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Choosing a shampoo for an itchy scalp
Choosing a shampoo for an itchy scalp

The lion's share of cases of itching, burning and other discomfort in the scalp is due to the presence of dandruff. Naturally, there are other reasons - infestation with lice and ticks, allergies, psoriasis, etc. And many of them are accompanied by the appearance of dandruff, which in itself can occur for a variety of reasons.

Difficulties of choice

It is probably because of this confusion that any modern hair care manufacturer considers it an honor to launch their own line of dandruff products. But at the same time, each of them gives its brainchild a new name. We have a feeling of a huge assortment, although in fact there are only 5-7 active components for hundreds of existing products.

And our task is not to choose the prettiest packaging, but to choose from 5-7 bases the one that will help us personally say goodbye to itching and not harm our hair.

Cosmetic and pharmaceutical medicated shampoos

Their number is the most diverse, but the effectiveness of these drugs is often reduced - for the sake of a pleasant aroma, texture, versatility of properties. If our case does not seem so difficult, you can choose a remedy from one of the famous brands that produce hair care products.

If we constantly have dandruff, itchy skin, redness, hair falls out and breaks, it is worth resorting to one of the medicinal preparations sold in the pharmacy - the active substance in them is already present in a therapeutic concentration, so their effectiveness is higher.

Anti-fungus medicated shampoos

They are based on one of the antifungal antibiotics - ketoconazole, clotrimazole, etc. Therefore, it is advisable to buy them only if dandruff, itching and other manifestations are associated with damage to the hair follicles or sacs by any fungus. However, broad spectrum antibiotics are usually added to them, which means that they are effective against a number of bacteria.

It is necessary to use this shampoo 2 times a day, but it can be done more often, as itching resumes. It will be very good to first find out which pathogen (there are many of them in the world) we owe the need to be treated. It should be remembered that all antibiotics are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they perform work that the body's own immunity was unable to do. On the other hand, they do not differ in selective action and usually destroy healthy cells on an equal basis with diseased ones.

Therefore, it is impossible to use such remedies on an ongoing basis. The course of treatment with them should be no more than 2 months - or until the itching disappears. In the event of a relapse, you can return to treatment. But this time, you should buy a remedy with a different antibiotic, since our infection has already developed immunity to the previous one.

Antibacterial medicated shampoos

As strange as it may sound, their effectiveness, in contrast to the previous ones, is usually based not on antibiotics, but on the addition of various zinc compounds. The fact is that the defeat of the scalp by bacteria completely alien to the body is a rare phenomenon. In such cases, patients most often either lose their hair due to the action of the pathogen, or the hair is completely removed in the hospital - with the subsequent "renewal" of the haircut before the end of the treatment.

In a word, we hardly have this particular scenario, since with it we are guaranteed not to avoid going to the trichologist. And most cases of bacterial itching and dandruff are associated with an imbalance in the microflora. Simply put, this is a phenomenon in which any bacteria that are constantly present in the microflora on the scalp suddenly begin to multiply uncontrollably. Complete disposal of them is not required - they just need, as they say, put in place (return to normal the ratio of bacteria of different species).

It is wiser to "put things in order" in the microflora and fight itching with the help of zinc compounds, which equally well inhibit the growth of any bacteria. Usually zinc is "encrypted" in the composition of medicinal shampoos of this type under the names "octopyrox" or "zinc pyrithione". Theoretically, you can use these funds for an unlimited amount of time, but trichologists still recommend taking breaks for a week at least once a month.

Exfoliating Healing Shampoos

Strictly speaking, these remedies for dandruff and itching are ordinary scrubs, not for the face, but for the scalp. They do not harm the hair - they just help to come off that part of the skin, which for some reason was already ready to do it. The composition of such remedies usually includes sulfur and various food acids (salicylic, citric, etc.).

It is easy to guess that exfoliating drugs do not affect the cause of dandruff. Therefore, immediately after they are canceled, dandruff and itching return, as if they did not go away. Nevertheless, while we use them, its amount visually decreases, providing the desired cosmetic effect.

It is believed that sulfur, with its pronounced caustic properties, is effective against pathogenic microflora, including fungi and bacteria. Perhaps it really can provide some sanitation of the scalp and thereby reduce the intensity of itching, but, of course, not to the same extent as antibiotics.

Healing shampoos with selenium derivatives

Selenium is a deficient component of our diet, and yet it is critically needed for the synthesis of some hormones and male sperm, as well as the formation of hair follicles.

Perhaps we never seriously thought about why dandruff in men occurs almost three times more often than in women, and if we did, we probably attributed this fact to lowered standards of personal hygiene. But, as we can see, in their body there is simply an additional item of consumption of this scarce substance. And since all this does not mean that women cannot have this (on the contrary, it really can), we should pay special attention to medicinal products containing selenium. Especially in cases where dandruff is present, and the doctor is not able to establish its cause.

Folk remedies for dandruff

Making shampoos with your own hands is usually a thankless job, because it is still impossible to establish high-quality hygiene with their help. So, it is wiser to immediately tune in to the manufacture of anti-dandruff masks, which are applied to the hair after washing with an ordinary commercial product. During the period of therapy, it is better to use a shampoo that does not contain a conditioner balm, since it consists of silicone. This substance cannot be completely washed off, and the mask simply will not gain access to the hair and skin.

Such extreme methods of traditional medicine as lubricating the head with kerosene, tar, etc. they will not be useful to us: contrary to rumors, they are ineffective even against simple parasites like ticks, let alone pathogenic microflora. Natural sanitizing is much easier and more enjoyable with apple cider vinegar or even regular table vinegar.

Vinegar masks disinfect the scalp, restoring its acidic balance. Normally, the balance of the skin should be like this. An acidic environment is unfavorable for the reproduction of pathogenic microflora, and therefore most pathogens change it to alkaline in the process of life.

To make a vinegar mask, you need:

  • wash your hair with the usual means without a balm-rinse;
  • then take 4-9% vinegar of the selected grade and generously wet the hair with it, massaging it at the roots;
  • after that, it is enough to wrap your head with a towel, wait 5-7 minutes and rinse your hair in running water, without washing.

This dandruff mask should be done 2 times a week, for the rest of your life, though.

Plus, do not forget about decoctions of such plants as burdock, chamomile, nettle, etc., which have proven themselves well in the fight against dandruff. But with obvious signs of inflammation, it is better to start not with them, but with an aqueous infusion or decoction of the color of lavender, lilac, celandine herb or oak bark. All these plants are partially poisonous, which explains their properties of strong natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptics, eliminating dandruff of inflammatory origin.

You need to brew any selected plants generously - at least 2 tbsp. tablespoons of dry grass or flowers in 1 glass of water. The resulting solution must be cooled to room temperature, filtered and applied to damp hair after shampooing. Then wrap your head with a towel, wait 15 minutes and rinse your hair with warm water without using detergents.

We hope our tips will help you keep your head clean. Take care of yourself and be healthy!

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