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How does calendula help with acne?
How does calendula help with acne?

Everyone wants clean and healthy skin. However, the desired does not always coincide with reality. The skin can flake, redden, become inflamed, and acne and pimples on the face can occur. Various herbs help with such problems.

For example, calendula for acne is a very effective remedy. It has valuable properties, therefore it is useful for the treatment of skin diseases.

Calendula - an assistant for acne all over the body

What is the strength of this plant?

The fact that it relieves inflammation, dries out the cover, regenerates, improves blood circulation, reduces sebum secretion. All these beneficial properties improve the condition of the skin and allow the plant to fight acne and comedones. The composition includes resins, phytoncides, acids, oils, vitamins A and C, albumin. The rich composition of the plant determines its valuable properties. The plant has antibacterial, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory properties. The use of calendula-based products allows you to remove infection, relieve inflammation, get rid of acne and acne, heal the skin, remove excess grease.

Calendula for acne on the face: what are the benefits and harms?

The healing properties of calendula are very extensive.

Here are the main ones:

  • draws out pus;
  • removes inflammation;
  • helps to remove excess fat from the skin;
  • promotes rapid healing;
  • narrows pores;
  • helps the blackhead to ripen faster.

As you can see, the plant has a lot of valuable properties. This allows you to get rid of spots, blackheads, and acne marks in a short time.

Is there any harm in using calendula? You can overly dry out the cover if you use the product very often and in large doses. For the same reason, the plant should not be used on very dry skin, as this will only aggravate the situation. If the cover is dry, it is better to consult a specialist, he will prescribe another treatment.

In other cases, calendula cannot harm the cover, unless you are allergic to this plant.

How to prepare plant acne remedy?

There are a lot of recipes with this plant, but you need to choose depending on the problem. There are alcoholic tinctures, as well as other useful recipes.

Alcoholic tincture of fresh petals. It is necessary to pour two tablespoons of raw materials with half a glass of vodka or alcohol. Then close the vessel and leave for a week in a dark place. Then strain and apply.

Tincture with alcohol and water. Pour a couple of tablespoons of calendula with vodka (half a glass), then add 20 ml of water. Leave the tincture for a week. Then add 5 g of boric acid solution (5%), as well as 3 ml of glycerin. Tincture can be used to wipe acne.

Plant flowers and honey are a healthy blend. This mixture can be used to wipe off pimples and blackheads. Two teaspoons of the plant and the same amount of honey must be mixed, pour a glass of water. The mixture should be infused for three hours. Then you can use.

Flowers with dough will help remove excess oil and get rid of acne on the face in a short time. Mix a tablespoon of flour with calendula and add water to make a thin dough. The mass should be applied to the face for fifteen minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

Mask - 100 ml of water, 15 g of flour, 25 g of pharmacy tincture of calendula and juice of three aloe leaves. Stir everything and apply the mask to the inflamed areas for ten minutes. The mask removes inflammation and helps heal acne.

Decoction of flowers - it has a mild effect. Nourishes the cover and moisturizes it. It is necessary to pour boiling water over two tablespoons of dried flowers. Boil for three minutes and cool. Strain and wash your face every day. The result will be visible in a week.

Medicines and Flowers - This mixture helps with oily skin. Grind two tablets of chloramphenicol, mix with 25 ml of tincture and add an aspirin tablet. The mixture is to wipe the skin of the face once a day.

Ointment from flowers and petroleum jelly. It is necessary to grind five flowers of the plant, add 25 g of petroleum jelly, mix everything and apply to problem areas of the face daily. The remedy removes irritation and heals the rash.

The mask with blue clay is suitable for those with oily skin. Clay must be diluted with a decoction of flowers so that the consistency is like sour cream. Apply the mass on the face for ten minutes in a thin layer. Wash off when the mask hardens on the face.

Tomato juice lotion. Also suitable for oily skin. It is necessary to mix a tablespoon of raw materials with three tablespoons of tomato juice. This lotion should be applied to the face once every four days.

Washing your face to help get rid of rashes and inflammations. It is necessary to make a decoction from birch bark, chamomile and juniper berries, as well as the main raw materials. You need to take everything one spoon at a time, mix and pour 250 ml of water, cook for five minutes. When the broth cools down, strain and you can wash.

A mixture with good antibacterial effect can be made by adding three drops of tea tree essential oil to the calendula tincture. Apply to the skin pointwise, using cotton swabs. Application - twice a day.

You can choose one or two remedies or alternate between different ones. Choose what really helps with your problem.

Tincture of calendula for acne - application

How to use remedies based on a beneficial plant correctly?

There are several ways:

  • point application - it is necessary to apply a tincture or ointment to each pimple. Wipe the affected area around the circumference of the pimple or blackhead. You can do this once or twice a day;
  • washing - this procedure should be carried out every day;
  • masks or ointments - apply all over the face daily or several times a week.

How exactly to use calendula depends on the specific remedy. Therefore, pay attention to the recipe.

What are the results of using flowers?

How quickly after application will there be improvement? Usually in 5-7 days. But, of course, it all depends on the specific problem. If there are not very many acne, they are not deep, then recovery may take only three to four days. If the rash occupies a large area of skin, acne is deep, then it will take about two weeks or a little less to be treated.

In any case, even if the doctor prescribes special remedies for you, calendula cannot interfere. Additional remedies from this flower will have a beneficial effect on your cover. Therefore, use them if your skin type is not dry.

Contraindications to the use of the drug

Can you always use a decoction of plant flowers or tincture? A contraindication may be an allergy to the plant, as well as too dry skin. Do not use medicine for wounds.

As for side effects, only allergies or dryness and flaking are possible. Therefore, the product must be applied carefully. If your skin is dry or combination, you should not use calendula every day. In addition, you should dilute the alcoholic tincture with water or mix it with petroleum jelly. And it is better to choose decoctions of herbs or honey, that is, the mass should soften the skin of the face, and not dry it.

So, it is necessary to use funds based on this plant carefully, paying attention to the side effects (peeling and dryness of the cover). If everything is done correctly, the result will be impressive, but if you use the product incorrectly, you can harm the cover.

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