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Effective resurfacing of scars and scars: how to quickly and easily get rid of ugly marks?
Effective resurfacing of scars and scars: how to quickly and easily get rid of ugly marks?

The appearance of ugly scars on the body and face can be associated with various factors. No person is insured against the occurrence of such cosmetic defects, regardless of gender, age and social status.

Although sometimes the scars turn out to be practically invisible, in most cases they give their owner pronounced discomfort and often become the cause of the development of psychological complexes.

That is why you want to get rid of scars and scars as soon as possible.

This can be done in various ways, but the most noticeable result can be achieved with skin resurfacing.

This procedure in the overwhelming majority of cases is carried out in a cosmetology clinic, however, there are certain opportunities to do it at home.

Causes of facial and body scars

  1. Scars appear on the human body as a result of the replacement of skin tissues with connective tissue, which is always a consequence of the adverse effects of various external factors. Most often, such defects are found after the healing of injuries and mechanical damage - cuts, tears and others, thermal lesions of the skin - burns and frostbite, as well as as a result of past dermatological and other diseases.
  2. The face and body of young women is very often covered with ugly small and large scars, called post-acne. This is one of the consequences of acne, which very often accompanies adolescence, pregnancy and other periods in the life of beautiful women.
  3. It should be noted that wounds on the skin do not always leave behind ugly scars. In the event that the damage has affected exclusively the upper layer of the human skin, the epidermis, after healing there will be no trace of it. If the dermis is directly affected by trauma or adverse effects of a certain external factor, for example, too high a temperature, serious treatment will be required to get rid of the scars, one of the elements of which is skin resurfacing.

What is scar and scar resurfacing?

Resurfacing the skin from scars does not completely remove these ugly cosmetic defects, it only makes them much lighter, as a result of which they become almost invisible.

  • There are quite a few ways to carry out this procedure, but in the overwhelming majority of cases today laser resurfacing of scars on the face and body is used, which allows you to achieve excellent results quickly and painlessly.
  • This method of treatment is carried out exclusively in a cosmetology clinic. During laser resurfacing, the doctor carefully applies the laser to the problem area of the skin, working through layer by layer, as a result of which most of the cells of existing scars are removed.
  • Laser resurfacing of scars on the face and body not only makes cosmetic defects almost invisible, but also helps to increase the rate of cell regeneration and collagen synthesis. Thanks to this, the complexion noticeably improves, the first age-related changes disappear, and the patient's appearance becomes much more attractive.
  • Laser resurfacing of a scar after cesarean is especially popular among women. Many of the fair sex, who had to go through this difficult operation, in the future hesitate to undress on the beach and show a bare belly. To get rid of this complex, a scar left on a woman's body after surgery can be removed with a laser completely bloodless and painless.

Benefits of laser scar resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing has many advantages over other scar removal methods, including:

  1. In good beauty salons, high-quality preparations are used to regulate the degree of exposure to the beam on the skin, depending on the affected area. So, laser resurfacing of a scar on the hand or on the face will be carried out with various attachments, so that overly sensitive skin will not suffer;
  2. A noticeable result is achieved in any case, regardless of the circumstances and the limitation period of the scars;
  3. The skin at the site of injury is not injured even more;
  4. The procedure does not require hospitalization and special care of the treated area after its completion;
  5. Laser resurfacing practically does not cause pain and discomfort, so that anesthesia is not required;
  6. Scars that have disappeared from the skin after completing the course of procedures will definitely not reappear.

Contraindications to laser scar removal

Laser resurfacing, like all other methods of scar removal, has a number of contraindications, namely:

  • various diseases of the immune system;
  • nervous and mental disorders;
  • dermatological ailments, skin infections, malignant neoplasms;
  • acute form of herpes;
  • epilepsy;
  • varicose veins, especially if this problem is present in the immediate vicinity of the treatment site;
  • diabetes mellitus and other disorders of the thyroid gland;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • allergy to ultraviolet light and overuse of natural or artificial tanning;
  • deep peeling less than 3 weeks before the procedure.

Other methods for removing scars

In the conditions of a medical institution, other methods of getting rid of such defects can be applied, for example:

  1. surgical excision of tissue;
  2. plastic with local tissues;
  3. expander plastic;
  4. combined skin grafting with grafts.

All of them are complex interventions in the human body, therefore they are used only in extreme cases. The cryodestruction method is also used, but it is far from suitable in all cases, and with its help it will take a very long time to achieve a result.

Finally, resurfacing of scars and skin scars is also possible at home. In fact, it is a mechanical peeling. In this case, various creams and masks with exfoliating properties are used. It is possible to achieve a noticeable result with their help only when the defect appeared not too long ago, and when damaged, the deep layers of the dermis were not affected.

One way or another, before using any method, be sure to consult with your doctor so as not to harm your body and aggravate the situation even more.

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