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Exercises for prostate adenoma - what is their essence?
Exercises for prostate adenoma - what is their essence?

Adenoma of the prostate has always been considered one of the most common diseases among men of middle and old age. The scientific name for this disease is benign prostatic hyperplasia.

It is a tumor that manifests itself as growths of glandular tissue in the region of the bladder neck. Adenomas of the prostate gland are spherical, pear-shaped or cylindrical in shape and consist of one or more nodes; differ in their low weight (5-10 g) or are very large (from 200 g).

In addition to the prostate gland, muscle and connective tissues are also involved in tumor formation. Because of this, formations can have not only adenomatous, but also fibrous or myomatous character.

Then the question arises about the need for surgery.

Adenoma of the prostate gland develops slowly. Even when the size of the prostate is already enlarged, not all men clearly show external signs, and the symptoms are often periodic. That is why it is so important to notice the problem in time, and not to forget about preventive gymnastics, which is exactly what special exercises are for prostate adenoma.

Gymnastics and its effects on the prostate gland

For prostate adenoma, exercise therapy is recommended. There are a number of specialist therapeutic rehabilitation exercises designed to prevent and treat the prostate.

Medicine does not accept such health-improving gymnastics as a separate component of treatment, but considers it only in conjunction with physiotherapy and drug therapy. The physician prescribes the stress regimen for the treatment of the patient, and he also selects the exercises.

The offered complex physical exercises contribute to the contraction of the muscles in the pelvic region and the drop in intra-abdominal pressure, due to which the natural massage of the prostate and the improvement of blood circulation in it occurs. When gymnastics is done correctly, then, after a week of performing the most simple and uncomplicated exercises, the patient notices improvements in his health. This happens because blood flow to the adenoma increases, which helps to reduce and relieve problems associated with the representative gland and the genitourinary system.

Performing some exercises, you can not only increase potency, but also prevent the appearance of cancer.

However, with existing problems, it is important not to overdo it! It is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations of a specialist. Otherwise, instead of the expected positive result, you can only aggravate the disease and cause unwanted complications.

What is included in the gymnastics complex?

Exercise is carried out along with proper nutrition and adherence to the daily regimen. Such remedial gymnastics is prescribed as a preventive and auxiliary restorative agent for adenoma.

First of all, the movements should be aimed at developing the flexibility of the spine. For this, flexion and extension, bends and turns with maximum amplitude are used. Also, the complex must include exercises aimed at developing the hip muscles and improving blood circulation in the abdominal cavity and small pelvis. They can be performed in a standing, sitting and lying position.

Here are just a few of them:

  1. Stand facing the wall at such a distance that your fingers are slightly resting on it. Within 1-3 minutes, shift from foot to foot, without lifting your feet from the floor, and breathe rhythmically. The whole body must take part in such a "dance";
  2. They sit on a chair facing the back. Then, holding the back of the chair with your hands, they begin to smoothly rotate the pelvis in a circle and breathe with the diaphragm. As you exhale, pull in your anus (anus) sharply. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times. During one rotation, inhale and exhale;
  3. Lie on your back with your hands under your head and bend your knees. At a fast pace, breathe in your stomach 10 times, and then move your pelvis in different directions 20 times, rubbing the tailbone. In this case, you should breathe evenly. Repeat these movements several times;
  4. Stand on the floor and spread your legs wide apart. Then sit down, lean forward and try to reach the floor with your palms, as far as possible from your feet. Do the exercise 3-4 times;
  5. Lie on your back, connect both legs together, then bend at the knees, leaving your feet on the floor. They begin to push the knees apart, overcoming the resistance of the hands (at this moment they are trying to keep the knees together). Spreading the knees, they return to their original position. Repeat 5-10 times;
  6. The original position of the body is the same. Lie on your back, connect your legs together and bend at the knees. Then the hips are raised and swayed from side to side. The exercise is done 10 times;
  7. Lie on your back, stretch your legs, and stretch your arms freely along the body. Without lifting the feet from the floor (they just slide on the floor), raise the hips and stay in this position for 4-5 seconds, then return to their original position. Repeat 10 times;
  8. Lying on your stomach, bend your back with or without arms. Repeat 10 times;
  9. Starting position - standing, legs together. Squeeze the buttocks, feeling the tension of the muscles of the perineum. Stay in this position until you feel comfortable, then relax and repeat. The movement is done 5-10 times;
  10. Sit on all fours. Place your palms on the floor and straighten your arms. Lean forward, then lean back and sit on your heels. Then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat 10 times;
  11. Lie on your stomach and alternately or at the same time raise your straight legs, as when swimming with a crawl or breaststroke style.

If such a complex is performed regularly, then there will be no need for an operation, at the initial stages of the disease.

A few things to do

Before performing physical exercises with prostate adenoma, you should definitely consult with your doctor, because there are several contraindications to such physical education.

These include:

  • various cardiovascular diseases;
  • high blood pressure;
  • pathological problems with the spine;
  • inflammatory processes at various stages (especially acute!);
  • infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.

If such conditions occur, then it is necessary to completely abandon or postpone the exercises for a while (until recovery). Otherwise, gymnastics will only hurt.

If pain occurs in the perineal region during the complex, it is necessary to immediately stop performing them and without fail tell the attending physician about it. If this is not mechanical damage, then it may indicate the beginning of serious pathological changes in the prostate gland.

It is necessary to perform any physical exercises after surgery related to the gland only after a comprehensive medical examination and consultation with a doctor. During exacerbations, it is necessary to be at rest, take painkillers and carry out relaxing procedures.

Summing up

For many men, the problems of adenoma become very urgent with age. They have a direct relationship between sexual and physical activity, the size of the gland (with adenoma) and urinary disorders. If a man leads a sedentary lifestyle, does not have sex, then this contributes to congestion in the pelvic area, which leads to adenoma disease.

Then the doctors, in order not to expose the prostate gland in further surgical intervention, for preventive purposes, recommend that they increase the total load on the entire body: walking more, riding a bicycle, actively playing sports or just physical therapy.

After a couple of weeks of intense exercise, the body will get used to engaging new muscle groups in the work, while blood circulation will improve and a clear positive result will affect not only the genitourinary system, but also improve the general condition of the whole body!

You should also eliminate bad habits such as overeating, alcohol abuse and smoking. Remember that any disease is easier to prevent than to cure, so pay timely attention to prevention!

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