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Burn after solarium
Burn after solarium

Today, a sunburn after a tanning bed is considered a more frequent occurrence than a sunburn. High intensity ultraviolet radiation is the primary cause of the prevalence of thermal damage to the skin. Usually, the treatment of burnout consists in measures aimed at reducing pain, relieving inflammation, and preventing the appearance of infection.

Reasons for the appearance of thermal injury after a tanning bed

The reasons for burning after visiting the solarium are based on the mechanism of the procedure in the salon. The principle is that special devices (quartz lamps) stimulate the development of the pigment melanin by means of UV radiation.

As a result, a person's skin darkens - a tan is obtained, close to what people get on the beach from the sun's rays (natural). The likelihood of getting burned is the same both with artificial sunbathing and on the beach.

Thermal injury after a tanning bed can be caused by:

  1. On first visit. Physiological characteristics such as skin type affect the ability to sunbathe safely. A "test" trip to the salon is accompanied by a high risk of receiving a large dose of ultraviolet radiation, which will result in burns to the body. Before visiting the solarium, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist or consultant in the salon. A highly qualified specialist can assess the individual characteristics of the visitor, including the color of the hair, eyes, and choose the best option for the procedure.
  2. Failure to comply with safety rules. This means that the client does not use a special cosmetic product for tanning.
  3. Abrupt change in session time. The increase in the length of stay in the solarium should be within 2-3 minutes per visit.
  4. Use of shower gel, hygienic soap before visiting the solarium (1-1.5 hours before the visit). Most of these body products dry out the skin, so the risk of getting burned increases.

Solarium burn: what to do (medications)?

In case of problems after undergoing procedures in the SPA-salon, doctors recommend taking medication measures. Approved drugs include:

  • "Panthenol" (gel, foam, ointment, spray). The product is applied in an even layer to the affected skin. The composition of the drug makes it possible to relieve pain symptoms and soothe the skin.
  • "Bepanten" weakens inflammatory processes, promotes rapid wound healing. It is recommended to use the ointment if the site of localization of burns after a tanning bed is the face and chest.
  • "Rescuer" (ointment) has a "3 in 1" effect: it soothes, restores and heals the affected skin.

Most drugs have a gel-like consistency, so there is no need to wash them off the body, but on the contrary, they must be allowed to be absorbed.

Burn in a solarium: what to do (folk remedies)

The most famous way to deal with burns after a tanning bed or a beach is to use fermented milk products. If the victim has a combined type of skin, it is better to use yogurt or kefir, with a dry type, sour cream will do. The latter product is not suitable for all people, as its high fat content creates an airtight layer on the skin surface.

The second way to relieve pain and irritation is to take a cool shower. You can add 0.5 cups of soda to the bath. Its ability to retain moisture will help reduce pain and "cool" tanning burns.

Another option to remove the burning sensation after the procedure is to use any type of oil: refined, sunflower, olive, burdock. A small amount should be massaged onto burned areas of the skin. After 2-3 hours, the result will be visible and tangible: redness and pain symptoms will disappear.

One of the popular methods of dealing with a burn after "artificial tanning" is to carry out lotions: napkins are moistened with freshly brewed cooled tea. Then for 30-45 minutes they are applied to the disturbing places. After this method of treating thermal injury, it is recommended to apply a nourishing / moisturizing cream.

A widespread method is to use chamomile infusion. The filtered broth is applied to the affected skin 3-4 times a day.

Burn after solarium: what to do at home?

If a person received a minor burn in a solarium, then within a few days the wounds heal. In a situation where a serious thermal injury is received after the salon, it is better to consult a doctor. In both the first and second cases, a person can help himself on his own at home.

Popular ways to relieve symptoms are:

  • applying aloe vera gel to burned areas of the body;
  • using hyaluronic acid / hydrocortisone cream or antioxidant products;
  • drinking a lot of fluids.

After getting injured in the salon, using the above methods of struggle will allow faster relief and healing.

Preventive measures before visiting the solarium

The best option before going to the SPA is a comprehensive prophylaxis. To protect yourself from negative results after SPA procedures, it is recommended:

  • Skin treatment with special oils and creams suitable for skin type. Tanning products reduce the radiation intensity, so the resulting tan is softer and smoother. It is better for dark-skinned girls to apply the cream in a thin layer, pale-skinned women - you need to use a little more of the product.
  • Particular attention must be paid to the skin of the face. Be sure to apply an alcohol-free lotion before the procedure. Regardless of the skin type, it is strictly forbidden to use nourishing creams.
  • If a person uses any medications, then it is better to consult with the family doctor before the first visit. Some drugs can increase the sensitivity of the epithelium, thereby provoking the appearance of sun allergies. As a result, after undergoing the procedure, a burn is inevitable.

When visiting a salon, it is worth remembering the following precautions:

  • hair protection - wearing a headscarf or hat will not bother anyone;
  • use of sunglasses;
  • lack of makeup;
  • the correct choice of the SPA-salon and the procedure mode. Depending on the age and physical condition of the person, it is recommended to select the mode of the procedure: sunbathing in an upright position (turbo solarium) or lying down, when you can relax and unwind.

The perfect end of the procedure is the use of tea or fortified juice.

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