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We moisturize the skin of the hands: we select vitamins and useful products
We moisturize the skin of the hands: we select vitamins and useful products

Hands have been the calling card of every woman since ancient times. The beauty and grooming of the fair sex could be judged by her hands - it was not for nothing that all greetings began with a fleeting kiss of the hand or a light handshake. Soft velvety skin, beautiful manicure are an integral part of the finished look.

However, almost every girl or woman sooner or later faces a serious problem in which the skin of the hands dries up. At such moments, you should not panic, but you need to understand the causes of this trouble and its corresponding elimination.

The skin of the hands dries - we are looking for the reasons

If you're experiencing dryness, then using a moisturizer won't hurt. However, this is only a temporary solution to the problem.

There are several reasons for dry and cracked hands:

  • Severe weather conditions - prolonged exposure to gusty winds, frost, ultraviolet light, a sharp temperature drop;
  • Prolonged stressful situations;
  • The presence of bad habits;
  • Chemical effect on the body - there may be the effect of directly detergents and cleaning agents on the skin, and maybe long-term use of drugs;
  • Problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Heredity;
  • Lack of vitamins;
  • The presence of a disease or fungus.

This is a list of the main reasons. If you have not previously experienced dryness, then you should read this list in more detail and highlight the possible harmful effects. If there is no harmful effect of external factors, and there are no diseases, then, most likely, the reason lies in the fact that some vitamins in your body are not enough. Only their replenishment will help to overcome dry skin.

Vitamins for the skin of the hands

The modern pace of life sometimes simply leaves no time to take care of yourself. Very often, not only business women, but also young mothers encounter this, when the child takes all the free time. However, it must be remembered that health is the main factor of success in any endeavor, so do not forget about the regular replenishment of useful microelements in the body.

To determine which vitamins are lacking in the skin of your hands, you need to review your diet in detail.

It should include the following vitamins:

  • Groups B - are responsible for brittle nails, the occurrence of cracks;
  • C - rejuvenates the skin, protects it from ultraviolet radiation;
  • N - in other words, biotin - is useful not only for the skin, but also for the whole organism. No wonder it is called the vitamin of beauty;
  • E - this vitamin is known to everyone, it not only strengthens nails, but makes the skin healthy and radiant.
  • A - is responsible for rejuvenation, cell renewal. If it is not enough, then the skin on the whole body may suffer. It becomes dull, as if gray, and the general appearance is very painful.
  • F, K, nicotinamide - improve the structure of the skin in general.

Thus, it is impossible to say unequivocally which vitamins should be taken. However, you can guess what foods you have eliminated from your diet and eliminate this annoying oversight.

Products for the health of hand skin

The best way to overcome dryness naturally is to include foods rich in the above vitamins in your daily diet.

To replenish B vitamins, it is recommended to include dates, dried apricots, cranberries, garlic, horseradish, green peas, meat - pork and beef in the diet.

Most of all, its content is in pine nuts - almost 34 mg per 100 g of nuts. Therefore, if the lack of vitamins of this group is felt especially acutely, then the best way to restore their quantity is to eat pine nuts.

A large amount of vitamin C, contrary to popular belief, is not in lemon, but in dry rose hips - about 1200 mg per 100 g, while its content in lemon is only 40 mg per 100 g. After rose hips, foods such as sweet are the most enriched with this vitamin red pepper, parsley and cabbage of different varieties, sea buckthorn, kiwi.

Biotin can be found in large quantities in the liver, and to a lesser extent in chicken eggs. The rest of the products contain small amounts of it.

Nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts are high in vitamin E.

To replenish vitamin A, it is necessary to include chicken liver, carrots, dried apricots in the diet.

Overview of pharmacy products

There are several products that have worked well. These include complexes of vitamins "Complivit", "Alphabet", "Vitrum" and others.

It is necessary to choose those products on which the restoration of skin, hair and nails is listed, otherwise you will take the wrong drug and postpone the solution to the problem of dryness for a longer period.

External care

It is very important not only to replenish the loss of vitamins, but also to ensure the replenishment of nutrients for already damaged skin. Moisturizers, in the first place, can help with this. There are a wide variety of moisturizers on sale in perfume and beauty stores. It is necessary to choose those that have a light structure and a minimum amount of various fragrances. In other words, the cream should smell like cream. Otherwise, its effectiveness will be low. It is worth paying attention to products with natural ingredients such as olive oil.

Also in stores and pharmacies you can find hand masks - they are sold, as a rule, in the form of gloves. Using them according to the instructions for use will help restore the suffering layers of the epidermis.

In any case, it is worth remembering that the best treatment is an integrated approach. Taking special medications, reviewing your diet and using external care products will not only help you achieve excellent results, but also do it in the shortest possible time.

With all this, do not forget about protective equipment - in frosty and windy times, wear gloves, and use a protective cream before going out into the hot sun - these measures will help prevent dryness.

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