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Many moles appeared on the body after childbirth - a norm or a subject for concern?
Many moles appeared on the body after childbirth - a norm or a subject for concern?

Pregnancy and childbirth is a very difficult and unusual period in the life of every woman. A total restructuring of the body of the expectant mother is taking place in order to create all the conditions for the birth of a new life. During this time period, such processes are observed that very often bother the fair sex.

One of the frequently asked questions is why the number of moles on the body increases during pregnancy and after childbirth? Let's take a closer look at this issue.

What are moles?

Experts call moles nevi. These are skin cells oversaturated with melanin pigment, as a result of which they acquired such a color. The color can vary from light brown to burgundy. Their shape is also different. There are flat, raised above the level of the skin, on the leg, pointed moles.

Interesting fact. In babies born without nevi, they will appear by six months, but at first they will be invisible, since their color is close to skin color, but over time, the cells will begin to accumulate melanin and become darker.

Causes of the appearance of nevi

There are both internal and external factors that contribute to the appearance of nevi on the body.


  • Hereditary predisposition. If your parents have a lot of moles on their bodies, then you cannot avoid this. An amazing fact - at birth, many children have nevi located in the same place as their parents. Everything is explained by our genetics. Even when all organs and systems were laid in utero, our DNA was encoded in this way;
  • Hormonal background. A very mysterious and sometimes not fully understood side of the human body. At the slightest failure, the body reacts violently to the situation. The hormone responsible for the appearance of nevi is produced in the pituitary gland. He works hard during puberty, during pregnancy. This is considered a completely normal physiological process, so do not panic about this;
  • Diseases. Do not forget that the appearance of nevi may be the result of any disease. One of the most dangerous viruses is the human papillomavirus. Its threat lies in the fact that such moles are capable of becoming malignant, that is, reborn into malignant ones. Also, the appearance of formations can provoke diseases of the brain, in particular the pituitary gland. But such cases are rare.


  • Ultraviolet radiation. Many people notice that after the beach season or visiting the solarium, the number of nevi on the body increases. This is due to the fact that the melanin pigment is synthesized under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, an excess of this substance appears in the body, which is manifested by new formations on the skin;
  • Stress. This fact is still controversial, and a lot of scientific research is being carried out. But still. Under stress, the central nervous system is involved in the pathological process, which can be associated with the release of hormones, including melanin. One of the most severe stress for the female body is childbirth. Therefore, many mothers notice an increase in the number of brown spots on their body;
  • Injury to the skin. Some experts believe that even a microtrauma of the skin can become the site of a new nevus. Insect bites are no exception in this case.

Should I delete?

If the formations do not bother you in any way and are not in places where they are constantly susceptible to injury, then you should not touch them.

Nevi that must be removed:

  • Moles are large and growing;
  • Bleeding formations, and any discharge should alert you;
  • With a heterogeneous color, interspersed with a more intense color;
  • With jagged edges.

All of the above signs are characteristic of the "malignancy" of moles. Therefore, having noticed these signs, you must immediately consult an oncodermatologist.

Methods for removing nevi

  1. Cryodestruction. Quite a simple, effective and affordable procedure for getting rid of moles. The main agent is liquid nitrogen at a very low temperature. Therefore, we can say that we are freezing education, not deleting. The disadvantages of this method are that a recurrence of a neoplasm or a skin burn is possible, a long period of rehabilitation, and the formation of scars is possible. This method is often used to remove flat moles;
  2. Laser removal. The advantages of this method are as follows: short rehabilitation period - up to one week, does not leave scars, no relapses, the procedure does not injure the skin. With its help, small formations are removed. A very common method at the present time, it is used even in small private surgical rooms;
  3. Electrocoagulation. The operation is performed using a high frequency electric current. Using a coagulator, the nevus is cut off in layers. Moles on the leg are often removed in this way. Advantages of the procedure: the formation is completely removed, the risk of recurrence is almost zero, there is no bleeding, no scars remain, after the end of the procedure there is enough material to send for histological examination. Cons: only benign moles can be removed, the method is contraindicated in pregnancy;
  4. Radio wave removal. The most popular method today. It has a lot of advantages: a painless procedure, the skin is not damaged, there is no risk of infection, relapse is unlikely, the operation lasts 15-20 minutes, does not leave scars, the ability to remove a mole on any part of the body, material remains for histology, a universal option for removing any nevi type. There are much fewer disadvantages: it is not used for malignant neoplasms, it is contraindicated in the presence of an electrostimulator, pregnancy;
  5. Surgical method. The oldest method, but very effective. Only it can be used for malignant moles. Positive aspects: low likelihood of recurrence, complete safety, low cost. Negative sides: the inevitable appearance of scars, the operation is carried out under local anesthesia or general anesthesia, a long recovery period, is not carried out on all parts of the body, since the adjacent layers of the skin are also removed, which leads to a cosmetic defect.

Prevention of the appearance of moles

One of the most important aspects of prevention is reducing the amount of time you spend in the sun. Use medium to high protection sunscreen. But if you still want to sunbathe, then you should do it before ten in the morning and after 16 hours, when the sun is harmless. Do not go to the solarium, even if you really want to. It is better to take care of your health than to be led by your whims.

Wear comfortable, not tight clothing so as not to injure the nevi, encouraging them to grow again. Follow the existing ones.

In conclusion, it should be said that if any complaints from formations appear or a large number of new ones appear, you should immediately contact a competent specialist for medical help. After all, the line between a safe nevus and melanoma is very thin. Be healthy!

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