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Stretch marks on the skin in adolescents: causes, treatment, prevention
Stretch marks on the skin in adolescents: causes, treatment, prevention

Adolescence is a very difficult period in life for both the child and his parents. The hormonal background changes, the psyche becomes vulnerable, and the adolescents themselves become nervous, touchy, impressionable, overly emotional.

And in this difficult time, many adolescents have striae on their bodies or, as they are popularly called, stretch marks.

Of course, this problem cannot go unnoticed, especially if stretch marks appear in girls.

Stretch marks are microtraumas of the subcutaneous tissue, atrophic scars that have a light purple or pink color, and subsequently, 2-3 years after the appearance, brighten. Most often, stretch marks appear on the skin of the chest, abdomen, calves, outer and inner thighs.

Stretch marks are not painful, but they provoke significant emotional discomfort even in adults, and even more so in adolescents.

Stretch marks on the skin in adolescents: causes

To get rid of the problem, you need to figure out why it appeared.

The most common cause of striae is that a child is growing too fast. This, first of all, concerns boys, who grow rapidly during certain periods of growing up in a short time. Most often this happens at 12-15 years old, especially in summer

Muscles and skeletal system grow so quickly that the largest organ of our body - the skin - simply does not have time to "keep up" with them;

Obesity, overweight. Unfortunately, in recent years, the problem of excess weight concerns not only adults, but also adolescents. A sedentary lifestyle, preference for outdoor games with gadgets, hobby for fatty, fried, sweet foods, fast food lead to the fact that the teenager gains excess weight and stretch marks appear on the skin

In girls, striae on the chest can also appear during puberty due to the rapid growth of the mammary glands;

  1. Hormonal imbalance. The reason why stretch marks appear may be an increased amount of the hormone cortisol in the body of a teenager, which is "responsible" for carbohydrate metabolism. Due to an excess of cortisol in places that are characterized by the greatest stretching, tears of elastic fibers occur.
  2. Heredity. Stretch marks on the skin of adolescents can appear for no reason at all, due to the heredity of mom or dad. Therefore, if any of the parents had and still have such problems, you should pay special attention to the condition of the skin during the intensive growth of the child.


Before starting treatment for stretch marks in adolescents, you should understand why striae have appeared.

To make sure that the hormonal background of a teenager is not violated, you need to contact an endocrinologist and pass the tests recommended by him. If the examination shows that the level of hormones is not normal, it is necessary to start a comprehensive treatment.

If the endocrine system is in order, and the teenager does not need drug treatment, it is possible and necessary to deal with such a problem as stretch marks.

The sooner you start fighting stretch marks, the easier it will be to get rid of them.

It is necessary to understand that stretch marks on their own do not go away, they only change their color from dark to light over time, but at the same time they do not become invisible.

In order to get rid of the problem, you should use special preparations and creams.


Mesotherapy is a procedure that involves the introduction of a special substance under the skin - a meso cocktail.

Mesotherapy is of two types: hardware and traditional.

Traditional mesotherapy involves injecting a cocktail under the skin with an ordinary syringe. The composition of the cocktail is individually selected by the doctor, depending on the stage of development of stretch marks in adolescents. The composition of the substance includes collagen, plant extracts of algae, artichoke, enzymes and amino acids.

This procedure is completely non-toxic, moreover, it improves the general condition of the skin and fights cellulite. Injections are performed with a long needle and are painful, like a regular needle prick.

Apparatus mesotherapy, in contrast to the traditional one, is painless, and therefore costs an order of magnitude more expensive. The injection is carried out through the pores of the skin, does not leave marks, hematomas. Apparatus mesotherapy is convenient to use when adolescents have large areas of skin affected by stretch marks - on the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen.

There are few contraindications to mesotherapy: oncological tumors, infectious and cardiovascular diseases.

Mesotherapy sessions are held every two weeks, and the course of treatment lasts six months.


You can also get rid of stretch marks and prevent their appearance at this age with the help of various creams for special purposes.

They contain components such as collagen and silicone. They make the skin more elastic, enrich it with moisture and nutrients. Creams should be used regularly, since their single applications will not bring the desired result.

Creams for stretch marks should be rubbed into the affected skin twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening. Apply the products to clean, freshly washed and dried skin with vigorous movements until completely absorbed.

To enhance the effect after the procedure, the teenager should wear tight cotton clothing.

It is advisable to combine these procedures with a professional massage aimed at eliminating striae.


In order to prevent stretch marks from appearing in a teenager, first of all, it is necessary to monitor his diet and lifestyle. Limit the consumption of fatty, too sweet foods, exclude fast food and sugary carbonated drinks from his diet.

Make sure that the child leads an active lifestyle - enroll him in the sports section, for example, swimming, football or gymnastics.

Children who have a predisposition to the disease need to use special creams that will prevent tissue atrophy. And if striae have already appeared, explain why this happened and how you can get rid of this problem.

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