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Shilajit as a remedy in the fight against acne
Shilajit as a remedy in the fight against acne

Acne, acne, abscesses, the presence of small age spots and other skin diseases are familiar to many women and young girls firsthand, each experienced such "pleasure" at least once. What to do, how to remove skin inflammation, remove red spots?

Alternative medicine has long known one amazing way - the acne mummy has all the necessary properties in order to heal, remove the inflammatory process and conduct antiseptics. Relatively recently, this tool was approved as an official medical medicine, which is also used in cosmetology.

Causes of acne on the skin

The epidermis is responsible for the main and most important function - the protection of the body from various external factors.

The skin is very sensitive to the slightest fluctuations in the human condition, as they say, health is reflected on the face:

  • Problems with hormones in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as malfunctions of the endocrine system cause such an unpleasant problem. Most likely, the face and back will suffer, but in severe and more advanced cases, the whole body may suffer;
  • But even a relatively healthy person can have problems with the skin on the face, it's all about improper care or the selection of cosmetics. Unfortunately, there are a large number of products that cause allergies or side effects on the skin of the face.

You must understand that if you have problems with the internal system of the body, no cosmetic products will help you. That is why many women prefer the mummy, because it not only dries up the pimple, but also completely eliminates it, and this is a rarity for cosmetic products.

What kind of salvation is this?

Shilajit is a kind of resin that is extracted from cracks in rocks. The second name is "mountain resin", such a product contains plant, animal and inorganic components.

After extraction, this substance undergoes a series of purifications, resulting in a black resinous product with a specific odor. It is because of the large amount of nutrients that mummy is the most useful and effective drug in cosmetology.

What is included in the product:

  • fatty acids of various nature (organic and polyunsaturated);
  • essential oils;
  • amino acids and phospholipids;
  • vitamins, micro and macro elements;
  • active substances.

How does the product work?

Cell regeneration is just crazy, and all thanks to the constituent elements. Shilajit from acne on the face not only renews cells, but also heals them, stimulates the immune system. It is because of these properties that it began to be used in cosmetology, but not many people know about the wonderful benefits of a mummy for the face.

What is the effect of the resin after the procedure on the face?

  • removes itching, swelling and ultimately the inflammation goes away;
  • thanks to the antiseptic effect, the resin fights against fungi and other harmful microorganisms;
  • nourishes and nourishes the skin;
  • moisturizes and enriches the skin;
  • there is a new growth of cells and the cleansing of old ones;
  • revives the immune system - the body's defenses;
  • evens out the structure, renews skin color and removes facial blemishes, such as pigmentation.

Among other things, this product can be ingested.

How to apply correctly?

Traditional medicine knows many ways and recipes for using this product. There is even a mummy in pills for acne on the face or in the form of a black paste. The Altai mummy is considered the best, but you can also use the usual one, the main thing is that the product does not have any additives in its composition.

To understand whether this element works, it takes more than one day to apply, you need to undergo a full course of treatment.

The ways

Since the mummy has a solid composition, it is softened and added to other products:

  • Despite being a resin, it dissolves well in water. Shilajit can be mixed with tincture of calendula, chamomile and so on;
  • The use of alcohol and products containing it is unacceptable, because mountain resin does not dissolve in alcohol;
  • To achieve a softening of the composition, you can put part of the mummy in a water bath or on a small fire.


Most often, the resin is used in its original state.

  1. For one procedure, it is enough to take 3 g of mummy, this is the size of a match head.
  2. You can use the product in tablets, it is very convenient, since the drug is already packaged, it is desirable that there are no various chemical additives.

An effective, simple and quick recipe: take 3 grams of product and 100 ml of water. With this solution, you should wipe acne on your face daily, you can make compresses or add other components to the composition.

Popular masks

This substance is highly soluble and can be combined with any component, we will give the most frequently used recipes.

  1. Whisk the egg yolk with one tablespoon of cream, add two previously crushed tablets of the product. This mask is good for those with dry skin, softens and removes red spots on the face. If you have oily skin, take 1 protein and a tablespoon of milk.
  2. To remove inflammation and dry acne a little, the mask is prepared with the addition of lemon. The powder of two tablets of the drug is mixed with one spoonful of juice and whipped protein is added.
  3. Honey masks are also good, but make sure you don't have an allergic reaction before using them. To prepare the mask, take a portion of the mountain resin and honey in equal proportions and melt in a water bath.
  4. If you suffer from marks after squeezing out pimples, mix some of the baby cream with mountain resin and add a couple of drops of jojoba oil.
  5. With severe peeling of the skin, the following recipe is suitable: grind a spoonful of oatmeal, add a little water and 1 g of the drug. Then the mask should stand so that the flakes swell a little, and only then it can be applied to the face.


You can buy a ready-made remedy for acne on your feet or face. But it is not so easy to buy a ready-made "preparation" that will be completely natural, so we prepare the product ourselves at home.

  1. An anti-inflammatory effect has a baby cream, to which a diluted product is added. You need to apply the cream in a thick layer, while not smearing it, it is best to do this manipulation before bedtime. Thanks to this cream, acne dries up and the skin is moisturized.
  2. You can improve the color, make the skin tone smoother, and you feel more confident by adding vitamins and mountain resin to the cream.


Thanks to the properties of mountain resin, you can prevent such nuisances as the growth and reproduction of acne on your face.

  1. Well invigorates, nourishes, stimulates and closes the pores with a solution of the drug in ice cubes. Rubbing your face with an ice cube and a mummy every morning, you will protect your skin from moisture loss, nourish and refresh the skin.
  2. In order for the immune system to work like a machine, periodically undergo a therapeutic course of treatment with mummy tablets.

Indications for use

The people have been using such a substance since ancient times for many diseases, and doctors and cosmetologists have become interested in it relatively recently.

Doctors advise using a mummy in cases where there are:

  • pimples, acne, abscesses, acne and other skin diseases;
  • allergic reactions, dermatitis and minor trauma to the epidermis;
  • disturbances in the work of the sebaceous glands, as well as their inflammation;
  • scars, scars, mimic wrinkles.

But it is better not to self-medicate, and if necessary, seek help from a specialist dermatologist who will help you establish the cause and prescribe treatment.

And only after his permission and full approval, you can start taking tablets with mountain resin in the composition.

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