis is great. Therefore, do not use other people's underwear and things, this will help protect yourself from illness. And remember that it is possible to become infected in this way, but it is quite difficult.

Health-conscious people should be aware that Trichomonas can live peacefully for several hours in a humid environment. Therefore, remember that it is quite possible to become infected in a public toilet, as well as through contact with the patient's dishes. The causative agents of the disease love high temperatures and the absence of bright light, so you can get infected with trichomoniasis in the bath.

How is trichomoniasis transmitted to children?

For a long time it was believed that this infection is a disease of adults. How can a child get sick if he does not have intimacy? Unfortunately, in recent years, trichomoniasis has also been recorded in babies.

The methods of infecting children are as follows:

  • Intrauterine. If during the period of gestation a woman "caught" trichomoniasis, then the risk of infecting the fetus is very high. Due to the fact that the disease can pass without pronounced symptoms, the initial stage of the disease can be missed. This is very dangerous for the child;
  • During childbirth. If during pregnancy the woman's infection was not treated, then passing the birth canal, the child will become 100% infected, because in the process of birth, he willy-nilly contacts vaginal secretions, where the infection lurks. This method of infection is considered the most dangerous;
  • In a household way. Children can become infected by using dirty towels or linens. Unfortunately, the danger of infection is not only among crumbs from disadvantaged families. You can get sick, for example, when visiting a kindergarten. In kindergartens, hygiene is not particularly monitored, several children can use one towel for a long time;
  • In public places. For example, there is a high risk of getting sick in a swimming pool. Not all organizations are responsible for their duties, not every pool requires a certificate from visitors to undergo a medical examination.

The above are ways of infecting children with trichomoniasis. And in order to protect babies from this infection, teach them from early childhood to the rules of personal hygiene, to use only your own clothes, a clean towel that other people do not touch, etc.

With the right approach and timely detection of the infection, it can be effectively defeated. But remember, the human body does not produce antibodies to fight trichomoniasis. Therefore, if you once got rid of the virus, then this does not mean at all that it will not return, there is always a risk of getting sick again, you should take care of yourself.

A person who has not undergone treatment or who has not completed trichomoniasis automatically becomes a carrier of it. Not only is he potentially dangerous to other people, as he can infect them, but also his health will not be very good. A carrier of the virus may experience a decrease in immunity, a violation of metabolic processes, etc.

Therefore, people who suspect that they have contracted any infection should immediately consult a doctor for examination and testing. Timely treatment will save you from many problems. Good luck and take care of yourself!

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