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How to make hand cream at home?
How to make hand cream at home?

Women's hands are subjected to severe tests every day: washing dishes, cooking, washing, cleaning, scorching sun, cold wind, and more. Therefore, the skin of the hands needs regular complex care. If you do not treat it with a cream, then soon you will notice that the epidermis has become dry, flaky and looks bad.

Currently, you can find various hand care products on store shelves, but it is better to prepare homemade formulations, so you will be sure of their naturalness and effect.

What to make homemade cream from?

To create a truly versatile and effective composition that will restore youthfulness and beauty to the hands, it is important to understand how this or that ingredient affects the epidermis. Only by realizing this, you will be able to create the perfect cream to help solve skin problems.

Let's discuss the most popular ingredients that are usually used as a basis for home formulations:

  • Beeswax. The product has a beneficial effect on the skin of the limbs and marigolds;
  • Butter. It can be used both in liquid form, choosing, for example, burdock, olive, peach, etc., and in solid form. Solid oils include coconut, cocoa butter, shea butter, etc.;
  • Fat. Usually they use pork and goose, less often chicken. A fat-based cream ideal for chapped hands;
  • Butter.

When creating a cream at home, do not forget about additional ingredients.

To moisturize the epidermis as much as possible, essential products are added to homemade formulations, the ingredients are mixed with glycerin. Decoctions of medicinal herbs are also used: chamomile, calendula, etc.

If you have small cuts, cracks on your handles, then add aloe juice, sea buckthorn berries, a decoction of plantain, chamomile, celandine to the cream. Carrot juice and tea tree oil will also help.

If you want to whiten your skin, add citrus essential oils, cucumber, parsley or lemon juice to your homemade hand cream.

By learning how to combine the ingredients correctly, you will create a truly effective product that will give your hands beauty and health for years to come. And if you are not yet ready for independent experiments, then take into account the recipes below.

Hand cream at home: recipes for normal skin

Consider 2 ways of preparing products for normal skin of hands:

  • To prepare the first remedy, you should combine 1 large spoonful of honey with 25 g of butter, it should be soft, but not melted, 5 drops of patchouli ether and 15 ml of the infusion of the string. The infusion is prepared as follows: 5 large tablespoons of the herb are poured into a glass of water. The mixture is simmering over minimal heat until the liquid has evaporated by half. Then the gas is turned off, the rest of the broth is decanted and used if necessary. When you combine all of the listed ingredients and you have a cream, you can use it. The composition will protect the limbs from drying out, retain moisture in the epidermis;
  • Take a clean container and combine 1 tbsp in it. l. oils of avocado and grape seed. Put 3 drops of ylang-ylang, orange, petitgrain oil into a plate, add 5 drops of rose essential oil. Heat the combined components in a water bath so that they mix better. The ready-made hand cream will not only perfectly moisturize the skin, but also have an amazing aroma.

Dry hand cream recipes

Now we will discuss several recipes for preparing products for ladies with dry epidermis of hands:

  • To create a cream, you should prepare a chamomile decoction, it should be concentrated. To do this, pour 2 large spoons of dried flowers with half a glass of water. Boil the mixture over low heat, cook for 60 minutes, not forgetting to stir. Strain the finished broth, combine with 1 small spoonful of jojoba and shea butter, add 4 drops of orange oil. Whisk all ingredients until smooth. Apply the finished cream daily before bedtime, this will keep the skin moisturized for the next day;
  • Another version of the homemade composition has a truly magical aroma and helps to get rid of dry hands. To create it, you need to take 1 large spoonful of cocoa butter, combine with 3 drops of orange ether and a pinch of cinnamon. The resulting mixture must be held in a water bath until the cocoa butter melts. Then beat the mass with a whisk until it acquires a uniform chocolate color. It is most convenient to apply the product with a spoon, and remove residues that will not be absorbed in 5-7 minutes with a napkin;
  • If you want to effectively moisturize the epidermis, nourish it and remove fine wrinkles, then prepare a special lotion. To do this, combine ½ tsp. glycerin and wheat germ oil, add honey and 5 drops of juniper ether. Stir the ingredients. Rub the finished lotion into the handles.

Home cream for aged skin of hands: recipes

With age, the skin of beautiful ladies needs special care.

Therefore, consider the recipes for preparing care products for mature skin:

  • To prepare the composition, combine 1 small spoonful of salicylic acid, ½ tsp in a convenient bowl. vitamin A and E, 3 drops of cinnamon essential oil. Stir the listed ingredients until smooth and ready to use. The cream perfectly nourishes the skin, renewing and restoring it;
  • Another remedy will help not only moisturize the epidermis, eliminate the feeling of tightness, but also relieve itching. For cooking, take 5 aloe leaves, wash them and grind them with a blender (meat grinder). Squeeze the resulting gruel through cheesecloth to extract juice. Add 5 drops of eucalyptus oil, 1 small spoonful of castor oil and 1 large coconut oil to the liquid. Place the prepared mixture in a water bath to melt the butter. When this happens, cool the composition and you can use.

If you want to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of your hands, then proper care is an important condition for achieving the goal. Love yourself and shine. Good luck!

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