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Squeezed out a pimple - how to remove redness now?
Squeezed out a pimple - how to remove redness now?

Acne always destroys the attractiveness of the skin and can ruin the appearance of any person. Getting up in the morning and looking in the mirror, from time to time we find unpleasant rashes on our face and immediately ask ourselves the question: how to get rid of them quickly?

Many have "itchy hands" to squeeze out a white purulent pimple, although this is undesirable and highly discouraged by cosmetologists and dermatologists.

But what to do after, for example, a girl has squeezed out a pimple (because it is girls who most often squeeze them out)? It is necessary to immediately lubricate the damaged area with antibacterial agents and remove the inflammation.

Still, we want to remind all lovers of squeezing pimples: try to avoid this procedure, because it leads to a violation of the skin.

If you suffer from frequent rashes, it is better to go to a beauty salon to see a specialist, carry out regular face cleansing and treat the skin.

How to quickly hide redness from a pimple?

As we have already said, squeezing out rashes is mainly characteristic of girls and women, men are more relaxed about these phenomena. Therefore, the following express methods of masking inflammation are more suitable for the female sex.

The easiest and quickest method to remove redness after a girl squeezed out a pimple is to mask it with a foundation. Moreover, the foundation should be slightly lighter than your skin. If there is no foundation at hand, you can use finely ground powder or colorless matting powder. However, before applying masking cosmetics, a green corrector should be applied to the place of the squeezed pimple.

Green neutralizes red, and when you apply concealer on top, the inflammation from the rash will not be visible to the prying eye. If you have chosen this method of masking inflammation, then remember: you do not need to constantly apply the masking agent layer by layer throughout the day. This can clog your pores and complicate things. Better to use special wipes that absorb sebum.

But you understand that painting over a pimple does not mean curing inflammation. This method can remove inflammation if there is no time for its treatment in the morning and you urgently need to run to work or school. The rash is best treated rather than masked. And you can do it yourself at home.

You don't need any special knowledge for this. Suppose the girl could not resist and squeezed out a pimple, of course, a red mark remained from it. Use an antibiotic ointment, apply it to the inflammation after the squeezed pimple and redness will quickly disappear.

Take advantage of the advice of traditional medicine, which offers decoctions and infusions of various medicinal herbs. You can make masks to help clear up the problem quickly and effectively. But if you have chosen folk remedies as a method of dealing with rashes, then the main thing is to follow the sequence and perform the procedures regularly, otherwise there will be no sense from them.

Folk remedies to help remove the trail after a squeezed pimple

Traditional medicine is not in vain popular with many people, because it rarely harms the body, and in the fight against some diseases it proves its effectiveness no worse than pharmaceutical drugs.

So, masks and mixtures for home use, after a girl or woman squeezed out unwanted rashes:

  • Medical paraffin. You can easily get this remedy at any pharmacy. Paraffin will help you quickly remove redness. Melt a little product in a water bath, apply in the evening pointwise to problem areas. Then wait for the paraffin to harden and remove it. After that, it is advisable to use a cream with vitamins E and A to additionally nourish the skin. The redness will disappear overnight. This method is contraindicated for people with sensitive skin and close location of blood vessels.
  • Cinnamon and honey face mask. This mask is not suitable for those who have ever experienced allergic reactions to honey or those who have rashes in the back. Take cinnamon and honey in equal proportions, for example, one spoon at a time and mix the products thoroughly until smooth. The consistency of the mixture should resemble sour cream in density. Apply the mixture to the trail of rashes. Repeat the process daily until the redness is removed.
  • Bodyaga. Bodyagi-based gel or water moss powder mixed with water is used to quickly soothe skin areas inflamed after a squeezed abscess.
  • Alcohol. This agent has an anti-inflammatory effect. Moisten a cotton swab with alcohol and apply to the reddened area of the skin. But remember that alcohol dries out your skin and can cause flaking. Therefore, after the procedure, lubricate the treated area with moisturizer. Do not use this method if the rash is close to the eyes.
  • Cold drops. At first glance, this method may seem strange to you, but it really works. Rash marks will quickly go away if you moisten a cotton swab with drops from a runny nose and apply to the skin. Hold for five to ten minutes, the skin will calm down and redness is gone.
  • Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) and honey mask. Many girls report that this mixture really works wonders after squeezing out a pimple. Take three aspirin tablets, grind them, add a teaspoon of honey and some water. Mix all ingredients until smooth and apply on redness. Wait about 20-25 minutes, then wash off with water. If you are allergic to honey, replace this ingredient with facial lotion. Due to the aggressiveness of the components, we do not recommend using such a mixture often. Enough once a week.
  • Baby cream. Very often we forget about the simplest tools that can be very effective. Now we are talking about an ordinary baby cream that can quickly remove inflammation from rashes. Just apply it on the affected skin and after a while, remove the residue with a cotton swab or tissue.

Preventive measures

To prevent rashes from appearing, it is necessary to frequently and regularly cleanse the skin. Do not use alcohol-based scrubs or lotions for this.

Refuse also from the peeling procedure. It is better to replace them with film masks or cosmetic clay, these products can also effectively remove redness. And of course, if you suffer from rashes on the face or other parts of the body, do not limit yourself to cosmetic procedures. Lead a healthy lifestyle, establish proper nutrition and then you will not have to remove redness, they simply will not be.

We wish you smooth and beautiful skin!

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