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Facial care using "Physiogel"
Facial care using "Physiogel"

A clean and radiant face is the pride of any girl who wants to look beautiful and takes care of herself. However, if there is such a feature as dry skin of the face, then a great appearance is a real achievement.

In this case, a special attitude is required - constant moisturizing, softening, the use of products with a calming effect. If you do not do this, then there will be irritation, redness, peeling, which ultimately leads to the appearance of acne and acne.

At the same time, if you overdo it with care or choose inappropriate cosmetics, you can harm the already sensitive skin, further increasing its sensitivity. Fortunately, cosmetologists have created a fundamentally new tool that will help to cope with this problem.

"Physiogel" - what is it?

It is a product specially formulated by the best beauticians to moisturize and nourish dry and sensitive skin. It helps to get rid of blackheads and acne, and also actively fights other imperfections in the layers of the epidermis.

The cream is based on vegetable lipids. Due to their naturalness, they are very similar in structure to those lipids that are contained in the cells of the epidermis, which contributes to their effective penetration into the deep layers. Thus, they have a beneficial effect from the inside, enriching the skin with nutrients. Physiogel contains such components as coconut oil, shea butter, glycerin, etc. At the same time, the cream does not contain artificial flavors, preservatives, and colorants, which increases its effectiveness.

The composition completely lacks xenobiotics, which can cause damage to the lipid barrier of the epidermis.

When is the cream used?

It is worth noting that it can be used for any skin type.

The indications for use due to skin problems are very extensive:

  • Congenital or age-related dryness;
  • Various diseases;
  • Damage caused by weather conditions or other cosmetic products;
  • Allergic reactions;
  • Changes in the structure in diabetes mellitus;
  • Cosmetic procedures.

It can be used daily as a replacement for a moisturizer, as well as with other medications in the treatment of diseases of the epidermis. "Physiogel" affects not only the cause, but also the symptoms, helping to alleviate the general condition - relieves itching, burning, removes peeling, etc.

Benefits of Physiogel cream

Physiogel is a certified product that can be sold both in pharmacies and in perfumery and cosmetics stores.

Compared to many other remedies for dealing with problem skin of the face, it has a number of undoubted advantages:

  • Suitable for both medicinal purposes and for daily use as a moisturizer;
  • Does not cause irritation if you are not allergic to the components of the drug;
  • It contains no allergenic substances - flavors, dyes, silicone - which means that it is safe to use and is as effective as possible;
  • It is enough to use it 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening;
  • When applied daily to dry and sensitive skin, it nourishes it with a large amount of nutrients, which gives it a youthful and healthy look;
  • It can be used for redness, acne, etc., since it has an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Affects not only the cause of the disease, but also the symptoms, therefore relieves itching, irritation, reduces sensitivity;
  • The use of the “Physiogel” cream is possible from the age of three, that is, it will suit both you and your children, if the need arises to use it.

Application result

The first result can be seen immediately after application - the “Physiogel” cream does not leave behind a greasy film on the face, so the pores are not clogged. At the same time, the structure of the Physiogel cream is such that it helps to create a barrier that will retain moisture inside the cells for a long period of time - this is what allows Physiogel to be used only twice a day.

With the help of this cream, the face is gradually cleansed from acne and blackheads.

Prolonged use of Physiogel cream makes the skin healthy, smooth and elastic. The substances contained in its composition help to withstand adverse weather conditions - bitter frosts and hot sun.


Since the product was created not only as a cosmetic, but also as a therapeutic one, it has only one contraindication - this is an individual intolerance to the components that make up its composition.

If you do not have such information, then before using, consult with your doctor and conduct a test - apply the product to a small area of the face and leave for about 1 hour. If there is no negative reaction, then the cream can be used.

Other means

Irish Stifel Laboratory has created a whole line of cosmetics that fight various skin and body problems.

Among them are simple and intense creams "Physiogel", which have a moisturizing and soothing effect, as well as nourish very dry skin of the face and body.

Physiogel shampoos are an excellent remedy for restoring brittle, dry and damaged hair, as well as for reducing the sensitivity of the scalp.

Regular use of it restores strength, softness and silkiness to hair.

The Physiogel makeup remover perfectly removes cosmetics, including waterproof ones, and does not require additional rinsing with water.

Physiogel creams marked by A. I. suitable for people with very dry skin, as well as for hardened layers of the epidermis. Such creams are used not only on the face, but also on the elbows, heels, etc. - they perfectly soften hardened cells.

Physiogel is a line of nourishing and regenerating products that are suitable for all skin types, including very dry and sensitive skin.

Regular use of the cream will help restore the damaged layers of the epidermis, create a protective barrier that will withstand adverse weather conditions. Physiogel cream will make your skin healthy, soft and elastic, neutralizing the effect of external irritants and successfully fighting hypersensitivity.

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