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How to stop the appearance of moles?
How to stop the appearance of moles?

Mole (nevus) - an accumulation of epidermal cells with a large amount of melanin, according to some reports, is a benign tumor.

Types of nevi

  • Flat (lentigo) - formed from melanocytes located in the upper layers of the epithelium. Ultraviolet rays practically do not affect them. Lentigines do not change colors, do not grow quantitatively. Slightly darker than freckles;
  • Vascular (hemangiomas) - vascular formations that look like red nodules;
  • Non-vascular - look like warts or pigment spots on the skin. The color gamut is extensive, from flesh tones to blacks. Sizes also vary from large to barely visible to the eye;
  • Elevated - up to a centimeter in diameter, nevi are slightly raised above the surface of the skin. Hair often grows on them, moles can have a bumpy surface;
  • Hanging is a type of benign skin tumor that grows from epithelial tissue. Has the appearance of a growth of a triangular or spherical shape. They are located in the armpits, on the neck, groin and on the genitals. Such moles are precursors of malignant tumors, in case of their enlargement and discoloration, immediately contact your doctor for timely diagnosis and treatment.

Dark spots can appear anywhere on the body, at any age. Not everyone believes that birthmarks are fortunate. Many people ask the question: how to stop and prevent their appearance and growth on the body? Let's figure it out.

How to stop the appearance of birthmarks on the body?

  1. If you want to prevent the appearance of new moles on the body, reconsider your attitude to the tanning bed. This fashionable service of beauty salons inevitably leads to an increase in metabolism in the skin, unnaturally causing an increase in metabolic processes in it;
  2. Try to limit yourself to the summer sun. Ultraviolet rays contribute to the pigmentation of the epidermal skin layer. This point should be especially taken into account by pregnant women and people with delicate and sensitive skin. If you burn out in the sun, not having time to spread the blanket on the sandy shore, this means that melanin is formed in your skin very quickly, causing pigmentation and the appearance of moles. Do not take it lightly, from prolonged exposure to sunlight, harmless moles can turn into insidious malignant tumors;
  3. The appearance of new "specks of luck" during menopause should be alarming. At this difficult time for the body, immunity is weakened due to hormonal changes, which leads to malignancy of nevi. See your gynecologist, endocrinologist and oncologist. The first two will check hormonal levels and possibly prescribe supportive therapy. The latter will advise and confirm or deny your fears;
  4. Sometimes the appearance of nevi is a sign of damage to the hepato-biliary system. Liver diseases: cirrhosis, hepatitis, alcohol intoxication - may well provoke neoplasms. Review your diet and try to remove toxins from the body with the help of special diets or medications;
  5. Do not disturb moles by removing hair from them, be careful when shaving. Such actions lead to increased blood circulation, which means tissue proliferation;
  6. Of course, it is strictly forbidden to remove moles at home. If you want to get rid of birthmarks, go to a salon where professionals will take care of your makeover.

How to prevent the growth of moles on the body?

If you asked yourself a similar question, follow these simple guidelines:

  • During outdoor activities in the sun, use special creams, and from noon to 5 pm, take shelter in the cool shade or throw a wide towel over your shoulders. The sun's rays depress the immune system, it will not be able to cope with the appearance of new nevi, and if you already have a lot of them, you should think about which is more important: beauty or a few hours under the rays of the scorching sun;
  • If you have blue eyes and blond hair, then it is better not to go to the solarium. Your skin is especially sensitive to ultraviolet rays, up to the appearance of burns;
  • Be careful and attentive when choosing a place of rest, remember that the sun's rays reflected from a water, snow or sandy surface have a much greater damaging power;
  • In order to prevent the growth of birthmarks on the body, it is necessary to take into account the factor of heredity. If your relatives have a large number of nevi, it is likely that you will soon see small spots on the body. Consult a geneticist, conduct special tests.

Indications for removal

Not everyone considers the presence of moles aesthetic or beautiful, especially if they are located on the face. There are also medical indications for removing birthmarks:

  • Malignancy;
  • Injury (mechanical stress, chemical agents);
  • Large sizes in a conspicuous place.

Removal methods

Laser therapy

Under local anesthesia of the skin area, the nevus is burned out with a laser beam. The undoubted advantage is vascular coagulation. It was they who supplied the birthmark with blood and will no longer be able to do this. Minus: the rejected tissue cannot be sent for laboratory research due to strong destruction.


Nevi are exposed to liquid nitrogen (it has a very low temperature, which simultaneously helps in removal and provides local anesthesia). However, after removing a large spot, there may be a scar or scar. Another disadvantage: as with laser therapy, you cannot send a piece of tissue for histological analysis.


Burning out the desired place with an electric knife (low-frequency currents are used). The advantage is the ability to take pathological tissue for analysis.

Radio waves

Removal is carried out with the help of a device, the impact of high frequency waves on the "extra nevus" helps to get rid of it forever. After the procedure, a wound remains, but it quickly epithelizes without leaving a trace.

Surgical intervention

The indication is the large size of the melanoma or its deep penetration into the underlying tissues. Such a mole is excised with an additional piece of skin to surely exclude the possibility of regeneration of a pathological formation. The size of the skin flap depends on the size and depth of the nevus.

After removal, sutures are applied to the edges of the wound. They are removed in a week according to the individual prescriptions of the doctor. The operation is performed under local or general anesthesia.


After getting rid of disturbing spots, you need to know how to behave at first so that there are no complications:

  • Refrain from taking baths, prefer rubbing with water, because the wound cannot be wetted for five days;
  • If the mole was on the face, do not apply tonal creams and other cosmetics to the damaged area;
  • Do not touch the crust until it peels off on its own. This will help stop the re-growth of the nevus;
  • Use sun protection cream.

If you have recently had a lot of moles, contact your oncologist immediately. In case of false fears, he will simply calm you down and tell you how to behave further, otherwise you will not let the disease progress.

Do not postpone the consultation if the birthmark changes color, becomes of a different shape or increases dramatically in size.

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