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How and how to treat redness of the skin of the hands?
How and how to treat redness of the skin of the hands?

Redness of the hands and inflammation are not always signs of a serious infection or illness. However, quite often, after such problems, a physical handicap remains on the hands, respectively, many experience psychological discomfort.

In some cases, itching and redness on the skin of the hands can lead to the development of dermatitis or other chronic disease.

Causes of the problem

In order for the treatment of the hands to be effective, it is necessary to first identify the cause of the irritation.

The main causes of itching and redness on the hands:

  • Exposure to water. We are in constant contact with water throughout the day. When it is tough enough, a certain reaction occurs, causing small cracks, peeling, redness, the skin becomes coarser and dry;
  • Cold air. Frost, wind, sudden temperature changes can negatively affect the skin of our hands. Sometimes allergies can be accompanied by small blisters, peeling, cracks;
  • Exposure to detergents. Most household cleaning products contain alkalis that cause itching, flaking, and redness;
  • Ultraviolet. The sun or tanning beds can damage the epidermis, which can be compared to chemical exposure. After exposure to the sun, burns and itching may appear on the hands, which in most cases cause allergies.

The causes of skin redness and irritation can vary. Sometimes they appear after taking medications, due to kidney diseases, in owners of fair skin, this may be a reaction to cosmetics, etc.

Treatment methods

It is possible to completely get rid of irritations on the hands or inflammation only with an integrated approach to treatment. First, you need to identify the causes of itching or cracks and eliminate them. If they are clear, then the factor that caused the allergic reaction and the appearance of inflammation on the skin should be completely excluded. If it is not possible to identify the causes of the problem, you need to contact a specialist. In most cases, it is enough to donate blood to find out the culprit of your problem.

You can get rid of itching and irritation on the hands with medicinal ointments with vitamins B and C. They can heal the skin, while further softening it. In more serious cases, antibiotics and antiseptics are used.

Medicinal cosmetics, which include cereals, flowers and herbs, have an excellent effect against itching and other inflammations.

In addition, you can use specially treated gel gloves. Due to the movement, it is able to heat up and have a beneficial effect on the skin. They can also be worn as prophylaxis.

It is necessary to start the treatment process precisely with the use of such medical cosmetics, in most cases this is enough to solve the problem. Only then can one move on to medicinal ointments, hormonal agents or home therapy.

Basic conditions of treatment

  • A normal lifestyle, regimen, avoidance of experiences and stress, which can also provoke skin problems;
  • Refusal of bad habits, proper diet, exclusion of all allergens from food;
  • Competent hand skin care;
  • Medicinal effects. When you visit a doctor, you will receive the necessary prescriptions and recommendations for the use of antihistamines, ointments or special antifungal medicines;
  • Drastic measures are necessary if it is impossible to get rid of the problem. When conventional methods do not work, you can try to change the climate of residence or place of work.

Home remedies

In addition to medicines and ointments, hand skin treatment can be carried out using home methods. Oil wrap helps a lot.


To prepare the product, mix one teaspoon of cocoa butter and peach butter. Place the enameled container in a water bath, bring to a homogeneous consistency and cool. Soak a cloth bandage in the resulting product and wrap your hands, covering the top with plastic. After 20-30 minutes, remove the bandage and massage the remaining oil on your hands until completely absorbed.


You can make your own ointment to treat the skin on your hands and eliminate itching. To do this, you need olive oil (200 grams), beeswax (100 grams), two grams of propolis and two tablespoons of already sugared honey. All ingredients must be mixed and simmered in a water bath for about 25 minutes. After the prepared hand skin treatment has cooled, it should be stored in a cool place, lubricating the affected areas regularly.


To make the skin healthy, eliminate redness on the hands and unpleasant itching, you need to constantly use the cream.

Irritation from frost can be easily removed by rubbing with a cream that contains essential oils, for example, fir or pine needles. Thus, an excellent warming effect can be achieved.

In case of burns, you can make a cooling bath by dissolving mint and salt in water. At the end of this procedure, rub the nourishing cream into your hands.

Problem prevention

When the causes of itching and irritation on the hands are eliminated, the skin is restored, it is necessary to constantly observe preventive measures.

To eliminate water hardness, you can install special filters, reduce all hand contact with water to a minimum, wash, clean and wash only with gloves. Use only detergents with skin-softening ingredients for washing dishes.

In winter, wear gloves and protect your hands and face to avoid treating redness, flaking and itching.

In a tanning bed or on the beach, be sure to use sunscreen and constantly moisturize your hands and body.

The problem is easier to prevent than to fix. Regular hand care, nutrition, hydration, a healthy lifestyle and the elimination of harmful factors will help you preserve your own hands.

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