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Mask from "Hercules" from wrinkles - excellent home care
Mask from "Hercules" from wrinkles - excellent home care

Sooner or later, every woman is faced with age-related skin changes. The first wrinkles on the face especially sadden beautiful ladies. Currently, on store shelves, you can find a huge selection of products designed to combat the changes that have appeared, but, unfortunately, it is impossible to restore the elasticity of the facial skin with creams alone.

To achieve a visible effect, one should not only moisturize the epidermis, but also nourish it with various masks, and carry out useful procedures.

In beauty salons, beauticians offer a large number of anti-aging facial manipulations. If you do not have the opportunity to turn to professionals, do not be upset. Small defects can also be corrected at home. A very effective remedy for the first "rays" is considered a mask from "Hercules" from wrinkles. You just need to have a little patience and organize self-care, then the result will be.

"Hercules": what are the benefits for facial skin?

If you look for recipes for making homemade face masks, you will notice that many products contain Hercules. Such popularity of oatmeal is understandable.

The product contains a lot of useful substances: ascorbic acid, which restores the structure of the facial skin, retinol, which accelerates the healing process of minor injuries, thiamine, which activates the regeneration process. We must not forget about the presence of vitamins of various groups in "Hercules".

Oatmeal perfectly moisturizes the skin, because it contains a large amount of water, the product also helps to fight inflammation, whiten the epidermis, cleanse pores, making them less visible, remove impurities and dead skin cells from the face.

We can talk about the benefits of oatmeal and masks prepared with its addition for a very long time. Ladies who have tried the homemade composition at least once note that the skin after application becomes smooth, elastic, and glows with health. Some beauties even compare the effect of oatmeal procedures with the result of salon, assuring that the cereals work no worse, but are much cheaper.

In addition to this product, freshly squeezed fruit juice, honey, eggs, sour cream and other components are usually added to homemade oatmeal face masks. Be aware that some of the ingredients in the homemade formulation may cause you allergies, so test before using the product on your face. Apply a small amount of the finished mask to your wrist, wait a little. If the treated area does not redden, peel and bother, then you can use the composition for the face.

How to use Hercules face mask?

For a homemade mask to give the desired result, it must be properly prepared.

The tips for creating a tool are as follows:

  • The Hercules mask should be prepared in a ceramic or glass bowl. Metal dishes are not suitable for this, since some components can give an undesirable reaction when in contact with the container;
  • The consistency of the finished mass should be thick, homogeneous. It is important that the composition does not drip from the face;
  • As mentioned above, before applying the product, conduct a sensitivity test in order to avoid negative consequences: itching, allergies and other things;
  • In order for the mask to give maximum effect, the face should be cleaned before applying the composition: remove cosmetics, dirt, dust, etc. The best option is to hold your face over the steam bath. This will open the pores, clean them;
  • If there are scratches, minor wounds and other injuries on the face, then refrain from using the oatmeal composition;
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before applying the ready-mixed mixture. The procedure can be carried out with a brush, sponge;
  • If the mask is not intended for the area around the eyes and lips, then do not touch these areas, so as not to provoke allergies;
  • It is recommended to remove the homemade remedy with warm boiled water or herbal decoction, best of all from chamomile. After washing, you need to blot your face with a clean cloth;
  • An oatmeal face mask stays on the skin for 15-30 minutes (some recipes indicate a longer time, be guided by a specific composition), the regularity of the procedures is 2 times every 7 days;
  • After all the manipulations, it is recommended to apply a cream to the skin.

Using formulations from "Hercules" from wrinkles, follow the rules given and you will notice an excellent result.

Anti-wrinkle masks: recipes

Consider the recipes for the most effective formulations that will help to cope with wrinkles, return the skin to a radiant and healthy look.

For an anti-wrinkle rejuvenator, take ½ fresh egg yolk, 50 g Hercules, 5 g glycerin, 15 g camphor alcohol, and 1 g thymol. Combine the listed ingredients, add a small amount of water so that you get a dense gruel in consistency, it should not drain from your face. Distribute the finished mass over the zones where wrinkles are concentrated, soak for 60 minutes, then remove the mixture.

You can also prepare another version of the anti-aging agent. It contains only available products that every housewife has in the kitchen. So, take 100 g of "Hercules", pour 200 ml of warm milk into it, pour in 1 tsp. vegetable oil, both olive and sunflower are suitable. Apply the prepared mass to the skin, wait a quarter of an hour, remove. Do not forget to apply a nourishing cream after the procedure.

If you want to defeat mimic wrinkles around the eyes, then prepare the following remedy: take 2 large spoons of "Hercules" and the same amount of honey, add 1 tbsp to the products. l. strong tea.

Mix all ingredients thoroughly, dilute with a little boiled water. Heat the mixture in a water bath. When the composition becomes a comfortable temperature, spread it over the epidermis, and cover with a towel on top.

You can wash your face in a quarter of an hour. The product is ideal for dry skin, removes fine wrinkles around the eyes. Do not forget to apply the cream after the procedure.

Home caring procedures with Hercules give an excellent effect. The main thing is not to be lazy and apply homemade formulations regularly. Only with this approach will it be possible to get rid of imperfections. Good luck!

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