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How to remove a wart with potatoes: folk methods and rituals
How to remove a wart with potatoes: folk methods and rituals

The people know such a method of treatment as removing a wart with a potato. These neoplasms cause physical and psychological discomfort, and therefore each patient seeks to get rid of them as soon as possible. But how is it possible to do this in such a non-standard way?

In medicine, warts are better known as papillomas. The reason for their appearance is a virus. It is transmitted both by contact and through the environment. Many people carry it, but in a sleeping state it is not dangerous. Various factors can provoke its activation: stress, decreased immunity, chronic diseases, heredity. As a result, warts - papillomas - appear on the human body.

They look like skin growths that slightly differ in color from healthy epithelium. There are irregularities on the head, similar to small processes. The top layer is covered with scales that cause discomfort and itching. Most of the warts appear on the fingers, but they can also spring up on any other part of the body, including the face. Plantar papillomas are especially unpleasant, as they cause discomfort and pain when walking.

Such a neoplasm, although it is benign, causes a lot of inconvenience, including spoiling the appearance. That is why people are trying to remove papillomas by any means, not only with medicines, but also with the help of various folk remedies.

Application of potatoes

One option is to use potatoes. A raw tuber is used to treat warts.

There are several options for how to remove papillomas with potatoes:

  • Cut the tuber and wipe the lesion with the secreted juice. You need to repeat the procedure several times a day until the problem disappears;
  • Grate a small amount of potatoes on a fine grater, along with the skins. Put the gruel on the wart and cover it with polyethylene so that the mass does not fall out and the juice does not spread. Stick a patch on top or secure a bandage. Don't shoot for several hours. Repeat the procedure every day. It is convenient to do such lotions at night to rid the body of papilloma;
  • Take half a potato and wrap it around the problem area. Thus, they often try to get rid of the plantar wart. For more convenience, you can use a peeled peel or potato slice;
  • Some folk techniques involve the use of special conspiracies and prayers. For example, you can get rid of the problem as follows. Cut the tuber and wipe the papilloma with each half, accompanying the manipulation of the conspiracy to remove it from a specific place on the body. Then the halves are connected and buried in the ground, away from a crowded place;
  • The second option involves getting rid of the build-up using a silk thread. It is necessary in the same way to wipe the neoplasm in halves, and then say a conspiracy, tying knots over the warts. Then they put the thread between the halves of the tuber and bury it all in the ground. In both cases, the point is that potato rotting causes the papilloma to dry out.

Method essence

The effectiveness of such folk remedies is questionable for many. If the lotions and rubbing can somehow be explained, then few people today take conspiracies seriously.

Let's consider the principle of operation of more traditional folk methods. If you regularly wipe the warts with potato juice or apply gruel overnight, you can really achieve a natural removal of the neoplasm. Such procedures should be carried out regularly, preferably several times a day. In addition, it is important to use exactly the raw tuber, because in this state it contains the substance that causes the healing effect on warts.

The fact is that potatoes contain a small amount of a poisonous substance - solanine. It does not have a negative effect on the body with such a use of the vegetable. During heat treatment, the poison is broken down and neutralized. Its maximum concentration is observed in raw sprouted potatoes.

If you apply the juice to the warts regularly for 3-4 weeks, during this time they will really decrease in size and fall off without leaving a trace. That is, they can be removed without harming the body.

As for the use of conspiracies and rituals, it is rather not magic that works here, but banal self-hypnosis. Believing in the effectiveness of such rituals, a person activates his own body defenses. In addition, over the period that is allotted for potato rotting, warts can disappear on their own.

The conclusion of papillomas with the help of conspiracies is not always possible, because words do not have the desired effect, and treatment with solanine alone is not enough to provide the desired effect.

It is believed that with the help of this folk remedy, you can easily achieve purity of the skin - the wart shrivels and dries up. The papilloma may begin to fall off in pieces, but it shouldn't bleed. Note that if the root does not come out, the growth will reappear, so simply cutting off the formation or tying with a thread will not give a long-term effect. In addition, you run the risk of introducing an infection into the wound or provoking the appearance of a new wart, which can degenerate into a malignant formation.

If traditional methods do not help you to remove the wart, medications also do not give the desired result, it is possible to remove the papilloma in a medical institution.

Today, not only surgical methods are used, but also a laser, cryodestruction with liquid nitrogen, electrocoagulation and other methods. The main thing is not to give up, and you will definitely get help and deal with this problem!

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