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How to care for your skin after 50 years?
How to care for your skin after 50 years?

No one can avoid natural aging. The skin of the face loses moisture, elasticity, gradually becomes thinner. The decrease in elasticity and dryness are caused by hormonal changes in the human body, and this in turn affects the production of essential collagen and how to care for the skin after 50 years.

Reasons for sagging skin

If at a young age the sebaceous gland produced a sufficient amount of the fat necessary for the epidermis, then after 30 years the sebaceous glands become less and less active, and after fifty years even oily or combination skin turns into dry.

The protective functions of the skin weaken, as the subcutaneous fat layer decreases.

Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the skin of the face after 30-35 years more carefully, and at 40-45 years old procedures should be aimed primarily at combating sagging and flabbiness.

After 50 years, any minor lesions on the skin heal poorly and slowly, since the processes of blood microcirculation become slower, less nutrients are supplied, therefore it is necessary to take care of the skin of the face and eyelids at this age correctly and constantly.

In addition to the fact that changes in the physiological plan, improper or irregular care, affect the skin, bad habits also have negative consequences.

Bad habits are capable of doubly "aging" a woman. Ultraviolet radiation is especially harmful to the skin.

After exposure to the sun or tanning beds, many suffer from freckles, wrinkles and a large number of age spots. In addition, weight fluctuations, unhealthy diet, increased facial expressions, etc., leave imprints on the face.

Mature Facials

With age, facial and nasolabial wrinkles, folds on the forehead, crow's feet around the eyes appear on the face. It is more difficult to deal with dark circles around the eyelids, and many expensive and well-known products do not help to get rid of age spots.

Most of the women celebrating their fiftieth anniversary have double chins. When after 40-50 years there is no regular skin care, it shows all the signs of aging - wrinkles, excess hair in some areas, flabbiness, etc. Therefore, the main thing for women at any age is to know the features of proper care for their face.

After 50 years, every woman should use cosmetics from the "anti-age" series, that is, use the formulations only for her age. Such preparations contain all the necessary vitamins, hyaluronic acid, etc.

In addition, anti-aging cosmetics must necessarily contain polysaccharides, glycerin, amino acids, collagen for elasticity, lifting and elastin. In addition to the tightening lifting effect, the skin after 45 years old also needs hydration, so creams, tonics and masks should contain moisturizers and nutrition.

Regardless of skin type, any woman of age should not use cosmetics containing petroleum jelly and various oils. Ceresin-based creams create a thin film on the skin, which hinders the necessary metabolism. To properly care for your face is to regularly use products containing oats, milk proteins, honey, and wheat.

Scrubs and peels should be used only soft, with a rough structure, capable of gently, without traumatizing, cleanse the skin.

Beautician advice

If you have a desire not only to properly and competently take care of your face, but to completely change the condition of the skin, then you cannot do without visiting a qualified cosmetologist.

Modern methods of care and cosmetic procedures can restore youth to the face. You can significantly improve the condition with the help of mesotherapy, peelings, lymphatic drainage massage, injections of hyaluronic acid or Botox. With the help of modern developments, you can significantly smooth out wrinkles, improve the oval of the face, get rid of excessive flabbiness.

In the process of caring for mature skin, you should not try all the innovations on yourself. This is especially true for the instant lifting procedure, since most of these products contain hormonal substances that can increase the growth of hair on your face.

Basic cosmetics

An important part of grooming is cleansing. Use foams, herbal teas or cosmetic milk with water. In the morning, it is necessary to tone the skin after washing and before applying the daytime face remedy.

Choose a cream for the day corresponding to the required age category containing:

  • retinol - to enhance regeneration processes;
  • vitamin E, which inhibits the aging process and has an antioxidant effect;
  • vitamin C - for protection;
  • hyaluronic acid - to retain moisture.

Night cream for mature women must necessarily be oily, with herbal ingredients in the composition, with vitamins and biostimulants.

When applying the cream, do not stretch the skin of the face and apply the product in the eye area. For these areas it is necessary to use softer compounds.

Home recipes and folk remedies

In addition to professional restoration methods for the face after 40-50 years, you can also use folk methods, including preparing masks, tonics, lotions, etc.

Homemade recipes may contain rose petals, mint, and chamomile leaves. Lemon balm refreshes and improves complexion.

Clay is very popular among women after 40 years. Blue, white, or pink clay can be applied alone or mixed with cinnamon, cucumber, banana, honey, carrot, or lemon juice.

Fatty cottage cheese for the epidermis after 40-45 years has an excellent anti-aging effect. You can prepare masks with cottage cheese by adding the juice of any vegetables or fruits. Cottage cheese can sometimes be replaced with cream or yogurt.

Moisturize your skin, cleanse it, nourish it and cherish it. Proper and consistent facial care after 50 years of age can restore your youthfulness and attractive appearance.

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