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How to overcome dermatitis in intimate areas?
How to overcome dermatitis in intimate areas?

If you have pain and discomfort in the genital area, then you should treat this problem carefully, because it can be dermatitis. And it doesn't matter how old you are and what gender you are - this disease is equally common to everyone.

What is this ailment?

Dermatitis of the genitals is a disease, the main cause of which is the lack of personal hygiene. There are several types of this disease:

  • Atopic dermatitis. Its other name is candidiasis. With an illness, scales or papules appear on the penis, vagina and in the anus. The disease is fungal, and the root cause of the disease can be diseases such as diabetes mellitus or oncology. Also, the occurrence of this type of dermatitis is facilitated by the adoption of contraceptives and antibiotics;
  • Seborrheic dermatitis. Red spots and severe itching appear in the groin area. It is a chronic pathology;
  • Erythrasmus. It is characterized by red spots and inflammation in the groin area. For treatment, antibacterial drugs are used;
  • Dermatophytosis. This type is transmitted by contact-household method and is a rash in the anus and genitals. Has a fungal origin;
  • Allergic dermatitis of the genitals. In the genital area, a rash appears, pustules caused by external and internal factors;
  • Chronic genital dermatitis. It is characterized by periodic rashes in the groin area. Treatment consists of eliminating key symptoms that are periodically exacerbated.

Since the tissues on the genitals have many nerve endings, any irritation causes discomfort. For men, irritation is characteristic of the glans penis, and for women - on the labia. Itching can go to the groin area. Treatment must be started immediately, otherwise there is a risk of the disease becoming chronic.

Overview of clinical symptoms

To identify the disease, you should pay attention to the symptoms that may indicate a person is infected with this ailment. Among the most common is a rash that occurs on the genitals and does not disappear for a week or more. In addition, unbearable itching and swelling of the genitals may appear.

Also, an increase in lymph nodes in the groin area and an increased temperature may indicate the disease. Non-healing wounds may occur. On the penis, formations filled with a cloudy liquid or in the form of a purulent rash are possible.

Possible causes of occurrence

It should be noted that dermatitis on the genitals can be either a separate disease or a consequence of some kind of disease that provoked its appearance:

  1. Scabies. With scabies, severe itching occurs. The rashes form small tubules in which parasites multiply;
  2. Pubic lice. Cause a rash that causes itching in the groin area. Itching worse at night. The appearance of small spots and wounds is possible. You can also consider the presence of lice on the hair near the genitals;
  3. Venereal diseases. Dermatitis can occur as a result of infection with a sexually transmitted disease through contact with contaminated objects or during unprotected intercourse. These are such ailments as chlamydia, ureaplasmosis and others. Itching is especially pronounced in women. When combing the labia, not only irritation, but also cracks may appear;
  4. Fungal infection. It develops both in the groin and on the penis and vagina. Among the most common are candidiasis, thrush and other diseases;
  5. Increased sweating. The appearance of itching with increased sweating is typical for overweight people, as well as for people leading a sedentary lifestyle;
  6. External irritants that contribute to genital allergies. It is extremely important here to make the correct diagnosis and the cause of the allergic reaction;
  7. Growing up and development of the body. With the child's sexual development, skin irritation on the genitals is possible. This usually goes away by itself, but sometimes the help of a specialist is still required.

Attention should be paid to this type of genital dermatitis, as contact. In a man, it can occur on the penis as a result of intercourse with a woman whose vaginal microflora is disturbed (increased acidity of the vaginal secretion). These disorders can be caused by taking medications, as well as diseases of the genitourinary organs. In women, genital dermatitis on the labia can occur as an allergy to the partner's sperm, more precisely to its chemical composition.

Often, genital dermatitis can be caused by latex condoms, vaginal suppositories, and a variety of creams and lubricants. Very often this disease provokes underwear, which includes synthetics. Wearing overly tight underwear that chafes the body and leads to dermatitis.

It is possible that the genital organs and detergents used to wash the linen may have an effect on the skin. In children, the so-called "diaper dermatitis" is most often detected. This is a very common occurrence, and it is associated with urine and feces that the baby empties into a diaper or diaper. They come into contact with the very delicate skin of the baby, causing irritation.

How to get rid of - treatment

Before starting the treatment of the disease, it is necessary to take a smear. With its help, the doctor will determine what caused the disease - an allergen or a venereal, infectious or fungal disease. Only after that it will be possible to prescribe a course of medication. Treatment can be done with antihistamines and anti-inflammatory drugs. It can also be supplemented by taking antibiotics and antiviral drugs. External treatment involves applying ointments, taking baths and lotions. Everything will depend on the cause of the disease.

Traditional medicine also has several recipes in its arsenal that can help cope with this disease.

Prepare a mixture of one liter of water and one hundred grams of oak bark. All this is cooked for twenty minutes, after which it is tightly closed and infused for several hours. The broth is filtered and used as a wiping agent and lotions.

For one liter of boiling water, four tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers are taken. This solution is infused for several hours, after which it is used to wash the genitals, groin and anal area two to three times a day.

To cure inguinal dermatitis, sunflower oil, boiled in a steam bath, is used to lubricate the affected areas.

When the disease has a complex form, then the nerve nodes are cauterized with an electric current in places where the irritation is greatest.

Prevention / prevention of further development of the disease

Preventive measures to prevent the onset of the disease include the following measures:

  • Constant hygiene of the skin of the genitals and the area around them;
  • It is forbidden to wear wet underwear;
  • After urinating, you need to wipe the genitals dry;
  • In intimate hygiene, only personal products are allowed;
  • Refrain from casual and unprotected sex;
  • Use condoms during intercourse;
  • Conduct regular preventive examinations.

Disease of the skin on the genitals is a very serious and controversial disease. And only after receiving all the necessary tests, you can identify its cause and begin the correct treatment.

You should not start this disease, otherwise it threatens to become chronic and stay with you for life. After all, a lot, both in the prevention and in the treatment of this ailment, directly depends on the culture of a person and his social behavior.

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