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How to relieve facial fatigue: cosmetic and home methods
How to relieve facial fatigue: cosmetic and home methods

You can often find on the streets representatives of the beautiful half of humanity with a tired face. But this does not add attractiveness, beauty, grooming and self-confidence to a woman's appearance.

To be successful and attractive means to radiate health, sparkle with joy. And what is the tired face talking about? At least about work overload, stress, depression. As a maximum about disorders in the body. And if in the case of overwork, in order to put yourself in order it is enough to just rest, then in all other cases it is necessary to make certain decisions.

Causes of facial fatigue

And before we begin to get rid of such features in appearance and study the features of care, let's figure out the reasons for the problem:

  1. The impact of harmful factors on the body is both weather conditions (frost, heat, wind) and radiation from a computer monitor. Remember, in order to have a healthy complexion, try to spend more time outdoors, and not in front of the monitor;
  2. Wrong lifestyle (eating before bedtime, lack of sleep). It is worth thinking about your lifestyle and fast food lovers;
  3. Bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol;
  4. Passive lifestyle;
  5. Stress, depression;
  6. Health problems. The deterioration of appearance is affected by the presence of chronic and acute diseases.

As you can see, all the problems are inherent in us, in our attitude to ourselves, to our health. A gray face, circles under the eyes - this is how a tired, emaciated and completely unsuccessful person looks like. Therefore, not only skin care is important, but also relaxation.

How to relieve facial fatigue: proper skin care

What should be done to solve this problem?

First of all, find out what caused this view. Maybe this is some kind of disease? Then only a doctor can help you. If this is fatigue - take a vacation, go to rest. If any stressful situation - find a solution to the problem. Depression is harder. In this case, it is worth contacting a psychologist. In case of an improper lifestyle, sleep enough hours, get rid of smoking addiction, see a dietitian, and do fitness.

In addition to all this, you can turn to a beauty salon for help, or you can rehabilitate your face at home using a variety of masks, creams, and folk remedies. But remember that such cosmetic solutions to the problem have a temporary effect and after a few days the bruises under the eyes and an unhealthy complexion will return.

How to remove facial fatigue: cosmetic procedures

The beauty salon offers you several effective treatments that can help fight a tired face. But, as we have said, such methods are temporary.

So, cosmetic procedures that can improve the appearance include:

  1. To improve metabolic processes and stimulate skin cells, use a procedure called mesotherapy. This procedure involves the introduction of special medicines under the skin of the face - thereby restoring collagen synthesis;
  2. A procedure that restores venous and lymphatic drainage, lymphatic drainage or hardware massage.
  3. A good effect is given by cryolifting - a short-term exposure to cold.

Remember that before carrying out a particular procedure, you need to seek advice from a therapist or dermatologist, since there is often an individual intolerance to a particular manipulation.

You can be offered the following massages to restore and give radiance to the skin of the face - diamond or gold, floral or oxygen, rejuvenating or pearl with a lifting effect. In many salons, such procedures are accompanied by pleasant music and the aroma of essential oils. As a result, your reflection in the mirror will become more attractive, fatigue will go away, the skin will be smoothed and wrinkles will become invisible, dark circles under the eyes, if not completely disappear, will at least significantly decrease.

How to get rid of fatigue on the face at home: mask and cream

It takes a lot of money and time to visit beauty salons. But not every woman can afford it. In addition, in the presence of delicate skin, the use of cosmetic procedures may be contraindicated. Therefore, now we will tell you how to properly organize the care of tired skin at home. For this, a homemade mask or cream will suit us.

Skin Care - First Method: Homemade Facial Rejuvenation Cream. To prepare it, you will need: one tablespoon of baby cream, three capsules of vitamin E (vitamin Aevit can be used), three capsules of purified fish oil, one ampoule of vitamin B in liquid form (for example, Combilipen), four drops of rose oil. Mix everything thoroughly. Apply to cleansed face at night. After 20 minutes, carefully remove the remaining cream with a napkin. It is necessary to store such a wonderful cream in the refrigerator.

To solve a problem called a tired face, you can use the following masks:

  1. In a blender, beat the sweet apple into mashed potatoes, add one teaspoon of honey, the yolk of one egg and one tablespoon of melted high-quality butter;
  2. In milk, dilute the yeast to a thick sour cream, then add one teaspoon of flaxseed oil and honey;
  3. Grind one tablespoon of plantain leaves, mix with one tablespoon of warm water, add one teaspoon of honey.
  4. Mash boiled potatoes with milk and puree. Apply warm to the skin.

Remember that the mask must be applied to clean skin and the ingredients for the masks must be natural and fresh. And in this case, skin health care will be complete.

Facial fatigue: prevention of the appearance

All the recommendations of both doctors and traditional medicine regarding facial care are good, but in order to maintain a fresh appearance of the face, a healthy glow of the skin, it is necessary to constantly adhere to several rules.

  1. Sleep for at least eight hours in a cool, well-ventilated room;
  2. Do not use outdated cosmetics and choose according to your age group.
  3. Drink plenty of clean water throughout the day.
  4. Take daily walks in the fresh air for several hours. Try walking to and from work.

You can relieve fatigue from the face using cosmetic and folk remedies. But don't forget about prevention. Lead a healthy lifestyle, eat well, and get more rest. Good luck!

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