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Anti-wrinkle eye cream
Anti-wrinkle eye cream

Whatever may seem to opponents of cosmetics, the skin around the eyes is different than on the whole body and even the face, and therefore deserves special attention. Often it is this zone that gives out the actual age or the presence of health problems.

In the absence of proper care, the appearance of such unpleasant symptoms as wrinkles, baggy, swelling, bruising is almost inevitable.

The fact is that the skin near the eyes is very delicate and delicate, and instead of the subcutaneous fat layer, there is a huge number of blood vessels. Any negative changes in the body can manifest as pathological signs around the eyelids.

Violations of the circulation processes in cells, a slowdown in collagen production, and a decrease in moisture content lead to age-related changes.

Among other things, the modern rhythm of life, characterized by its intensity, stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, as well as the impact of unfavorable factors of nature and the city and the climate, does not allow this already vulnerable zone to “relax”.

To prevent or at least slow down negative processes, it is necessary to devote a little time to proper eyelid skin care and to prevent diseases. It will be great, of course, to visit a specialist who will help you choose the most effective remedy. The most common and easy to use are all possible creams.

Every year, the shelves of cosmetic stores are filled with various jars of miraculous substances, but how to choose the best cream for wrinkles under the eyes from all the variety.

Rating of creams for wrinkles around the eyes

Our list of creams has been compiled depending on the uniqueness of natural ingredients, as well as the intensity of the effect on mature skin.

Orchidee Impereale Eye and Lip Crème by Guerlain

The effective component of the cream, royal orchid extract, is unique. This flower, even after cutting, remains fresh for a long time and does not fade.

The cream fights signs of wilting, increases moisture content, nutrition, restores cell structure, and gradually smoothes wrinkles. You can use it in the morning or in the evening.

Regular use makes the surface velvety, elastic, smooth for a long time. The look becomes more expressive, younger.

A good eye cream suitable after 40 years is Regenerations Augencreme by Dr. Hauschka

The list of ingredients is very interesting: quince, macadamia oil, jojoba, cucumber, shea, cocoa, sea buckthorn, beeswax, etc.

The cream saturates with moisture, smoothes shallow and light wrinkles around the eyes, nourishes, helps the epidermis to recover faster, removes edema, tones, relieves fatigue. Apply in the morning, after which make-up is applied.

Regular use reduces wrinkles. The skin becomes more elastic, even, color improves, and freshness appears.

Extreme Firming Eye Cream by Ahava

The cream is made from the treasures of the Dead Sea, blackberry root extract, date tree, Icelandic moss, etc.

An effective complex is able to slow down the aging process. The cream reduces the number of wrinkles, tightens the skin and without acid that interferes with normal water metabolism, improves color, intensely moisturizes, nourishes, and stimulates natural cell renewal. You can use it in the morning or in the evening.

Daily care will very soon tighten the eye contour and add elasticity, velvety, radiating health and invigorating shine.

Benefiance by Shiseido

The product contains ginseng herbs, algae, amino acids, glycerin, etc.

An effective anti-aging cream is active against wrinkles around the eyes, moisturizes, nourishes with useful substances, maintains water-fat balance. Increases the energy potential of cells. Apply at any time. Suitable for every type of epidermis.

Regular use makes the tissues around the eyes firm, velvety, smoothed and lifted.

Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream by Almea

The cream contains various herbs, castor oil, fatty acids, vitamins, etc.

The product intensively moisturizes, nourishes, restores a healthy color, relieves symptoms of fatigue, restores cells, and reduces capillary permeability. Active ingredients protect collagen from the negative effects of the environment, thereby maintaining tissue elasticity. Use in the morning or evening. Suitable for any type of surface.

Regular use helps to slow down the aging process, reduce the number of wrinkles, increase elasticity, as well as the protective functions of cells.

Aqualia Thermal by Vichy

The eye cream contains mineral-enriched thermal water, hyaluronin, etc.

The product intensively moisturizes the epidermis, nourishes, refreshes, improves complexion, normalizes metabolic processes, and relieves swelling. Recommended for use in the morning. Suitable for normal to oily skin. There are also allergies to it.

Regular use saturates the skin with moisture, which helps to smooth out fine mimic wrinkles.

Sensibio by Bioderma

The substance contains hyaluronic acid, glycerin, caffeine, rhamnose, etc.

The tool reduces puffiness, sensitivity to wind, heat, fog, reduces the number of wrinkles, relieves inflammation, moisturizes. Used in the morning. Can be used as a makeup base. Suitable for dry as well as normal epidermis.

Everyday care helps to improve the structure of the skin, reduce wrinkles. The fabrics become elastic, tightened, and there is more brightness and openness in the look.

Doliva Eye Gel

The product contains extracts of olive, calendula, hyaluron, caffeine, tocopherol, etc.

The gel saturates the surface layer with moisture, useful substances, restores damaged cells, relieves inflammation, prevents the effects of snow, wind, sun, etc. Used in the morning or evening. Suitable for all skin types.

Daily use makes the surface elastic, strong, without wrinkles, swelling and redness.

Targeted anti-wrinkle products around the eyes are quickly effective on tissues. However, the choice should be approached very carefully. It is impossible to say with certainty that any anti-wrinkle cream is the best. It is necessary to select components that are appropriate for the age, condition and type of the epidermis.


To achieve the best effect, the substance is applied to a clean surface. Movements should be light, barely touching the tissues. The excess is carefully soaked with a napkin.


All cosmetic preparations can cause allergies in the form of redness, rash, itching, fever. Anti-wrinkle eye cream is no exception.

Unpleasant consequences can affect not only the skin, but also harm the mucous membranes of the eyes. Therefore, it is necessary to do skin tests.

The product cannot be used in the presence of skin diseases, wounds, pustular formations, eye diseases.

Correct daily care of the area around the eyes will not only prolong youthfulness, but also make the look expressive, confident and cheerful.

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