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Are acne on the bottom in children a cause for concern?
Are acne on the bottom in children a cause for concern?

After the child is taken from the hospital, he becomes the main focus of the whole family. Newly made parents, grandparents try to do everything in their power so that the baby grows strong and healthy.

Responsible mothers from the first days of a baby's life carefully monitor his health and respond in time to all deviations from the norm in order to timely prevent serious diseases. Such deviations include acne on the pope in children.

It is worth noting, however, that a young mother, due to her lack of experience, can find it difficult to recognize the symptoms of an incipient disease. It is important to understand what is considered the norm and what is not. For example, seeing the slightest rash on the little body of their child, many parents begin to panic, because think that this is the cause of some serious illness.

We hasten to reassure you, often there is nothing wrong with these pimples. Most likely, their appearance indicates the response of the baby's body to some internal or external influences.

Of particular concern for many young mothers are acne on the bottom of a newborn, because it is here that rashes and redness most often occur.

Types of irritation on the baby's bottom and the reasons for their appearance

Basically, rashes in infants can be divided into four types:

Diaper rash. Pimples for this reason appear on the delicate bottom of a baby due to friction and moisture. To avoid this, you need to carefully monitor that your baby is not in a wet diaper for a long time. The urine and feces accumulated in it have an acidic environment, so they irritate the delicate skin of a newborn

Depending on how pronounced the redness is, there are several degrees of diaper rash - from mild to severe:

  1. If the degree is mild, then the rash is not very pronounced. The upper layer of the epidermis is not disturbed;
  2. With an average degree of diaper rash in children, bright redness on the bottom is observed. In addition to them, erosion appears on the surface of the skin;
  3. A severe degree is characterized by the appearance of weeping red erosion on the child's bottom. This condition requires urgent help from a specialist.
  • Hives. This disease is often only a few pimples on the bottom of the baby. This rash looks like red bubbles. Such a disease gives a baby great discomfort, since the bubbles cause itching. Some foods, medicines, and even some cosmetics used to care for a baby can cause hives;
  • Fungal infection. The cause of its appearance is pathogens that get on the surface of the child's skin.

The infection can be expressed in different ways:

  1. abscesses;
  2. ulcers;
  3. red spots with fringed edges.

Prickly heat. Has the appearance of red and white pimples on the bottom of the baby. The skin around the pimples is irritated. What to do if prickly heat appears? It's very simple - stop wrapping up the baby. The disease will go away by itself when there is no overheating of the skin. Make sure that the child takes air baths more often. By the way, this advice is relevant for absolutely all types of rashes on any part of the baby's body

How to get rid of a rash on the pope in children

As soon as you notice a rash on the bottom of the crumbs, you must immediately take this with full responsibility. As you can see from the above, there are several causes of acne. Therefore, the treatment of the rash must be selected individually, depending on the cause of the appearance of the rash. Regardless of the cause, you should do your best to get rid of acne and prevent it from happening again.

So, how to eliminate a rash on the bottom of a baby?

Consider these tips:

  • Frequent diaper changes. After you take off the used diaper, and before putting on a new one, at least fifteen minutes must pass (but the longer the better);
  • Use decoctions of herbs while bathing, choose herbs that have a bactericidal and healing effect (bay leaves, string, chamomile are perfect for these purposes);
  • Include zinc-based creams or powders in your baby care cosmetics. Use a small amount for baby's delicate skin;
  • Buy only clothes made from natural fabrics, there should not be any synthetic impurities in it, because synthetics can aggravate the rash;
  • If rashes appear due to allergies, it is necessary to identify the allergen and completely exclude its contact with the child. Also, review your diet if your baby is breastfed.

Is there a need to contact specialists?

If you have followed all our advice, and the baby's rash does not disappear, then we advise you to see a doctor. He will identify the cause and prescribe treatment for the rash. If red acne appears due to allergies, the doctor will prescribe medications to the baby that will alleviate the baby's condition. Also, you cannot do without pharmaceutical preparations if children develop a fungal infection in the form of acne.

Not everyone is able to make the correct diagnosis on their own. Young mothers often cannot distinguish, for example, allergic acne from prickly heat. Therefore, if home treatment does not bring results in a few days, we advise you to seek help from a specialist.

This will help to quickly relieve the baby of acne and the discomfort that they cause, as well as prevent further complications of the condition.

Diapers as one of the common causes of red rashes

To date, experts have not come to a consensus on the use of diapers. It is impossible to say unequivocally whether it is harmful to wear them for children or not. There is an opinion that the use of diapers in infants may cause certain pathologies in the future.

So far, no studies have been conducted to support this opinion. However, experienced mothers know that if you do not change diapers for a long time, then this is almost a 100% guarantee that the baby will have pimples. At the same time, a rare mother today is ready to completely abandon diapers.

As it turned out empirically, baby priests react differently to different diapers. It doesn't depend on price or manufacturer. Your baby may have an acne allergy even to the most expensive diapers of a popular manufacturer. It's all about the baby's personal intolerance to the components that make up the diaper.

Wise parents do this: they do not stop at one type of diapers, on the contrary, they try several types from different manufacturers, observe the baby's reaction and choose the ones that suit him best. And even if you've found the safest diaper for your baby, he still needs to air baths frequently.

Preventive measures against the appearance of a rash on the baby's bottom

As we said, give your baby more sun and air baths, wash the baby after each diaper change, do not leave the baby in a wet diaper for a long time, use bactericidal herbs and acne creams, and do not wrap the baby up, especially in the hot season.

May your kids grow up healthy!

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