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Home remedies for calluses on the feet: simple and effective recipes
Home remedies for calluses on the feet: simple and effective recipes

Calluses are a common occurrence that every person has encountered in life. They are thickened formations on the surface of the skin, arising from friction and pressure on it. They are dry and wet. They occur most often on the arms and legs. Our feet are especially affected if the shoes are tight and uncomfortable.

Wet formations go away on their own, wounds heal after 2-3 days, but dry calluses become old. But whatever they are, they can and should be treated. For this, you can use medicines and folk remedies.

Treatment and removal of calluses with folk remedies

Folk remedies for calluses are effective and safe helpers in the fight against this "nuisance". But before using them, you should still consult your doctor.

It is worth knowing that the best effect from home remedies will be achieved if you steam the legs in hot water before using them. For 2 liters of water, add 3 tablespoons of salt and 2 tablespoons of iodine. In this solution, the legs are kept for 30 minutes.

Folk remedies for calluses on the feet, effective recipes

Check out the best recipes:

  • Potato. Potatoes are rich in useful microelements. It contains B vitamins, minerals - iron, phosphorus, magnesium, iodine, manganese, zinc, calcium, ascorbic acid. Raw potatoes have anti-inflammatory, wound-healing effects. It is an excellent remedy for getting rid of old skin growths. Raw potatoes should be grated, applied to a sore spot, a bandage or a plaster should be applied on top;
  • Another way is to mix grated raw potatoes with grated onions. Put the composition on cheesecloth and apply to the affected area, you can do it overnight;
  • Aloe. Aloe has many medicinal properties. The plant contains vitamins, amino acids, phytoncides, resins, etc. It has a pronounced bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, analgesic effect. The aloe leaf must be rinsed and cut, the inside of the plant is placed on the affected area. Cellophane is applied on top, then a bandage or adhesive plaster. The compress is left overnight. In the morning, the steamed outgrowth must be carefully removed with a pumice stone and anoint the place where it was with fat cream or camphor oil. Repeat this procedure until it disappears completely;
  • Onion peel. Onions have bactericidal, anti-inflammatory properties. It contains many useful trace elements and vitamins, and therefore is an excellent remedy for removing calluses on the leg. You need to remove the husk from the onion, put it in a jar and pour three tablespoons of vinegar. Insist for two weeks. Before using it, you need to lubricate the skin around the affected area with a fat cream. Then squeeze the husk a little and apply to the affected area overnight, securing it with a bandage bandage. In the morning, steam the lower limb and carefully remove the build-up;
  • Healing ointment. The combination of aloe and fish oil allows you to get rid of skin growths on your feet quite quickly. The ointment has a disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect. Softens the skin, promotes rapid healing of growths. It is necessary to mix these ingredients in equal parts, soak a napkin in this composition and apply it to the sore spot, it is better to do this at night. In the morning, rinse the leg with chamomile broth. Repeat the procedure until the growths disappear and the cracks in the heels heal;
  • Indian milk mushroom. Possesses bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, wound healing properties. Promotes the elimination of toxins. Helps get rid of fresh growths. You need to make a sourdough from the mushroom. Then moisten the bandage in the composition and put on top of the corn. Put cellophane on top and wrap it with a bandage. It is better to do this at night;
  • Propolis. Propolis is the strongest antibiotic of natural origin. It contains flavonoids, thanks to which propolis has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, analgesic effect. Treatment of calluses on the feet with propolis gives a high effect if it is carried out regularly. Propolis should be warmed up until it becomes soft. Mix it with lard and make a tortilla. Attach it to the sore spot and wrap it with a bandage on top. And before applying the cake, the build-up is thoroughly steamed in hot water. The compress is best done at night. In the morning, the build-up is removed with a pumice stone;
  • Dandelion. Treatment of dry calluses with dandelion juice gives good results. The juice softens dry and rough skin without harming the surrounding tissues. Dandelion relieves inflammation, destroys bacteria, and promotes rapid wound healing. On the stalk of the dandelion, you need to make a cut and drop the squeezed juice of the plant onto the growth. At the same time, it is important that the plant is plucked during the flowering period, when its head is yellow;
  • Pine resin. Copes with dry calluses on the feet. Contains essential oils, minerals. It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, wound healing properties. You need to steam the legs, wipe them dry and apply pine or pine resin. Wrap the top with a bandage and put on warm socks. Leave for a day. The next day, wash your feet with soap, steam again and apply resin. Repeat this for 10 days in a row;
  • Vinegar with bread. These two ingredients are great for stubborn corns. You need to make a crumb from the bread, add a little vinegar there and knead it with a spoon. Attach the crumb to the build-up and secure with adhesive plaster, do it overnight. After 2-3 hours, the vinegar will penetrate the tissues and make itself felt painful. The corn will swell and the skin around it will turn red. This means that it will soon go away along with the dead skin. In the morning, remove the cake and rinse the skin. In a week, the result will be evident;
  • A tomato. Few people know that the "senior" tomato is able to get rid of corns, but treatment in this way is still worth trying. This vegetable contains many minerals, vitamins, trace elements. It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effects. You need to grate the tomato, put it in a mug and steam it over the fire for 5 minutes. Apply the prepared gruel to cheesecloth and attach to the build-up. Put cellophane on top and glue it with a plaster. Repeat in the morning and evening, keep for 2 hours. Course 2 weeks daily;
  • Lemon. Lemon is a whole storehouse of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Contains bioflavonoids, essential oils, pectin, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, magnesium. An excellent antiseptic. Relieves inflammation, destroys bacteria, disinfects. Treatment and removal of calluses with lemon is an effective and simple way that our great-grandmothers knew about. Apply lemon peel with a small amount of pulp to the sore spot. Keep for 1-2 hours. Make 5-7 such procedures;
  • Ointment. Healing ointment is what dry growths on the feet need. Mix 100 g of alcohol, 12 g of bodyagi and 30 g of camphor and red pepper each. Steam the legs, then wipe them dry and apply ointment. It is better to do this in the evening to insulate the compress and keep it for at least 6 hours. Repeat the procedure every day until the build-up becomes soft, after which it is carefully removed with a pumice stone;
  • Soap and soda baths. Baths help get rid of such skin formations. Treatment with their help gives a positive result. Pour a liter of warm water into a basin, dissolve a spoonful of soda there. Keep your feet in a basin for 15 minutes, while rubbing rough skin with a pumice stone. Then rinse the extremities with warm water, wipe dry and lubricate with a cream with a nourishing effect;
  • Streptocide, vinegar and onions. This composition helps to get rid of dry calluses. Take a streptocide tablet, powder, onion, vinegar essence and a bandage will do. Boil water, put onion there, boil for 3 minutes, then remove and let cool. Hold the legs in hot water, steam them well, remove the upper part of the corn. Gently drip the essence into the center of the wound and attach the onion to the inside without peeling. Wrap the top with a bandage and leave until morning. In the morning, clean the build-up and sprinkle with streptocide, bandage with a clean bandage.

To make calluses on your feet bother you less, you need to constantly take care of your feet - choose comfortable shoes, wear them for the season, do relaxing baths several times a week, massage your feet with special means. These can be essential oils, creams. For baths - herbal decoctions, extracts of chamomile, nettle, string, tansy. Herbal treatment is highly effective.

Only daily care of your legs will give a positive result and skin growths on them will appear less and less. Well, proven folk remedies will quickly and effectively help get rid of dry and old corns.

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