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Treatment of chronic prostatitis with folk remedies
Treatment of chronic prostatitis with folk remedies

In a large number of men, doctors diagnose inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis). The organ is important because it plays a big role in sexual activity. That is why everyone should know popular folk methods and simple recipes for preparing medicines.

Chronic prostatitis, treatment with folk remedies at home:

  • honey tea;
  • pumpkin seeds:
  • hazel and aspen bark;
  • sagebrush;
  • parsley;
  • chestnuts;
  • celandine and hemlock;
  • propolis.

Treatment of prostatitis with honey tea

After the treatment of chronic prostatitis with antibiotics and herbal infusions at home, which ended in an unstable result, the honey technique is perfect.

Honey, as a medicinal tonic, has been known for a long time. But be careful, before starting honey treatment, it is worth examining the individual characteristics of the body. Honey should be natural (lime or flower), you need a lot of it, about 10 kg. The norm per day is 100-200 g, to be used instead of sugar.

Honey with celandine

It is good to use after complex treatment (warming up, exercise therapy, antibiotics, suppositories). After the acute inflammation has been removed, a decoction of dried celandine is prepared. For 100 g of grass, 700 ml of boiling water is taken - boiling for no more than 25 minutes. After cooling, drain. A pound of honey is dissolved in the prepared broth.

The prepared product is stored in a glass bottle in a cool place. Take in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening for 1 tbsp. l. on empty stomach. Alcoholic drinks and any other medicines are completely excluded. The course is supplemented with a glass of oat broth three times a day. This treatment should last for approximately 2 months. It is imperative to take breaks - 2 days after 5 days of admission. During such therapy, the physical load of the groin area should be excluded, and the time spent in the gym should also be reduced. Allowed: running, swimming, walking.

Some relief can be seen after 7 days, and significant relief will come after the entire course of treatment. The technique is effective even in cases of advanced prostatitis, when the only way out is prostatectomy (surgical removal of the gland).

Contraindications are diabetes mellitus and an allergic reaction to bee products.

Pumpkin seed treatment

For a long time, healers have known about the beneficial properties of pumpkin seeds in the treatment of prostatitis. It is an affordable "cure" for native (natural) medicine. The seeds of this melon crop contain a sufficient amount of zinc, which is so necessary for the health of men. The simplest therapy is 30 seeds per day, which could be easier.

Pumpkin seed and honey balls

Grind five hundred grams of peeled seeds in a meat grinder. For cooking, you need to use raw pumpkin seeds to achieve a healing effect. Mix 200 g of honey into the prepared mass and mold balls with a diameter of a hazelnut (a little more). Store the resulting "medicine" in a cool place, but keep it at room temperature before taking it.

Consume on an empty stomach 1-2 times daily, half an hour before meals. It is not advisable to swallow the ball quickly, it is best to chew and dissolve for 2-3 minutes. The effectiveness of this technique is very high and therefore one course is enough per year.

Hazel and aspen treatment

The active ingredient is hazel. To achieve the effect, you can take leaves or bark. The use of the infusion of these ingredients (you can alternately) has a beneficial effect on the prostate gland, neutralizing the causative agents of prostatitis. But you need to take into account the moment that it is necessary to insist the bark 2 times longer, since it is tougher.

Hazel bark or leaves

Take 1 tbsp. l. ingredient (bark or leaves) and brew in a glass of boiling water. Insist for half an hour, tightly covered with a lid. The resulting solution is filtered and drunk 4 times a day.

The duration of therapy is 7 days. For cooking, take fresh ingredients, but previously used ones are also allowed.

Aspen bark

Aspen bark can be used in the treatment of prostatitis. For the preparation of the infusion, it is best suited to the one collected during the period of sap flow, when the buds have not blossomed. Most often, this time occurs at the end of April. The optimal bark cut is approximately 4 mm.

The collected ingredient should be dried in the oven or in a dark place. After drying, 100 g of bark is thoroughly crushed, and then poured into a 500 ml jar and pour 200 g of vodka, completely covering it with liquid. The jar needs to be corked, removed for 14 days in a dark place. After that, the solution must be filtered.

Consume 20 drops on an empty stomach in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening, pouring a quarter glass of water. The prepared volume of the tincture will last for 2 months.

Wormwood treatment

Wormwood is used for medicinal purposes in the treatment of any inflammatory processes occurring in the genital tract, including prostatitis. For full therapy, 100 g of dry plant is required.

Wipe with your hands, finely chopping, and sifting through a colander. The sifted wormwood will be taken in this form internally, and the larger particles are used for douching the urethra (urethra).

The bitterness of the herb, during the passage of the gastrointestinal tract (gastrointestinal tract), cleanses the body, neutralizing the causative agents of inflammation.

The course of therapy

For the first three days, you need to eat a pinch of dry plant (interval about 2 hours). Wormwood continues to be consumed at night. And in the next four days: 5-6 times, a break is made at night. In the evening, you need to do microclysters filled with infusion from the plant (1 tbsp. L. Is poured with boiling water, and after cooling to 400C, the solution is filtered). Half of the prepared liquid is used for injection into the anus (the urge to defecate is excluded), and the rest is doused into the urethra.

Parsley treatment

The plant combines a lot of properties useful for the body - it is especially effective in inflammation and normalization of sexual functions. Parsley is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals that can relieve painful symptoms of prostatitis: A, C, inulin, etc.

Treatment course

Take 1 tbsp of plant juice. l. before meals in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening. Seeds contain many useful substances. Preparation of infusion: 4 tsp. grind into fine powder and pour boiling water over. Leave the prepared solution for 15 minutes. Consume 4-6 times 1 tbsp. l.

Chestnut treatment

For medicinal purposes, the shell of the plant is used along with needles. The collection is carried out in early autumn. Tea, sometimes it can be replaced with microclysters, is an excellent medicine for combating adenoma and prostatitis.

Infusion of chestnuts

The preparation of tea or solution for enemas is identical: in 3 tbsp. l. 500-600 ml of boiling water is poured into the crushed peel. The solution is infused overnight. In the morning, the liquid is filtered and brought in a water bath to a volume of 200 ml. Store the resulting infusion in the refrigerator. Consume 30 drops three times a day on an empty stomach. At the end of the tincture, take a break for 2 months, the full course - 3 series.

Treatment with celandine and hemlock

You need to be careful: hemlock is a poisonous plant, but very effective in treating prostatitis! Take half st. l. each of the herbs and pour in 100 ml of alcohol. Leave for 10 days under dark conditions. The resulting solution should be filtered. Consume 30 minutes before breakfast.

Add a drop of tincture to a glass of milk or water, increase the dose daily and bring it up to 30. On the following days, it should be reduced by 1 drop.

Propolis treatment

Bee glue or propolis is an effective antispasmodic and antiphlogistic (anti-inflammatory) agent. The extract effectively relieves prostatitis symptoms.


Anyone can handle cooking at home: mix 10 g of the extract of this substance with 2 g of cocoa butter. A candle is made from the mixture, which is inserted into the anus at night.

Continue the course for 1 month, and then pause (month and a half) and repeat the therapy.


For those men who suffer from an extremely unpleasant ailment like prostatitis, familiarization with this information is extremely necessary. Using the recipes described above, you will restore the health of the prostate gland at home!

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