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Anti-age spots cream
Anti-age spots cream

Pigmented spots can appear in an infant from the first hours of life and in an adult due to the influence of internal and external factors.

Increased pigmentation is associated with health conditions, exposure to ultraviolet radiation and chemical reagents on the skin, ingestion of various types of foods - with coloring pigments, and taking medications.

The main types of age spots can be distinguished:

  • freckles - on the face of young people, they appear at the first rays of the sun, can spread to the shoulders and back;
  • senile pigmentation - resembles the same freckles, but their occurrence is associated with age-related liver dysfunction and a decrease in the production of sex hormones;
  • lentigo - spots after ultraviolet irradiation or taking medications that have a dark color and a clear outline;
  • chloasma - uneven spots - they form more often on the face of women during pregnancy or with PMS, delivering a lot of experiences;
  • moles or nevi - against them, the cream for bleaching age spots in most cases is powerless.

When choosing a cream for age spots on the face, you need to take into account the reasons for the change in skin color - if they are associated with a health condition, then the effect of using a cosmetic product will only last for a short time.

The composition of the cream for age spots

Cosmetic companies offer many remedies for age spots on the face and hands - the range is so wide that it is very difficult to immediately find something suitable for yourself. Prices for such products "bite", so it is problematic to use the trial and error method in this case.

If you imagine what is included in a good whitening cream, it will be much easier to understand the proposals.

The following ingredients are usually included in the composition for leveling the color of the skin.

  1. Arbutin - the package may indicate that the product contains bearberry or its extract. Usually, the use does not cause side effects.
  2. Hydroquinone is a synthetic analogue of arbutin. Stops the appearance of melanocytes. If, after 2-3 months of using the cream, the age spots are not discolored, you need to purchase an alternative product.
  3. Beta carotene. Everyone is familiar with this vitamin since childhood - it is found in large quantities in vegetables and fruits of red and orange color. When applied externally, it blocks tyrosinase receptors in melanocytes - the production of pigmentation stops.
  4. Tretinol - causes peeling, causing dark spots to discolor.
  5. Glycolic acid - accelerates skin renewal.

Also, the composition of whitening creams includes special fruit acids, biostimulants for the regeneration of the skin, essential oils that increase the absorption of active components.

Cosmetics for age spots

You cannot advise someone to purchase exactly "this" effective cream for upsetting age spots on the face - cosmetics have an individual effect on human skin and what suits one is useless for another.

However, you can make a list of the most popular low-cost whitening products, from which you can always find something suitable.

Day cream "Snow White" - it contains only herbal ingredients - extracts of licorice, white lily and acid - lactic and kojic. Does not leave greasy traces, no side effects were found when applied.

Blanc De Creme by ERBORIAN has an effective anti-pigmentation effect. Evens skin tone, nourishes and moisturizes. Contains Korean chestnut extract, white willow extract, candea extract. Versatile.

Indian face cream "ALPHA" - contains green tea extract, has a tonic and antioxidant effect, moisturizes and soothes dry irritated skin. Indian mulberry extract and kojic acid fight dark spots.

Product from Italy "MICROCELLULAIRE". Contains a complex of acids - kojic, lactic, citric and glycolic, cucumber and lemon extracts have a calming effect. Hypoallergenic properties and relatively low price. It can be used for hands, the effect is quite strong.

French cosmetologists offer White Effect to remove age spots, while South Korean ones offer oxygen cream. The products are similar in action - they act quite effectively, but if there is a possibility, the choice should be stopped on the products of the Asian concern.

It is absolutely natural, used for all types of facial skin, there is no age limit, as it contains natural ingredients - extracts of camellia, ginseng, licorice root and lemongrass. The cream has a pronounced antioxidant effect.

One of the best skin whitening products is Vichy Bi-white Reveal. It can be used instead of a corrector, it has an anti-inflammatory effect - it dries out small pimples, protects against ultraviolet radiation. That's just a shame - the price "bites".

There is no point in doubting the professionalism of Swiss cosmetologists - their products have been leading the world market for several centuries. Their professional Eldan whitening cream isn't cheap, but if you can, indulge your face. UV protection is provided for 24 hours, the skin is hydrated, pigmentation disappears after a week of use. The effective remedy contains panthenol, niacinamide and lecithin, tocopherol, and arbutin.

When choosing products for removing pigmentation, preference should be given to night or universal - after sunset, the skin is more susceptible to active whitening ingredients.

Whitening recommendations

Before you start using even the best and most expensive cosmetic product, it is worth applying a little of the substance on the inner side of your wrist to test your sensitivity to the components. No irritation after 30 minutes - you can start using.

It is advisable to engage in color alignment in the cold season.

The cream is applied only to a clean face - you must first remove the makeup.

To get rid of age spots faster, you need complex care - cream + home remedies. In this case, you will be able to quickly achieve the result - a clean face and healthy skin.

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