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How to make your hands young with paraffin baths
How to make your hands young with paraffin baths

Taking care of women's hands is very important, because hands with flabby and wrinkled skin look very ugly and, most importantly, give out age. But, unfortunately, the fair sex constantly does not have enough time, due to the heavy workload and household chores.

For the skin of the hands to become beautiful, smooth and well-groomed, you need to spend only half an hour. With the help of paraffin hand masks, the skin will be cleansed, get rid of toxins, moisturized and if there are irritations, they will decrease.

How does cosmetic wax work?

Before becoming cosmetic, paraffin is subjected to strong pre-cleaning. Dyes and harmful impurities are extracted from it. Various minerals, trace elements and vitamin complexes are added to the refined paraffin. Cosmetic wax is on sale based on honey, fruits, oils and medicinal herbs.

It eliminates the signs of aging and aging of the skin, deeply nourishes, moisturizes and heals:

  • when applied to the skin, the wax increases the temperature by one and a half to two degrees. And at this time, there will be a gradual increase in the intercellular space, opening of the pores and the skin will begin to secrete sweat. But wax acts as a thermal barrier that will prevent the moisture that has come out from evaporating. In this way, the moisture is absorbed back into the skin of the hands. Due to this, the hands become moisturized and softened;
  • cleansing from toxins occurs due to the thermal effects of wax. This leads to a local intensity of blood circulation and lymph. And therefore, most toxins come to the surface and are not absorbed back due to their molecular structure;
  • alignment occurs due to the cooling of the cosmetic wax, which slightly squeezes and tightly fits the skin.

Homemade paraffin mask recipe

Mask for dry skin of hands with green tea. Due to the content of green tea extracts, paraffin wax has excellent antioxidant effects. Effectively tones, saturates skin cells with essential nutrients. Also, cosmetic wax with green tea is suitable for hand and foot treatments.

Good for spa manicures and spa pedicures.

  • Before the paraffin mask, the pens should be scrubbed with your favorite cleanser or crushed oatmeal mixed with baking soda (1: 1). Then you need to apply your favorite cream, which you usually use;
  • paraffin with useful substances must be heated, but not in a microwave oven, but in a water bath. It is best to use a bath, which can be purchased from a pharmacy or specialty store. If this is not possible for you, then select a container made of heat-resistant material for wax. Warming up the paraffin will take about twenty minutes, and when it melts, you need to immerse your hands in it;
  • the dive should be done in three stages. In the first two stages, the fingers should be as far apart as possible. In the third stage, the immersion of the hands should take place with closed fingers. The last layer of wax should be very dense. Then you will need outside help so that someone can help you put special gloves or bags on your hands and wrap them in a towel. The time it takes for a paraffin bath for hands is only half an hour;
  • for half an hour you will feel pleasant warmth, calmness and relaxation. Therefore, at home, it is best to do paraffin procedures before going to bed.

The result will amaze you, the skin turgor will increase, the hands will be well moisturized, they will become soft, but at the same time they will not be greasy. The nails will become stronger and if your cuticles were in a deplorable state, then after a paraffin bath they will recover. This mask acts not only on skin regeneration, but will also be very useful for people with arthritic diseases of the hands.

Restriction on the use of paraffin procedures

With intensive hair growth in women (hirsutism), the use of baths is strongly discouraged.

Also, with hypertrichosis (excessive hair growth on any part of the body), both men and women, it is absolutely impossible to do paraffin masks.

  • Do not use baths for rosacea, persistent expansion of small vessels of the skin (spider veins or reticulum), malignant tumors, insufficient blood circulation (third degree and second B), hypertensive diseases of the third stage and severe atherosclerosis.
  • It is not necessary to use cosmetic wax masks during pregnancy, during illnesses with acute inflammatory processes, endocrine and mental illnesses, bleeding and cirrhosis of the liver.
  • Deep warming causes a strong blood flow to the sore spot, which can lead to swelling. Therefore, people with joint sprains, bruises or injuries are contraindicated to use paraffin warming, in the first three days.

Choosing a cosmetic wax for masks

First, you need to decide on your skin type, whether you have allergies or any inflammatory processes.

  • If, nevertheless, there is an allergy or rashes on the hands, then it is better to buy paraffin based on peach oil. The wax with the addition of tea rose extract and tocopherol is perfect for spa procedures that are aimed at treating the skin, both on the hands and feet.
  • If the wax contains citrus additives, then it has an additional nourishing effect, and is also good for treating the skin on the arms, legs and body. And paraffin with chocolate additives has a regenerating effect and renews the skin at the cellular level.

At the very end, I would like to note that cosmetic paraffin, in one procedure, is consumed up to two hundred grams. Replacing it takes place with a thorough cleaning of the bath (the container that you have chosen).

After 30 procedures, the cosmetic paraffin must be replaced with a new one. Although, some manufacturers of this product indicate in the instructions that their paraffin should be changed from two to three times a year.

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