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What is a rash on the chin and how is it treated?
What is a rash on the chin and how is it treated?

You can list many reasons that cause the appearance of a rash on the chin in people who are already out of puberty, that is, adults. These include vitamin deficiency and hypervitaminosis, non-observance of personal hygiene rules, the use of low-quality cosmetics, chronic diseases and allergic reactions.

Causes of acne on the chin

There was a theory that a small rash in women on the chin occurs with certain gynecological diseases - but Canadian scientists have denied this fact with the help of scientific research and statistics.

If the rash on the lower part of the face does not go away for a long time, then it is necessary to visit a dermatologist to find out the reasons for such a nuisance. This symptom may be the first sign of endocrine or hormonal problems in the body, indicating the development of serious diseases.

Therefore, when acne appears on the face, which cannot be removed with the usual means, you need to stop masking it and seek the help of official medicine.

Small papules located near the lips and on the chin may indicate the occurrence of oral dermatitis.

It has the following symptoms:

  • in the chin area and around the lips, the skin becomes covered with small red pimples, it becomes dry;
  • there is a feeling of tightness of the skin;
  • some papules have serous contents;
  • the skin becomes covered with small scales that peel off when rubbed.

As the reasons for the appearance of dermatitis are considered:

  1. an infection that has entered the body orally and has spread to the skin of the face;
  2. decreased immune status;
  3. tendency to allergic reactions;
  4. chronic diseases that are activated under favorable conditions for the resumption of the vital activity of the pathogenic microorganisms that cause them;
  5. the use of certain medications that have caused prolonged side effects;
  6. hormonal disruptions;
  7. poor-quality lipstick in women and non-observance of shaving technology in men;
  8. disruption of the endocrine and hormonal systems;
  9. upset digestion.

Sometimes a rash under the chin appears after dental prosthetics. The materials of the prostheses react with saliva, which - even if very gentle - occasionally gets on the edges of the lips and on the skin of the chin, causing irritation.

Sometimes adults experience the appearance of large acne under the skin of the face - it is quite difficult to get rid of such a cosmetic defect. The rashes are most often red, the skin is thickened to the touch - this indicates the underlying infiltrates.

Their appearance is accompanied by pain and itching. The formation of such rashes is explained by the penetration of infection through the pores of the skin.

Subcutaneous acne more often occurs in men - the disease is called folliculitis. These acne-like formations are caused by an infection that penetrates through micro-wounds on the skin. Folliculitis is diagnosed from other types of acne by a characteristic feature - a small hair or its root is visible in the center of the pimple. More often folliculitis is painless and there are no traces after it, but with a strong inflammatory process, scars can form.

Also, on the chin, rashes can be localized with seborrheic and steroid dermatitis, diffuse neurodermatitis, rosacea acne and mildews appear.

Chin Rash Treatment

If any rashes appear, first of all they turn to a dermatologist. After the analysis-scraping - tissue particles are applied from the affected skin surface with a scalpel to a glass slide - laboratory diagnostics are performed. Does such an analysis help to differentiate the types of dermatitis, pinpoint the type of infection, or find out where the patient will have to be treated? At a dermatologist, gastroenterologist or endocrinologist.

Treatment of dermatitis of any kind begins from the zero cycle - the doctor cancels all the remedies that the patient used when trying to get rid of the rashes on their own, and gives the skin a rest for 2-3 days. Women at this time will have to give up cosmetics, men stop shaving.

All this time, you can not use hygiene products for facial care. It is required to change the toothpaste to the simplest one - without additives of "freshness" and sweeteners, use only water for washing or wipe the skin with hypoallergenic napkins.

At the same time, antihistamines are used - they help reduce inflammation and relieve swelling.

It is advisable that during treatment, the patient adheres to a sparing diet:

  • refused rich and fatty foods, grapes, bananas;
  • limited sweets in the diet;
  • reduced the amount of salt - it retains water, and together with it, toxins remain in the body, which deteriorate the quality of the skin.

In many cases, these therapeutic measures are enough for the skin on the chin to begin to clear of rashes and restore its quality. If a clear improvement and spontaneous cure is noticed, it is necessary to find out which product or cosmetic product the body gave a negative reaction to.

  1. If the rash is caused by oral dermatitis, antibiotics may be needed.
  2. Usually they try to prescribe topical medications - in ointments or gels. Sometimes antibacterial drugs have to be taken orally.
  3. In the same way, dermatitis and other types are treated, supplementing therapeutic measures with the necessary medications. For dermatitis of various types, sulfuric, zinc and salicylic ointments, "Metrogyl-gel" and others are used.
  4. When treating adults, they try not to use drugs with corticosteroids - they provoke the formation of rosacea, which is then quite difficult to get rid of. In turn, they are treated with various types of antiseptic agents.
  5. Folliculitis in men also requires the appointment of antibiotic ointments - otherwise, the abscesses on the skin will spread from the chin to other parts of the face.
  6. If it is impossible to get rid of oral dermatitis by the above methods, the creams "Pimecrolimus" and "Elidel" are used. These remedies are used as a last resort; the side effects of their use are still not well understood.
  7. Acne in the deep layers of the skin on the chin can be caused by the penetration of an infection or the activation of demodex, a skin mite, which is a conditionally pathogenic microorganism for human skin. It feeds on the secretion of the sebaceous glands, there are enough of them on the chin. Means with metrogil help to limit the activity of demodex and cure demodicosis.

Since the activity of the tick increases with a decrease in immunity or with increased production of sebum - in adults this symptom appears with hormonal or endocrine imbalance - it is advisable to visit an infectious disease specialist, therapist, endocrinologist or gynecologist - the last recommendation for women.

You need to visit the above doctors - and also a gastroenterologist - when, after a laboratory smear analysis, it turns out that the cause of the appearance of rashes is pathological processes in the body.

Traditional medicine in the fight against acne on the chin

With the problem of a rash on the chin, medicines formulated according to recipes of traditional medicine help to cope.

  • Alcohol tinctures with calendula, propolis, Kalanchoe can be purchased at the pharmacy, at home to prepare water for washing or lotion.
  • A weak infusion of calendula, chamomile, oak bark and sage can help out during the zero cycle of treatment - the rashes are dried thanks to this care. If you have already tried to be treated with these means and have not achieved a positive result, they are not used in the zero cycle.
  • Helps to cure oral dermatitis peppermint lotion. To prepare it, boil 2 tablespoons of mint leaves with half glasses of water, insist for about half an hour, filter, squeeze, add 2 tablespoons of boric alcohol and the same amount of calendula alcohol tincture.
  • Aloe juice effectively restores the quality of the skin - a fresh leaf is cut, and the affected area of the skin is rubbed with the pulp. You need to try so that the juice does not get on the mucous membrane of the lips, so as not to damage it.

Connection to therapeutic activities of folk remedies must be coordinated with the attending physician. For some types of infections that cause chin rashes, home medicine can be harmful.

If the appearance of acne is caused by metabolic disorders or hormonal imbalances in the body, then folk remedies are the best way to remove a cosmetic defect. When treating the underlying disease, new rashes will not appear.

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