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What injections will save a man from prostatitis
What injections will save a man from prostatitis

Prostatitis, or inflammation of the prostate gland, is treated in different ways. Among them, a special place is occupied by injections from prostatitis, which affect the diseased organ more intensely, stimulating the most important systems of the body.

Overview of drugs for injections for inflammation of the prostate


The drug belongs to the group of first generation cephalosporin antibiotics, produced in the form of a white powder in glass vials with a capacity of 250 milligrams to one gram. It is used for various inflammatory processes caused by infectious agents, including in the genitourinary tract - with prostatitis.

Semisynthetic antibiotics, to which Cefazolin belongs, are capable of destroying various types of microorganisms due to the destruction of the structural elements of cells.

Therefore, they are broad-spectrum agents, curing infection in any human organ, including prostatitis, while having a minimum of toxicity.

Antibiotic treatment is an excellent prophylactic measure that prevents the development of infections after surgery.

Cefazolin is used for both intramuscular and intravenous administration, the dosage of which is determined depending on the severity of the patient's condition, the danger of the course of the disease. A mild degree of the pathological process is cured by injections in a dosage from half a gram to one every twelve hours, with a severe degree - after six to eight, but not more than four grams per day.

The powder is diluted before each use with a solution of novocaine, sterile water.

The finished mixture must meet the following requirements:

  • transparency;
  • no sediment;
  • no floating particles;
  • yellowish tint.

It is not recommended to store the prepared solution in the refrigerator for more than two days.

For patients with impaired renal and liver function, the dose must be adjusted downward. The drug is administered with caution to patients suffering from allergic reactions to penicillin and its derivatives.

Due to the painfulness of intramuscular injection, the powder is mixed with 2% novocaine, which has an analgesic effect. For one gram of powder, take four milliliters of solution. And with the intravenous infusion of the drug into the body for five minutes, the powder is diluted with sterile water in a volume of at least ten milliliters. The course of treatment for prostatitis in men is two weeks.

The antibiotic is contraindicated in people who are allergic to cephalosporins. Large doses of the drug must be monitored from the side of the activity of kidney functions.

Cefazolin is used in the treatment of the acute stage of prostatitis in the case when the inflammation of the gland is caused by infections of a genital nature.


The drug is produced in the form of an extract of the prostate, to which small doses of glycine are added. The release of the drug, which is given injections to a man with prostatitis, is carried out in glass ampoules in the form of a white powder or a porous mass prepared by freeze drying, with a dosage of five milligrams.

The drug is capable of a powerful organotropic effect with a decrease in edema, leukocyte infiltration of the gland. By improving microcirculation in blood vessels, it solves the problem of blood stagnation, the development of thrombosis in the pelvic area. Thanks to the drug, secretion production returns to normal, the muscles of the bladder relax, which is very important for prostatitis.

The beneficial effect of the agent is carried out due to water-soluble peptides obtained from the prostate glands of cattle at the age of puberty. Glycine in the active substance helps to influence the nerve receptors that are located in the brain and spinal cord.

To perform intramuscular injections for prostatitis, lyophilisin is dissolved in one to two milliliters of sodium chloride solution (0.9%) or novocaine (0.5%). The mixture must be shaken well to get a homogeneous substance.

The full effect of therapy occurs after five to ten injections. You can repeat the treatment no earlier than a month later.

The drug has no contraindications, except for the intolerance of its components by some patients. It does not affect the ability to drive transport, engage in various activities that require concentration of attention, speed of reaction.

The tool is compatible with various antibacterial drugs, it serves to enhance their action. Prostatilen is effective in all forms of acute and chronic inflammation of the prostate gland.


The agent is obtained by processing components of the prostate gland of cattle.

Its use contributes to:

  • improving the functions of the secretion of the prostate;
  • normalization of recovery processes in the tissues of the walls of the bladder;
  • reduce the risk of blood clots.

The medicine is produced in the form of a powdery lyophilisate of white color and a transparent ready-made liquid in ampoules with a volume of one milliliter containing five milligrams of the substance. In a package with a lyophilisate, there is an ampoule with a solvent along with five cones of the substance, a special knife adapted for opening glass vessels.

The drug is prescribed for the treatment of prostatitis in the form of injections for one week, injecting one ampoule daily to a man. The next course of treatment can be completed only after a month.

It is contraindicated in patients with allergic manifestations, sensitivity to drug components.

The Prostakor remedy is prescribed not only for acute, chronic prostatitis, complications after surgery, but also for dysfunctions of the bladder, neoplasms in the prostate gland.


To restore the body's immunological response to pathogenic stimuli, blood cells, stimulate the protective properties of cells, a drug is used, the name of which sounds like Timalin. It helps to improve the processes of hematopoiesis, cell metabolism. An agent is produced in the form of a lyophilisate used to prepare a solution for intramuscular injections. Recommended for prostatitis in men.

The drug has a polypeptide nature, because it is obtained from an extract of the thymus gland, thymus, cattle. Before the administration of the drug, the patient needs to undergo a two-week preparation to enhance the release of T-cell precursors from the bone marrow using stimulants Leucogen, Pentoxil.

The contents of the vial are diluted before use in two milliliters of sodium chloride and administered at night from five to twenty milligrams for three to five days.

The tool has contraindications:

  • sensitivity to drug components;
  • bronchial asthma.

Timalin will help to cope with infections of the reproductive system, prevent their appearance and relapse.


The immunomodulating effect of the drug enhances its antiviral activity associated with blocking RNA, DNA of viruses, stopping the production of proteins by them. It is released in the form of a lyophilisate for the preparation of intramuscular and subcutaneous injections or a loose or porous hygroscopic white mass. Indicated for prostatitis in men.

In the form of the main active substance of the drug, interferon gamma acts, which in one bottle contains from one hundred thousand to two million international units. Mannitol is also added to the product.

Ingaron is injected under the skin or deep into the muscle after diluting the contents of the vial in two milliliters of sterile water. The dose for chronic prostatitis is prescribed in one hundred thousand IU once with an interval of a day. The general course of treatment is ten days.

Absolute contraindications include the patient's pathologies:

  • diabetes;
  • autoimmune diseases,
  • hypersensitivity to drug substances.

After the injection, local reactions may appear, manifested in the form of redness of the skin, weak pain in the muscle.

The course of treatment with injections for prostatitis in men should be supervised by a specialist who adjusts the dosage and duration of therapy.

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