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All back acne? We treat a rash on the back and shoulders with medication and folk remedies
All back acne? We treat a rash on the back and shoulders with medication and folk remedies

Scientists are sounding the alarm, every second person on earth has a rash in the form of acne on the back. What to do if your back is covered in pimples? How to cure back acne? These questions are asked by everyone who has encountered this problem.

To answer these questions, let us first consider the causes of the formation of inflammation.

Causes of acne all over the back and shoulders


  • season. In winter and summer, the formation of a rash increases, which itches. It has to do with the clothes we wear. Synthetic clothing, in contact with the dermis, causes irritation on the body and itching, does not allow air to pass through, which contributes to the formation of a defect;
  • ultra-violet rays. Medical opinions were divided. Some believe that after exposure to ultraviolet radiation on the skin, acne and blackheads dry up, and the itching stops. Others believe that the rays cause an increase in the secretion of subcutaneous fat and thereby the formation of blockages in the pores of the dermis;
  • violation of hygiene;
  • combing acne and acne;
  • using scrubs on the back, which has been poured out with acne to exfoliate the dermis.


  • failure of hormones. A rash on the back hurts and itches after an abortion, childbirth, in adolescence in adolescence. Subcutaneous fat becomes thick and contributes to the clogging of pores;
  • nervous breakdowns and depression;
  • disruption of the endocrine system;
  • gastrointestinal diseases;
  • decreased immunity.

Disorders in the work of the sebaceous glands are directly related to the occurrence of acne, which covers the body.

Let's highlight the main stages:

  • increased production of subcutaneous fat;
  • clogged pores of the dermis;
  • infection and bacteria have got into the pores;
  • the inflamed area itches and hurts.

I covered my back with a rash, what should I do? First, try to eliminate the cause of the inflammation before using pharmaceuticals. Rash on the back, what to do? Change your diet, wear underwear and clothes from natural fabrics, avoid ultraviolet radiation or use protective products.

Back with itchy pimples, what is it?

In some cases, acne may be the first symptom of diseases:

  • intercostal neuralgia;
  • spine diseases;
  • kidney disease;
  • pathology of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • liver disease.

All back acne, what can you do? Seek help from a dermatologist who will prescribe a comprehensive treatment and relieve you of the disease.

Treatment of rashes on the body

If you have a rash, itchy back and shoulders, and acne, creams and ointments can help you to cure this problem.

The best remedies in the fight against rashes:

  • "Clerasil". An excellent remedy for oily and combination skin, if spilled on the back and shoulders, which contains salicylic acid. However, the drug is not recommended for long-term use, as there is an addictive effect;
  • "Zinc ointment". A proven remedy for acne and acne by our grandmothers. The ointment contains zinc oxide, which reduces the production of fat, has disinfectant and anti-inflammatory properties;
  • "Klindovit". Actively fights rash, relieves itching on the shoulders and body. The active ingredient in the ointment is clindamycin, which perfectly relieves inflammation, dries and disinfects the dermis. Allergy sufferers should use this remedy with caution, due to the risk of an allergic reaction;
  • … The first assistant in the fight against painful acne on the body. In addition to getting rid of the disease, this cream will make sure that there are no scars and scars on the dermis after inflammation.

My whole back is covered with pimples, what should I do? Take advantage of folk recipes you can make at home.

Home treatment

Mask with cinnamon and lemon. You will need to squeeze the juice out of one lemon and add 1 tsp. cinnamon, stir. Apply the resulting mass to the inflamed areas of the body and shoulders for 10 minutes, rinse with water. Use this mask three times a week for a month and you will see positive results.

Tea tree oil. With the help of a cotton swab, pinpoint inflammation on the skin, while clogged pores of the dermis will open and acne will disappear.

The same moxibustion can be done with salicylic acid, or you can also mix it with clay (blue). Mix 3 drops of salicylic acid with 1 tbsp. l. clay, previously diluted with 1 tbsp. l. water. Stir and apply to the dermis of the body and shoulders for 20 minutes, then rinse. Use this product no more than 3 times a week.

Prevention of rashes

To achieve the desired effect, follow the instructions:

  • use 3% hydrogen peroxide to treat itchy inflammations on the body so they don't reappear;
  • treat acne and painful pimples all over the back with salicylic acid every day. It has effective drying and disinfecting properties;
  • take baths to increase the tone of the dermis and relieve inflammation with herbal infusions (string, nettle, oak bark, celandine and others) or sea salt;
  • use clay and algae masks. Just wash them off gently so as not to damage the dermis;
  • in the summer - twice a day, wipe painful acne on the back (rash) with tincture of calendula (marigold) - this will help you cure inflammation;
  • pay special attention to the diet. You just need to give up salty, fried and fatty foods. Your diet should consist of foods rich in fiber to normalize the digestive system;
  • protect yourself from emotional turmoil - this will have a good effect on the health of the body and the dermis (itchy rash on the body);
  • use antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory cosmetics to care for the dermis;
  • Doctors recommend washing clothes and bedding with special powders (hypoallergenic). Rinse things well after washing;
  • do not touch with unwashed hands, do not squeeze itchy pimples on the body and shoulders. This can lead to infection.

If, following the instructions listed above, you do not notice relief, then do not self-medicate, immediately seek help from a dermatologist who will prescribe a set of drugs and can cure you of the disease.

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