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Mycosan for fungus
Mycosan for fungus

Fungal nail disease is quite widespread. Dermatologists say it's easy to spot. The main symptoms of the fungus include: deformation of the nail plate, flaking, discoloration. Nails thicken, friability appears on their surface, which leads to brittleness.

Often, such manifestations are accompanied by unpleasant sensations of itching and burning. One of the obvious symptoms of the fungus is excessive sweating of the feet, an unpleasant odor. The "popularity" of all these manifestations ranges from 10 to 25% at a young age; and 15-30% in people over 40.

You can prevent the development of the fungus by observing simple rules of hygiene and sanitation, by normalizing the state of the immune system, by wearing comfortable high-quality shoes (when it comes to toes).

A prophylactic method of defeating a fungal infection is also the use of Mycosan cream. Its component composition was developed by Dutch pharmaceutical scientists specifically to prevent fungus and to treat it. Release form of the drug: cream or foam. Regardless of the form of the drug used, the effectiveness of the drug is quite high.

Mycosan cream: component composition

The composition of the ointment includes absolutely safe substances that are harmless to the body. The following components are indicated in the instructions for the Mycosan cream:

  • water (48%) and rye enzymes (40%) are the main active ingredients;
  • pentylene glycol (10%) - a water and rye enzyme enhancer;
  • dimethylisosorbide (1.5%) promotes the rapid penetration of components into the keratinous layers and areas of the nail plate damaged by the fungus;
  • hydroxyethyl cellulose (0.9%) acts as a polymer thickener.

Mycosan ointment for fungus: main characteristics

The manufacturer of Mycosan ointment claims that this remedy is a unique blocker of fungal infections. The peculiarity of the drug is biologically active components. Serum is produced in a tube-bottle (5 ml); sold in a set with applicator brushes and disposable files (10 pcs.) The files are made so that one side is covered with a large abrasive material, and the other - with a fine one.

Today Mycosan against nail fungus is recognized as one of the most effective drugs. It penetrates into the deep layers of the nail plate, thereby "heals" it from the inside. A feature of the product is the formation of a water-soluble film, which serves as a barrier (protection) against the penetration of the surface fungus into the depths.

In addition, the serum has the following positive properties:

  • strengthens, softens the skin;
  • quickly absorbed, absorbed, which shortens the treatment period and increases the efficiency of use;
  • relieves itching, burning, other unpleasant and painful sensations, and also eliminates the effect of foot fatigue;
  • protects against re-infection.

Mycosan cream for nail fungus: mechanism of action

Mycosan cream penetrates deeply into the nail, forming a film on its surface. Thus, the active components of the product increase the density of the nail plate, while reducing the porosity of the nail. Through the use of the ointment, the lipid membrane of the fungal infection is destroyed, which leads to the death of pathogenic bacteria.

Before starting treatment with a drug for nail fungus, it is necessary to clean the surface of any coatings (fixer, varnish, varnish-gel, etc.). Only after thoroughly removing traces of the coating can the cream be applied.

Mycosan is applied with an applicator at least 2 times a day: sutra and at night. After application, it is necessary to allow the serum to absorb and dry. It is imperative to file the overgrown damaged nail with a nail file once a week. Each file included in the kit can only be used once. It should also not be passed on to others to prevent transmission of nail fungus infection.

The minimum course of treatment with Mycosan is 4 weeks. At the end of the one-month course, it is recommended to monitor the further development and condition of the plate. The ideal option would be to maintain her condition by applying the cream once a day. The total duration of the treatment of nail damage depends on the physiological characteristics of the human body.

When to expect the complete disappearance of the fungus?

The first results of using Mycosan for nails are noticeable after 1 week of use. However, for the effectiveness of the treatment, it is best to use the serum as indicated in the manufacturer's instructions - 4 weeks.

If a large area of the plate is affected, 1 month will not be enough to eliminate the infection. It is worth continuing to use the drug until all visible damage disappears, the color and shape of the nails are normalized. On average, treatment with this drug takes 3-4 months.

Contraindications to the use of Mycosan ointment

Mycosan, being a medicine, has several contraindications:

  • hypersensitivity to the components of the ointment (an allergic reaction is possible);
  • age limit - from 4 years.

Pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding in women are not contraindications to the use of serum.

Analogue of Mycosan for nail fungus

Mycosan is an innovative solution to combat damage to the nail plate. The cost of such a drug is justified by its component composition.

However, there are less expensive analogues of an agent against mycosis and other similar diseases.

These drugs include:

  • Atifin;
  • Miconorm;
  • Exoderil;
  • Lotseril;
  • Lamisil and others.

Before choosing a drug, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist and study the instructions attached to the product

Prevention of infection

The developers of the tool have published some simple guidelines on how to avoid nail fungus. Preventive measures:

  • Wear a free, high-quality, air-circulating shoe.
  • Daily change of shoes. A pair that has already been worn 1-2 times is best dried over the next day.
  • Daily change of hosiery (socks, tights, golfs).
  • Opt for cotton and avoid synthetic socks.
  • Compliance with foot hygiene: feet should be disinfected every day.
  • Reducing the contact of the feet with a wet environment (pools, saunas, SPA salons).
  • Moisturizing the skin in dry hot weather to protect the surface of the epithelium from cracks.

If mycosis is detected, it is worth immediately applying measures, since the infection spreads at a high rate to other parts of the body. In order to avoid mycosis on the legs, it is better to carry out prophylaxis with a serum cream.

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