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Lump under the chin: what is the reason for this phenomenon?
Lump under the chin: what is the reason for this phenomenon?

Sometimes small lumps appear on the neck under the skin, which cause numerous fears in people who immediately begin to associate these bumps with cancerous tumors. However, such formations are not necessarily cancer. The latter are formed gradually, are characterized by specific signs, while a lump under the chin can appear suddenly - in just one night. However, identifying the causes of its formation is an important step towards its elimination.

Why did a bump appear under the chin?

There are three main reasons for the formation of seals under the skin, each of which needs to be discussed separately:

  1. Inflammation of the lymph nodes due to infectious or viral diseases.
  2. Internal pimple formation.
  3. Development of oncology.

The therapist can help determine what is causing the problem. Based on the circumstances that caused the appearance of an internal formation on the neck, he gives a referral to a doctor specializing in the treatment of specific groups of diseases. That, in turn, appoints a suitable method for eliminating the resulting seal.

A lump under the chin as a sign of lymphadenitis

Lymph nodes perform an important function in the human body, supporting the work of its immune system. It is here that a large number of immune cells are concentrated, which are activated during the invasion of any kind of infections, viruses and seek to neutralize them.

However, these cells do not always have enough strength to delay infection, its pathogens can penetrate into the lymph node, as a result of which the latter becomes highly inflamed and enlarged. This phenomenon is called "lymphadenitis". With the help of inflammation of the nodes, the body signals the presence of problems with the functioning of the immune system.

To understand that the cause of compaction under the skin lies precisely in lymphadenitis, the doctor must detect the diseases that triggered the inflammation.

Usually their list boils down to the following options:

  • dental diseases: dental granuloma, flux, phlegmon;
  • diseases of the throat and upper respiratory tract - pharyngitis, tonsillitis.

With lymphadenitis, the lump appears on the right or left under the lower jaw.

The accompanying signs of this ailment, in addition to an increase in compaction, include the following symptoms:

  1. The body temperature rises.
  2. The throat and the lump itself are very sore.
  3. The state of health worsens, constant weakness is felt.
  4. The formation on the neck is dense to the touch, hot, not welded to the surrounding tissues.
  5. The skin around the inflamed lymph node may turn red, which means that lymphadenitis has turned into a purulent form, requiring mandatory medical intervention.

Often, the inflammation goes away on its own and the lymph node returns to normal size. However, this does not mean that treatment can be neglected. Seeing a specialist is necessary: this will help to avoid various complications of the disease.

Lump on the throat under the chin: symptoms of a tumor

Sometimes a thickening under the skin is still associated with the fact that a tumor has appeared. In this case, both benign and malignant education are possible. They can be easily distinguished from each other by touch.

  • If the lump that has arisen under the chin can move under the finger, grows gradually, does not hurt, then, most likely, it is a consequence of a benign tumor of the salivary gland. It is formed when the latter becomes clogged and inflamed.
  • If the seal is immobile, tightly adhered to the surrounding tissues, there is a risk of developing cancer. The lump in this case hurts a lot, the general condition of the person worsens: there is a feeling of numbness, weakness. There is often a change in voice: he wheezes.

A lump on the chin under the skin is a painful pimple

Internal acne is a fairly common occurrence due to many factors, including improper diet, problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

On the face, they can form on the forehead, cheeks, and chin. Unlike ordinary acne, internal acne does not appear on the surface of the skin, but much deeper - in the dermis.

Seals in this case are rarely noticeable to the eye, but they are easily felt when you touch them with your fingers: acne can be very large in size, even with light pressure, they hurt.

If a lump appears due to a subcutaneous acne, then it cannot be eliminated in any way until the body itself cope with the problem.

It is strictly forbidden to try to squeeze out a pimple: being too deep, its rod will not be able to break through the upper layer of the skin, but it will easily destroy the internal tissues. Then the pus will spill out under the skin and provoke the formation of new acne.

What to do if a lump appears under the chin?

  1. Recommendations for the treatment of any ailment are given only after determining the reasons for its development. So, if a tumor was detected, it is necessary to consult an oncologist who can send the patient for surgery or chemotherapy.
  2. With lymphadenitis, treatment should be complex. Its essence is to eliminate the primary disease that caused the enlargement of the lymph nodes. Therefore, the doctor recommends taking anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics. Antipyretics can be taken as needed. It is imperative to use vitamin complexes to maintain the immune system. Usually, the course of treatment lasts a week: this time is enough to eliminate inflammation and shrink lymph nodes.
  3. Sometimes a purulent form of lymphadenitis occurs, requiring surgical intervention. The operation is not considered dangerous or difficult, so the need for it should not be a cause for concern. The essence of the procedure is that the inflamed node is opened on the throat to pump out pus from it.
  4. Another good remedy to help remove a lump caused by inflamed lymph nodes is a compress from an alcoholic tincture of celandine. A piece of gauze is impregnated with it and left on the neck overnight.
  5. If a bump appears on your chin due to an internal pimple, you can see a dermatologist. It is impossible to quickly remove a dense formation by any methods, however, there are methods that are used to speed up the release of a subcutaneous pimple. The simplest remedy is ichthyol ointment, which promotes the maturation of the pimple. Also, to draw out pus, you can apply Vishnevsky ointment to the seal.


In addition to medicines, it is possible to use traditional medicine recipes to eliminate inflammation of the lymph nodes and, as a result, thickening under the skin. One of the famous folk remedies is aloe for lymphadenitis.


  • aloe juice;
  • walnut;
  • honey.

Cooking method:

  1. All ingredients are mixed in equal proportions.
  2. Take a tablespoon three times daily before meals. The medicine eliminates inflammatory processes, improves immunity.

Nettle decoction

To relieve the inflammatory process, as well as prevent the occurrence of subcutaneous acne, prepare a decoction of nettle for washing.


  • dried nettle leaves;
  • water.

Cooking method:

  1. A glass of dry leaves is poured with water (also one glass). Bring to a boil.
  2. Cool and filter the broth.
  3. They wash themselves with a product in the morning and in the evening, or simply wipe the skin with it instead of lotion.

A lump under the chin can be a manifestation of various health problems.

They can only be avoided by taking preventive measures, including regular medical examinations (at least once a year), proper nutrition, giving up bad habits and taking vitamins to maintain the body's immune system.

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