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Fungus of the eyes: symptoms, causes and treatment
Fungus of the eyes: symptoms, causes and treatment

Eyes are the mirror of the soul. Therefore, it is important that they are healthy and beautiful. And more and more often patients with eye fungus began to visit doctors these days.

Of course, doctors knew about the existence of such a disease before. But over the past hundred years, cases of eye fungus have been isolated. But recently, their appearance has become more frequent.

It is for this reason that you need to know what symptoms accompany this disease and how to properly treat it. After all, if you consult a doctor in time and I diagnose the initial stage of eye fungus, then recovery will come faster.

Fungus of the eyes: symptoms of the disease

To properly diagnose such an eye problem, it is important to identify the key symptoms. Signs of this disease include:

  • Severe redness of the eyes for no reason. In this case, the redness does not go away for a long time;
  • Unable to control tears. If your eyes begin to water without reason, then this is an occasion to think about the need to contact an ophthalmologist;
  • Cutting in the eyes, pain, itching;
  • Yellowish discharge in the corners of the eyes that appears throughout the day;
  • White blotches are observed on the eyeball;
  • A frequent sensation of a veil in front of the eyes;
  • Nodes, seals under the eyelid;
  • The formation of a thin film on the eyes.

If you notice most of these symptoms in yourself, then you should contact an ophthalmologist. In addition, a gradual deterioration in vision can be an indirect symptom. You can notice this if you regularly undergo a medical examination every six months or at least once a year.

Causes of the development of eye fungus

Ideally, judging by the research of scientists - ophthalmologists, no infections in our eyes should linger for a long time. After all, our immunity will deal with them in the first place. But under certain conditions, our body is simply not able to cope with the disease and it gradually progresses.

The reasons for the appearance of such a problem with the eyes include:

  • Long-term use of antibiotics. Remember that antibiotics not only destroy all infection in the body, but also significantly reduce immunity. Therefore, immediately after taking them, the body is weak and cannot cope with infections. And this is the very time when the fungus can settle in the eyes;
  • Injury and damage to the eyes. At this time, the forces of the body are aimed at restoring tissues and vision, therefore infectious diseases take root without hindrance;
  • The presence of diabetes mellitus;
  • Improper wearing of contact lenses. Remember that if you wear contact lenses, you need to fit them correctly. Take the time to clean them up as they can become a carrier of infection.

In addition to the reasons directly related to the health of the eyeball and the body as a whole, pathogenic environmental factors can also be distinguished, which, under a certain set of circumstances, can cause the development of such a disease:

  • high concentration of dust in rooms;
  • high air humidity;
  • contact with household chemicals in the eyes and more.

It is worth noting that people with immunodeficiency also fall into the risk group. People with drug addiction are also susceptible to eye fungus. It is necessary to carefully monitor the health of the eyes of children. Since the immune system is still weak, the risk of picking up the fungus is high.

Eye fungus: treatment

The first thing you need to do if you suspect you have an eye fungus is to see your doctor. Attention! At the appointment, you need to say everything honestly, mentioning whether you wear contact lenses, how often you clean them, whether you have recently taken antibiotics. In general, it is true to answer all the doctor's questions. The final diagnosis is established based on the results of scraping. They make it with special tools, so you shouldn't worry about the eyes.

If the disease is not neglected, then the treatment is local. By the way, they will definitely not put you in the hospital with such symptoms, so you should not worry about this.

As for the treatment, Okomistin eye drops are considered one of the best remedies. This drug is made on the basis of miramistin. As a result, not only fungus can be treated with their use, but also any other infectious eye diseases. This drug has passed special pharmacological control and can be used to treat eye diseases in children.

Application of Okomistin drops: you need to drip one or two drops under the lower eyelid two to three times a day. Attention! A burning sensation may appear immediately after instilling the product into the eye. Don't panic, it should go away in a few minutes. If this does not happen, then you should consult a doctor and he will prescribe another remedy for you.

Another agent that is widely used to treat eye fungus is Amphotericin B. But treatment with its use is recommended if the stage of the disease is advanced. This drug is administered intravenously.

Pay attention to the fact that treatment with such drugs can have a negative effect on the body. Therefore, together with them, it is worth taking drugs for allergies. As for the very taking of the drug, then this should be done according to clear instructions. Remember that haphazard pills can worsen the disease. And this is fraught with serious consequences for the health of the eyes and the whole body.

There are cases when the patient went to the doctor for too long. As a result of this delay, the infection from the eyes can spread to the skin around them. In this case, special ointments are additionally prescribed in order to relieve you of its manifestations on the skin. The ophthalmologist, at the sight of the spread of the fungus on the skin, sends the patient to a dermatologist.

Do not delay the visit to the doctor. Indeed, with an increase in the number of drugs, immunity gradually deteriorates. Therefore, the sooner you see your doctor, the faster you can get rid of this disease.

Prevention of eye fungus

After the treatment is over, you will definitely be prescribed special medications, which will need to be taken for some time in order to prevent the return of the disease.

As for prevention, it should include an increase in immunity. After all, if everything is good with your health, then infections in the eyes will not linger for a long time. The body will cope with them on its own. Therefore, we recommend that you monitor your diet. Remember that food must be fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.

You should also do moderate physical activity. This will help the body to work without interruption, which minimizes the likelihood of developing infectious diseases.

Eye fungus is an unpleasant disease. But it is possible to cope with it with the help of traditional methods of treatment. But remember that the sooner you see an ophthalmologist, the faster your recovery will come. Therefore, do not ignore the symptoms of this disease and go to the clinic as soon as they appear. Good luck and health to you!

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