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How to use essential oil for age spots on the face?
How to use essential oil for age spots on the face?

For many girls, beauty begins with clean and well-groomed skin on the face. The appearance of acne, acne, redness is a serious challenge for women. True, many beauties already know how to cope with these problems.

However, getting rid of age spots becomes a bigger problem for women. This phenomenon is difficult to correct. Of course, on store shelves you can find anti-pigmentation cosmetics with a whitening effect, but it does not help everyone.

Essential oils have earned a good reputation in the fight against age spots. The main thing is to choose from all the variety the one that works.

What is the reason for the appearance of age spots on the face?

In order to get rid of imperfections using oil for age spots on the face, it is important to understand why they have arisen. But first, let's figure out why an even skin tone depends. A special pigment, melanin, is responsible for this. If its level in the body is increased or decreased, then spots of a bright or pale shade may appear on the skin.

The following reasons can affect the level of melanin:

  • ailments of the internal organs;
  • changes in hormonal levels: pregnancy, breastfeeding, we will take medications;
  • heredity;
  • frequent exposure to direct sunlight;
  • skin lesions.

The appearance of freckles and new moles often occurs in girls who love to sunbathe, and those who have damage to the epidermis. With such problems, it is very effective to treat age spots with essential oils.

When carrying out face whitening, you should avoid direct sunlight, use products with UV protection.

What essential oils should I use for whitening?

Of course, the list of essential products is very extensive, we will voice only some of the most effective ones:

  • Citrus oil. It doesn't matter if it is lemon, orange or any other product. Each of these oils has excellent whitening properties and effectively soothes the skin. Vitamin C, which citrus essential oil contains, is an excellent antioxidant, a gift from nature itself. By the way, lemon oil helps not only get rid of pigmentation, but also fights spider veins;
  • Carrot seed oil. This product perfectly cleanses, rejuvenates and whitens the face. With its help, it is possible to get rid of age spots caused by age-related changes;
  • Parsley oil is effective against age spots. It has wonderful properties, but it is prohibited for use by women during pregnancy and people with kidney disease;
  • Rosewood essential oil. When used, the product will restore elasticity and a blooming appearance to the skin, help get rid of pigmentation and protruding vessels.

Learn to prepare whitening masks with essential oils

If you want to get rid of freckles, vascular network and whiten your skin, then you can prepare the following composition.

To create it you need:

  • essential oil of jojoba and lemon - 6 drops each;
  • boiled potatoes without peel in chopped form - 1 large spoon.

Combine the indicated ingredients in a convenient plate until smooth. Apply the prepared mixture to a previously cleansed face, paying special attention to the places where age spots are localized. Leave the mask for 10 minutes, remove with warm boiled water.

A lemon mask is considered no less effective.

To prepare it, use:

  • grapefruit and rosewood oil, 2 drops;
  • fresh chicken protein - 1 pc.;
  • lemon juice - 1 small spoon.

To make a mask, beat the chicken protein into a dense foam, add the liquid components to it, stir again. Apply the mass to cleansed skin, wait 10 minutes, wash with clean water. For good results, apply the mask every other day for 3 weeks.

And one more piece of advice. You should start using homemade formulations to get rid of pigmentation in the cold season, when exposure to the scorching rays of the sun is minimized. Otherwise, the procedures will not give an effect, and may aggravate the situation.

Preparing a lotion with essential oil for age spots

To create a lemon lavender lotion, use:

  • a glass of clean boiled water;
  • 6 drops of lavender and lemon extract;
  • 3 drops chamomile oil.

Combine all the listed products - and the lotion is ready. Treat your face with the composition 2 times a day. The lotion should be stored in a dark glass vial in a cool place. Shake the product before applying to the skin.

You can learn how to make chamomile lotion if you like. To create it, take ½ cup of boiled water, a large spoonful of apple cider vinegar and 2 drops each of chamomile, lemon, and rosewood oils.

Combine the listed components in a glass vial. Apply the lotion to previously cleansed skin. It will help get rid of age spots, improve the appearance of the epidermis.

Learning to make applications

To carry out the procedure, you need to learn how to prepare the necessary formulations. So, the first mixture we will look at is honey-lemon. To prepare it, you need 3 potassium lemon oil and a small spoonful of honey.

The ingredients are mixed until smooth, pieces of cotton wool are impregnated with the composition, which then need to be applied to areas with pigmentation. The procedure takes 20 minutes. Applications are made by the course daily for 21 days.

You can make a lemon appliqué mix. To do this, combine 1 large spoonful of pure water with 7 drops of lemon oil and 1 small spoonful of hydrogen peroxide. Soak a cotton swab in the finished formulations and apply it to problem areas. The procedure takes 5 minutes. After all the manipulations, a nourishing cream should be applied to the skin, since peroxide is very drying.

About precautions

Any essential oil should be tested for an allergic reaction before use, since such products often cause itching and discomfort.

For the test, a few drops of the product are diluted in water, the resulting liquid is applied either to the wrist or to the elbow. Now you need to wait at least 1 hour. If during this time no negative reaction appears, then the oil can be used.

When using citrus-based products, remember that they are phototoxic. That is, if the sun's rays fall on the skin treated with oil, then there is a risk of getting a burn. Therefore, all procedures with citrus esters are best done before bedtime.

To get rid of pigmentation, you can use not only essential oil, but also herbal products: olive, almond and others. The correct combination of ingredients allows you to create effective products to combat imperfections.

In an effort to find beauty, remember that you can only achieve success in any business with regular care and an integrated approach. There will be no sense from one procedure, so tune in to serious work, then success is guaranteed. Good luck!

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