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Super clean for warts: how to get rid of frog marks
Super clean for warts: how to get rid of frog marks

Of course, the cause of warts is not at all contact with a frog or toad, so do not blame innocent cold-blooded animals. Nevertheless, a person who is faced with such a problem as a wart is trying to get rid of it by any means. And this is normal, because in addition to aesthetic discomfort, this disease brings other unpleasant moments in life. For example, a neoplasm can be accidentally hit and injured. Moreover, this disease is contagious.

For treatment, both procedures and medications are used. Freezing with liquid nitrogen, laser removal, the use of celandine juice or the use of a drug such as Supercleaner for warts - all this has an effect, it is important to approach the problem individually.

Wart: Causes and Symptoms

In fact, the cause of this disease is the human papillomavirus. It is really contagious. A growth on the skin can be transmitted through household items or direct contact with a sick person. If you have poor immunity, consider that the chances of getting a "gift" on the skin increase significantly.

Also at risk are people with the following factors:

  • improper nutrition;
  • recently transferred viral disease;
  • the presence of a chronic disease;
  • lack of vitamins.

All these factors dramatically increase the chances of contracting the papilloma virus. According to statistics, three out of four people faced such a nuisance, that is, 75% of the population.

What does a wart look like? Perhaps everyone is familiar with the symptoms of trouble, even those who were lucky enough to avoid this fate.

A wart is a round or oval growth on a flesh-colored body, the average size of which is about 5 mm. It does not cause discomfort, does not hurt or itch. However, such growths are often in the way, such as a plantar wart. What can we say about such an attack on the face or hands, because it looks completely unattractive.

Super clean for warts: what is it

There are many ways to get rid of this problem. Some of them cost significant money, we are talking here about such a procedure as laser removal. Others, although free, for example, treatment with celandine juice, require two to three months to heal and are not always convenient due to the season.

A popular remedy for this ailment is the Supercleaner for warts. Despite the name, which leads many to an erroneous opinion, this remedy has nothing to do with the plant of the same name, although its properties and actions are identical.

Supercleaner for warts is an aqueous solution of the following substances:

  • sodium chloride;
  • sodium bicarbonate;
  • sodium hydroxide.

As you can see, this is a purely chemical composition without the addition of natural components. Whether it is good or not, everyone can decide individually, but the practice of using this solution gives a positive result.

Supercleaner is sold in a glass ampoule with a volume of 3.6 ml, a plastic applicator with instructions on the package is available.

Treatment and removal of warts with Supercleaner

Here's what the manufacturer indicated on the packaging:

  • Before use, the papilloma must be well steamed in hot water;
  • Lubricate healthy skin around with a greasy layer of cream;
  • Apply one drop of Supercleaner liquid to the center of the skin formation using the applicator;
  • It is necessary to ensure that Super Cleaner does not get on healthy skin;
  • The number of procedures varies from 1 to 5, depending on the size of the papilloma.

After the first application, blackheads will appear on the affected area. Do not be alarmed, it should be so. Dying off of the keratinized part of the skin occurs. After a while, the papilloma will turn black completely and fall off. A small wound will remain in its place, which will heal in two or three days.

Apply the solution gently, the product should not get on healthy skin. To do this, use any cream as indicated in the instructions, or take a piece of electrical tape or adhesive plaster with a cut out hole, whose size corresponds to the papilloma. This will prevent healthy skin from getting into the substance if used carelessly.

Remember to steam the build-ups in hot water. It is convenient to do this with foot or hand baths if neoplasms appear on the limbs. If they develop in another area of the skin, then take a hot bath or shower.

According to the manufacturer and people who have tried this remedy on themselves, Supercleaner will get rid of the problem in three days.

Super cleaners for warts: contraindications and disadvantages

Despite such a miraculous effect, many admit that this substance leaves a scar at the site of formation, and this is not always acceptable. But this is not the only drawback. Its use has another negative side - painful sensations when removed. The solution bakes and burns, which is justified by the composition.

Against the background of these disadvantages, you can make a list of contraindications for this remedy:

  • This remedy is ideal for treating growths in subtle areas. The skin on the face is too delicate, in addition, there may be a scar. Is it worth risking your appearance? If you decide to remove papilloma on your face, then use another more gentle method, since there are plenty of them. But for removing such skin problems, for example, on the soles of the feet, there is no better option. The skin there is quite rough and even if a mark remains, it will not be visible;
  • Do not use Supercleaner to treat papillomas in children. The reasons are the same - painful removal, the risk of getting a scar. In addition, children spin during application, as a result of which the product gets on healthy skin. Just as with the face, use other methods for treatment;
  • It is worth paying attention to the number of warts. If they are large and there are many of them, then for a start, limit yourself to one "batch" of up to five pieces. When they disappear, you can proceed to the rest. Fortunately, the treatment is quick, in just two weeks you can get rid of all unpleasant formations on the skin. This gradual treatment is not so dangerous. The body will not immediately get a lot of stress, it will gradually get used to using the medicine.

So is it worth using this remedy? Unfortunately, no specialist will answer in the affirmative to this question. All people are individual, therefore, it is up to them to decide.

Remember that you should carefully remove papillomas with Superclean from warts, strictly following the instructions. Also, do not use it on places where you would not like to see possible scars. Also, its use is unacceptable for children.

It is very important to consult a doctor before treatment to make sure of the diagnosis. If you yourself have identified the disease, then be prepared for complications. It is better to play it safe, especially since the appointment with a dermatologist does not take much time.

Removing papillomas is half the battle. After this, the emergence of new formations should be monitored. To do this, you need to follow the rules of a healthy life: eat right, play sports, sleep at least seven hours a day. With this regime, many diseases, including warts, are not scary.

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