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Treatment of rosacea on the face with folk remedies
Treatment of rosacea on the face with folk remedies

Couperose is a network of blue and purple capillaries that can be seen under the skin. It can appear on various parts of the body, but rosacea is most noticeable on the face.

What is the crux of the problem?

This ailment is paid attention to as an aesthetic defect that worsens the appearance of the face, but in fact the problem is much deeper, and rosacea on the face speaks of problems with blood vessels. The blue-violet subcutaneous ducts on the face are nothing more than dilated vessels that cannot return to their normal state due to their weakened and thinned walls.

As a rule, people in whom the disease manifests itself on the face suffer or are susceptible to other ailments associated with weak blood vessels: low blood pressure, heart disease and dizziness. Therefore, couperosis on the face is a disease that must be treated. The most common areas of the face on which the disease appears are the cheeks and nose.

Is it possible to heal yourself?

It is clear that if couperosis on the face is not an independent disease, but only a consequence of serious disorders in the body, then the problem must be solved comprehensively and deeply, using various medications, folk methods and means. Simultaneously with medical measures that affect the problem from the inside, cosmetic procedures performed at home will not interfere, and even very much help.

Green tea in the diet

Instead of beer and other alcoholic beverages, sweet soda, which only clog the body, with rosacea of the skin, it is necessary to include green or black tea in the diet. The composition of drinks includes tannins, which are able to fill microcracks on the walls of vessels and make them thicker.

In addition, the catechins in green tea stimulate the oxidation processes in cells and prevent the accumulation of free radicals and cholesterol in them. Tea improves blood circulation, which is always slow and sluggish with an ailment on the face. In addition to drinking the drink inside, it is useful to make lotions from it on the affected skin areas.

Chestnut tinctures

All parts of the chestnut can be used as a folk remedy against rosacea of the skin on the face, but the greatest concentration of medicinal and beneficial substances is found in the fruits. Esculin flavone glycoside and escin saponin are two substances that thin the blood well, strengthen the capillaries and make their walls more durable. In addition, they fight bad cholesterol and prevent it from forming deposits on the walls of blood vessels.

For the treatment of rosacea of the skin on the face, it is necessary to prepare an alcoholic tincture: pour 50 grams of fruit with 0.5 liters of vodka or diluted alcohol, let it brew and apply 30-40 drops orally. Applying the fruits themselves in their natural form to the affected area of the skin of the face for 15-20 minutes will also help.

Green tomatoes

One of the seasonal natural remedies that helps well with rosacea of the skin of the face are green tomatoes. It is in immature fruits that flavonoids are contained, which make the blood more liquid and the walls of the vessels elastic. In case of illness, green tomatoes are used externally - they are cut and applied to the affected area of the skin until "tingling", and so on several times.


Potatoes prevent the expansion of blood vessels and, like the previous plants, thins the blood, but it is only necessary to use it for skin rosacea externally. Gruel from young or mature potatoes is applied to the problem area for 20-30 minutes. You can supplement it with drops of vegetable oil or milk.

Essential oils

Since any essential oil is a concentrate from a certain plant, the funds from it will effectively penetrate even through the epidermis layer. With rosacea of the skin of the face, oils from clary sage, yarrow, geranium and cypress are good. These plants contain lycalool and geraniol, which are alcohols and are capable of toning blood vessels.

Since essential oils themselves are quite aggressive, they must be used diluted. For rubbing into the affected areas of the skin, a mixture of 50 ml of any cosmetic oil and 30-40 drops of essential oil is used. Creams can be used instead of cosmetic oil.


The pulp of aloe foliage is another good folk remedy for this disease. It is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, when acting on blood vessels, it can accelerate blood circulation and "revitalize" their walls, make them narrow and expand. For the treatment of rosacea of the skin of the face, it is necessary to treat the affected areas every other day with an aloe leaf cut along the length and not to wash off. The course is 10-12 procedures.


Rowan is rich in vitamin P, which increases the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels and reduces their permeability. The best method for treating the disease is to apply ice from a decoction of mountain ash. Two tablespoons of fruits are boiled in 2-3 glasses of water, cooled and frozen. Every morning you need to wipe your face with a little melted ice.

Gingo Biloba - relict tree

Compared to the natural medicines described above, this exotic plant is not so easy to find in our latitudes. But if such an opportunity has arisen, then you should not miss it, use its parts to treat rosacea on the face. The foliage contains rare and unique substances - gingedin and bilobetin, which not only improve blood circulation and affect healthy blood vessels, but are also able to restore already damaged and cracked walls.

The components prevent the aging of blood vessels and promote their regeneration. However, for the result to be noticeable, it is necessary to use gingo for at least 6 months, since all substances have a cumulative effect. Fresh leaves are difficult to find, but you can get the extract in capsules or compressed tablets of this plant.

Algae masks

Seaweed contains alginic acid, which strengthens blood vessels. For preparation, special powders are used in the form of crushed dried algae, which are diluted with water.


Any of the folk remedies will have its effect only under the condition of a serious revision of the lifestyle and fundamental changes in habits. If there is a problem with the vessels, which manifests itself as rosacea on the face or in another way, then it is necessary to abandon beer, pickles, canned food and smoked meats.

To make the walls of blood vessels more elastic, it is necessary to eat foods rich in healthy fats (liver, sour cream, cheese) and fatty acids Omega-6, Omega-3 (sea fish and mustard oil). Buckwheat, oatmeal, beans, peas are useful due to the content of silicon and vitamin R.

Lifestyle is also important for maintaining vascular health. Naturally, smoking is harmful. But there are some other recommendations that only apply to people with problem vessels:

  • Baths and saunas should be avoided;
  • Do not steam the skin of the face;
  • Do not use aggressive peels, massages and unprofessional face cleansing;
  • Protect your face when going outside.

With an integrated approach, using not only folk methods and remedies, you can completely get rid of rosacea of the skin of the face, but the most important thing in the treatment of this particular problem: systematic, duration and persistence. Even when a person gets rid of rosacea, in the future it is necessary to lead a certain lifestyle, eat right and use special supportive creams.

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