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Facial skin care after 25 years
Facial skin care after 25 years

Do I need special facial care after 25 years old or at this age is still enough washing and thorough cleansing after applying cosmetics?

At this age, youth for the skin is already a relative concept. Natural metabolic processes slow down and moisture begins to evaporate. Additional moisture is needed for all skin types, replenishment with useful substances in case of insufficient production of sebaceous secretion and normalization of the sebaceous glands in case of their excessive functioning.

All this requires increased care - connecting more "adult" products - creams and gels with vitamins, acids, beneficial oils and other ingredients.

Age-related changes have the most negative effect on the area around the eyes and lips - in these places the skin is thinner and drier. So 25 years is a turning point, if you don't pay enough attention to yourself now, then aging will proceed at an accelerated pace.

Facial steps after 25

Correct facial care after 25 years is only comprehensive. For oily and combination skin, special attention should be paid to cleansing of various types - deep and light, daily; with dry skin, it is necessary to constantly conduct sessions with nourishing masks to replenish with useful substances.

Essential care procedures to help keep you young:

  • Exfoliation - the upper stratum corneum must be removed. With excessive sebum secretion, the procedure is carried out up to 2 times a week, with insufficient secretion - 1 time per month. For this, scrubs or gommage are used. In some cases, it is recommended to peel in a salon.
  • Deep cleansing. During the procedure, the pores are opened to remove household and cosmetic impurities.

To open the pores, steam baths are made - it is better with infusions of medicinal herbs that have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects, depending on the problems:

  1. softening is required - infusion of linden or mint;
  2. eliminate redness - chamomile infusion;
  3. dry - infusion of oak bark or calendula.
  • After active care, cosmetics are applied to the face - according to the skin type.
  • It is impossible to look fresh and well-groomed if the balance of work and rest is not respected. Healthy sleep - at least 7-8 hours, a balanced diet - enough nutrients should be supplied to the body. It is necessary to try to avoid smoky premises - and to give up the bad habit, regularly go in for sports - there is no time for training, which means that daily to develop such a quality as flexibility - otherwise the joints will begin to "stiffen". It is necessary to walk more, walk in the air, sit at the computer less.
  • Separately, it should be said about the care of the area around the eyes. As already mentioned, the skin in this area is the most sensitive and delicate. Improper nutrition and lack of sleep primarily affects the eyelids - they become swollen, dark circles appear around the eyes. It is important to choose cosmetics and carry out home procedures that will help to cope with the emerging problem.
  • It is very important to massage the face, regularly do muscle exercises. This increases the activity of blood circulation in the upper layer of the dermis and increases muscle tone - so that the contour of the face does not sag.
  • Soap should be excluded from face care products. It dries up by drawing out precious moisture.
  • You can't go to bed without washing off your makeup. This should be done even when you want to fall and fall asleep.

If a woman thinks that it is too early to apply a factory-made cream due to the large amount of fragrances and preservatives, then natural recipes will be an alternative for her.

Facial care products

For dry skin, natural oils and extracts of medicinal herbs are used, it is better to refuse products that contain ethyl alcohol, it is better to do tonics on your own on a water basis. They do not last long, but they do not harm either.

With oily skin, you should not give up cosmetic products - in "industrial" products there are always anti-inflammatory ingredients, drying and mattifying.

Creams for ages over 25 should contain a set of vitamins, moisturizing and exfoliating ingredients.

  • Vitamin A - for regeneration;
  • vitamin E - maintains skin tone;
  • vitamin C - enhances local immunity;
  • vitamin P - protects against free radicals.

You should not buy lifting complexes at the age of 25 - at this age, the production of natural collagen is quite enough. The softening and stimulating ingredients increase the production of elastin and collagen fibers.

An exception is skin care cosmetics for tired eyes. At the age of 25, this area is already becoming a problem, and creams for it may already contain anti-aging complexes.

Serums effectively restore facial skin - in these products the concentration of active ingredients is higher and rejuvenation courses after certain years should be carried out 2 times a year, using serums for 2-3 weeks.

Proper facial care after 25

The best home remedies for facials are masks. If before the age of 25 they were - in most cases - used to treat acne and eliminate marks after acne and acne, now they are needed to prevent age-related changes, nourish and retain moisture.

Do not forget about the preliminary preparation for the procedure - the application of scrubs. For them, you should use steamed Hercules at home, granulated sugar, sea salt, coffee grounds, mixing with oils or liquid fermented milk products. With increased dryness of the face, it is enough to massage it along the massage lines with dry cottage cheese.

After 25 years of age, you can try the following for grooming:

  1. A mixture of potatoes and milk porridge. Apply in a thick layer while the mixture is still warm. Softens, cleanses, nourishes. With increased dryness, use mashed potatoes, if the secretion of sebum is enhanced, then it is better to use grated potatoes.
  2. Beat the egg yolk, add to it a teaspoon of honey and a capsule of vitamins A, C and E and a tablespoon of rosehip, mint or eucalyptus infusion.
  3. Summer masks from berry or fruit puree - strawberry, peach, currant, apricot. These formulations have a rejuvenating effect, soften the skin of the face. To avoid allergic reactions due to the increased aggressiveness of the components, unsweetened yoghurts, base vegetable oils, sour cream, kefir are added to fruit or berry mixtures.

There are many recipes for face masks after 25 years. Exotic fruits - banana and avocado, dairy products, herbal infusions, bee products - honey, bee bread and pollen are used as ingredients.

Proper Skin Care Helps Maintain Beauty

Tips on how to preserve the freshness and beauty of the face after 25 years will be useless if you do not give up bad habits: smoking and alcohol are dilated blood vessels, a dull complexion, a yellowish tint of the skin and early aging. No amount of care will help make up for the loss.

It is necessary to avoid negative emotions, if the situation is nervous, to use sedatives with natural ingredients - tincture of valerian, motherwort, mint.

You should take care of yourself not only when your hands have already dropped from what can be seen in the mirror, but daily and regularly, this is the only way to preserve youth.

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