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Nipple piercing: how is it done and how long does it take to heal?
Nipple piercing: how is it done and how long does it take to heal?

Nipple piercings are one of the ways to express yourself. For girls, this type of body modification is not only a reason to acquire bright and original jewelry.

Nipple piercing is a procedure that, according to body modification masters, can increase sensitivity and get rid of certain defects. How harmless is this procedure? How long does a piercing take to heal? What is the truth in the words of the salon employees, and what is only persuasion techniques?

A bit of history

The pioneers of nipple piercing were far from fragile girls. They were not at all representatives of the fair sex. After all, nipple piercing was invented by the Praetorians. For the bodyguards of the head of the Roman Empire, such a decoration on the body was in a big trend. They saw in nipple piercings a symbol of courage, courage, strength.

It is not easy to imagine a praetorian who, getting ready for the procedure for piercing the nipple, asks his comrade: "Does it take a long time to heal?" The personal guards of the wise Caesar and other rulers of the era of Antiquity were strong guys. They didn't care about how quickly a small puncture in the nipple heals. And they hardly consulted with each other about how to care for the pierced body part.

However, modern girls have little in common with the Praetorians. Nevertheless, nipple piercing is regularly discussed on thematic forums. Questions about how painless this procedure is, what further care should be, and how long the puncture site heals, do not lose their relevance. Oddly enough, even languid girls, unable to endure pain in Praetorian style, are attracted by this type of piercing.

What prompts them to voluntarily agree to the execution? Indeed, in order to have such an adornment on the body, one must not only go through several painful minutes. The wound heals after the procedure for a long time.

Nipple piercings: a way to increase sensitivity

Some of the fairer sex undergo a procedure, which, according to reviews, is far from the most pleasant, solely to enhance sexual sensations. The question of how effectively the piercing of female nipples increases the sensitivity cannot be answered unequivocally.

  1. After all, it all depends on individual characteristics. In most cases, piercings do enhance the physical sensations.
  2. The main thing is to remember that a small wound heals for a long time and painfully if you touch it regularly.

Inverted nipple piercing

Fighting body flaws is another reason why the work of body modification masters will always be in demand. In some women, the shape of the nipples is imperfect. This part of the mammary gland can be retracted or sunken, which, from a male point of view, deprives its owner of erotic attractiveness.

Nipple piercing gives shape, makes the breasts more expressive. In addition, there are many accessories on sale that improve the aesthetic effect. But we'll talk about what jewelry for nipple piercing exists later. First, a few words should be said about the types of this body modification.

How is nipple piercing done?

It depends on the desired result.

There are the following types of piercings:

  • vertical;
  • horizontal;
  • diagonal;
  • multi-piercing.

The horizontal puncture is most in demand. This type of piercing allows you to use ring jewelry.

As for the procedure, the master follows the following scheme:

  1. Examination of the nipple to determine the size of the jewelry.
  2. Choosing a nipple piercing earring.
  3. Consultation with the master (the specialist lists the factors under the influence of which the puncture heals for a long time).
  4. The client completes a health questionnaire (for some diseases, wounds heal slowly, and in such cases, the procedure should be abandoned).
  5. Sterilization of the piercing set.
  6. Wipe with a disinfectant solution.
  7. Piercing with a sterile needle.

At the end of the procedure, the master inserts the decoration and seals the puncture site with a plaster.

How long does a nipple piercing heal?

In order for the healing process to proceed as painlessly as possible, certain rules must be followed:

  • do not visit the bathhouse, sauna, solarium, swimming pool;
  • do not steam the puncture site in the shower;
  • do not expose to mechanical stress (as far as possible).

The puncture site heals quickly if you strictly follow the recommendations of the master. As a rule, experts recommend gluing the piercing with a plaster, doing regular baths with a special solution.

The main condition for care is to keep bed and underwear clean. If this is not done, the puncture will not heal quickly. Moreover, an infection will get into the piercing, which will lead to unpleasant consequences.

If the recommendations of the master are taken into account, the puncture heals in about three months.

The maximum term is six months. When the piercing takes longer to heal, you should see your doctor. The first two weeks require special care. During this period, a channel is formed. Chlorhexidine or miramistin is commonly used to treat piercings.

The choice of the master

It's important not only to know how to care for your piercing. First of all, you need to find a good specialist. The puncture site heals quickly if the procedure is performed professionally. When choosing a salon, you should pay attention to the type of sterilization. The best option is a vacuum autoclave.

There is a misconception that some types of special solutions can not only prevent infection, but also kill the hepatitis virus. Such sterilizers have not yet been invented. But when using a vacuum autoclave, the instrument is sterilized within fifteen minutes. The procedure is risk-free. The puncture subsequently heals as quickly as possible.

Negative consequences

What do opponents of piercing say about this procedure? Usually, their arguments are based on the consequences that occur in the skin of a person with certain diseases. Piercing has contraindications. A small wound or puncture heals slowly if the epithelialization process is disturbed.

Diseases for which piercing should not be done:

  1. hepatitis C;
  2. epilepsy;
  3. diabetes.

The puncture site heals slowly also if the procedure was carried out during menstruation. And, probably, needless to say, pregnant women need to avoid visiting a piercer.

The point is not that during the period of bearing a child, the wound heals more slowly than usual. The body of a pregnant woman is being rebuilt. Even a harmless event (not to mention a procedure after which a small wound heals over several months) can have a negative impact on him.

Why won't the puncture heal?

This service is quite popular in Russia.

However, the masters who provide it, for the most part, are not interested in novelties in their profession, do not attend special conferences and are not familiar with the basics of therapy. The interior can inspire confidence.

However, an uninformed person can hardly tell the difference between surgical alloy and implantable titanium. Some craftsmen claim that steel is good for fresh piercings. While this type of metal is not implantation. Therefore, it is not suitable for wearing in the body.

  • The puncture does not heal quickly if poor quality earrings are used.
  • An unpleasant situation often develops when a puncture is too close.
  • The decoration can be torn off with a careless movement. As a result, the puncture channel will tear.

The piercing heals for more than six months if the puncture is made by an inexperienced craftsman. What mistakes do novice piercers make? The roughest is not the puncture of the nipple itself, but the areola. After this procedure, the wound heals up to twenty months.

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