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Tightening the skin after childbirth
Tightening the skin after childbirth

Loose and stretched skin in the abdomen often becomes the reason for the appearance of new complexes in young mothers. After childbirth, the elasticity of the skin decreases, which leads to sagging.

However, you can cope with this nuisance with the help of home and professional cosmetics, salon procedures and exercises. How to tighten the skin on your stomach after childbirth?

Why does the dermis become inelastic?

After giving birth, almost all women are faced with numerous stretch marks and sagging dermis on the abdomen. Why it happens? During the period of bearing crumbs, expectant mothers lead a sedentary lifestyle, especially in the last trimester. During this period, fat masses begin to accumulate between the fascial cells of the transverse and oblique muscles of the press, which greatly stretch the skin.

The main factors that provoke a sagging abdomen immediately after childbirth, doctors include:

  • Improper nutrition. During the period of carrying a baby, many expectant mothers have a strong change in food preferences. Now they want something sweet, and two minutes later they want something salty. Unbalanced nutrition leads to disruption of cellular metabolism, which negatively affects the elasticity of the skin;
  • Weight gain. Almost all pregnant women gain a lot in weight, due to which the tone of the skin decreases sharply;
  • Vitamin deficiency. The organism developing in the womb of the expectant mother "sucks" useful substances from her. Their lack provokes a slowdown in metabolic processes, which leads to sagging skin and the appearance of stretch marks on the abdomen;
  • Natural aging. The older a person becomes, the faster the skin fading occurs, which is associated with the gradual dehydration of the skin. Lack of moisture provokes disturbances in metabolism, which is why folds may appear on the abdomen after childbirth.

Can the skin be tightened and firmer?

To eliminate cosmetic imperfections, a lot of salon procedures are used, as well as home and professional cosmetics. All of them help to restore beauty and health to the skin, which has lost its attractiveness after childbirth.

Salon procedures - the fight against sagging without surgery

In modern cosmetology, there are many areas of hardware treatment that help to tighten the belly after the birth of a baby.

However, this method can be used only in cases where the reason for the loss of skin elasticity was:

  • sudden weight loss or gain;
  • stretching of the dermis;
  • improper nutrition;
  • taking hormonal drugs.

If a cosmetic defect that arose after childbirth was provoked by a disease, it is impossible to use hardware treatment without eliminating the cause of its occurrence.

So, what procedures will help restore the body of the newly-made mother to its former beauty?

  1. RF-lifting - promotes the production of elastin and collagen in the tissues, which helps to restore elasticity to the skin;
  2. Myostimulation is a medical procedure that involves the forced stimulation of the muscles. It helps not only to tighten the skin on the abdomen, but also to increase the tone of the abdominal muscles;
  3. LPG massage is a special type of therapeutic massage that uses vacuum massage equipment. They help to reduce the fatty layer in the abdomen after childbirth, as well as eliminate stretch marks and cellulite;
  4. Ultrasonic liposuction is a non-surgical way to eliminate fat deposits, which along the way helps to tighten the skin;
  5. Electrolipolysis is a method of electrocurrent therapy that allows you to eliminate skin defects after childbirth. The problem area is affected by weak currents, which stimulates cellular metabolism.

Surgical solutions to the problem

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to remove the hated folds without surgery. To get rid of a cosmetic defect, surgery is used in about 15% of cases.

You can eliminate sagging skin after childbirth using the following procedures:

  • Liposuction. In this case, the fatty layer that appears in the abdomen is eliminated by means of water jet, laser or radio frequency therapy. However, it should be borne in mind that liposuction after childbirth can be done only with normal elasticity of the epidermis;
  • Abdominoplasty. This is one of the fastest and most effective ways of body shaping. It is very often used to combat skin folds that have arisen with multiple pregnancies. Abdominoplasty involves the surgical removal of excess skin, which leads to a tightening of the abdomen.

To tighten the skin faster, dermatologists recommend using an integrated approach. Those. along with the use of lifting procedures, it is advisable to use special cosmetics.

Cosmetics in the fight against sagging

Do cosmetics help to tighten the tummy and remove stretch marks on it? It should be noted right away that the effect of the use of cosmetics will be visible, but not immediately.

In order to put your body in order after childbirth, you need to use creams and gels, which include:

  • Collagen - increases the tone of the epidermis and makes stretch marks less noticeable;
  • Extract of lavender, sage, calendula - improve blood microcirculation, contributing to the acceleration of metabolic processes in the dermis;
  • Extracts from brown algae - increase the elasticity of the skin after childbirth and contribute to their intense hydration;
  • Horse chestnut extract - helps to tighten the dermis by eliminating swelling in the tissues and burning fat.

Preventive measures

To tighten the tummy after childbirth and keep yourself in good shape, you should not neglect such preventive methods:

  • the use of vitamin complexes;
  • gymnastics and cardio exercises (this can be fitness, yoga, pillates, body flex and other similar practices);
  • consumption of 1.5 liters of clean water per day;
  • systematic trips to the pool or bath;
  • using homemade masks, scrubs and wraps.

After giving birth, many women are faced with the need for body shaping.

To tighten the skin and make it healthier, experts advise using lifting procedures and special cosmetics.

It should include extracts from medicinal plants, as well as extracts from seaweed.

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